For the best weapon type

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For the best weapon type

Postby Spleens » Fri Dec 17, 2021 10:34 am

pretty simple. Tell me your best weapon(s) and why and prepare to argue for the top spot! I will provide an example, the Vulcan.

A lot can go wrong here with the insane-ly long charge up, the fact that one hit with any weapon there and it back to square one, the fact that it takes four power leaving only four left for other weapons and That the defense drone mk2 can shoot down the shield-breaking lasers. But who can say no to ultimate shield breaking potential and the feel when the ship turns to Swiss cheese?
Also to combat the defense drone mk2 you can hope you get a defense scrambler (or play on the engi c) and hack the drone room while the dd mk2 is distracted with the Vulcan. The dream with this weapon is pre-igniter, two reloaders, and a maxed weapons person(this is a must for every weapon isn't?).

What do you think should be the best weapon(s)? Please list the pros and cons and good luck.
duck knows bY :D :D :D :D

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