Please check the FAQ for answers to commonly-asked questions.

We can be reached at If you are requesting a key for reviewing, streaming, or YouTube, as well as all other legitimate purposes, please be sure to include a link to your channel or website.

Technical Support

Please check the FAQ for answers to commonly-asked questions.

Please verify your video drivers are up to date before contacting us if you're having troubles with a game.

When emailing for technical support, please be clear about what game you are having problems with and include both a dxdiag report and a log file. Information for how to get those is below:

Create a dxdiag report:

1. Press <Windows Key> +R to open the run dialog.
2. Type "dxdiag" then hit enter.
3. When the DirectX Diagnostic Tool opens, press "Save All Information". This will create a text file that can be attached to your email.

Log file location:

Into the Breach: The file log.txt in Documents \ My Games \ Into the Breach

FTL: In the FTL installation directory, look for FTL.log or just FTL (if extensions are hidden).

Email address:

Please understand we are a small company, so it can be difficult to get to all of the emails promptly. We are trying our best and will attempt to answer all questions we receive as soon as we can.

Subset Games

Matthew Davis - Programmer and co-designer

J. Ma - Artist and co-designer - @jarmustard

FTL Team

  • Ben Prunty - Music and sound effect design - Bandcamp - Twitter
  • Tom Jubert - Writing and world creation assistance - Blog - Twitter
  • Chris Avellone - Advanced Edition guest writing - Twitter
  • Andrew Church - iPad porting

Into the Breach Team

  • Ben Prunty - Composer - Bandcamp - Twitter
  • Chris Avellone - Writing - Twitter
  • Alison Waller - Writer: Advanced Edition
  • Annabel Guo - Writer: Advanced Edition - LinkedIn
  • Grace Li - Writer: Advanced Edition
  • PowerUp Audio - Sound Design - Website - Twitter
  • The Research Centaur - UX and QA Testing - Website - Twitter
  • Polina Hristova - Portrait Concept Art - Website
  • Gareth Davies - Mech Concept Art - Website - Twitter
  • Isla Schanuel - Community/QA Manager - Twitter


Please check the FAQ for answers to commonly-asked questions.


You can reach us at: