Crash on victory (Linux)

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Crash on victory (Linux)

Postby joleneth » Mon Jun 22, 2020 10:04 pm

I've twice had the game crash after completing the final level, I think immediately after the Renfield bomb detonates. I've only completed the game three times, so it's not rare. It seems to remove the save file, so the only option on restarting is to start a new game with a new pilot. The achievement also wasn't saved. The second time it happened I was able to resume the final turn by copying undoSave.lua to saveData.lua. After playing through the last round again, the game finished properly without crashing.

The error.txt file says (amongst other things)

/data/src/common/pipes.cpp (766) : CClientPipe::BWriteAndReadResult: BWaitResult failed, disconnected
/data/src/common/pipes.cpp (766) : Fatal assert failed: /data/src/common/pipes.cpp, line 766. Application exiting.

I have it backed up, so can post the whole thing if that's helpful.


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