Worse Run Ever! Nesasio [6mins]

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Worse Run Ever! Nesasio [6mins]

Postby Devotii » Tue Mar 18, 2014 6:10 pm

Hi everyone!
This was my terrible first attempt at using the Nesasio stealth cruiser! Let's see how it ended... :oops:

Thanks if you watched, leave a comment or something :D
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Re: Worse Run Ever! Nesasio [6mins]

Postby 5thHorseman » Tue Mar 18, 2014 9:38 pm

Would yo mind some critiques/pointers? No? Too bad :)

Battle 1:
You need to pause. Or at least arm your weapons before jumping :)
Your beam does one damage per room hit. You only aimed it at 2 rooms so the maximum damage it could do was 2. In that ship, you can actually hit 3 rooms. In some other ships you can actually get 4 rooms with the mini beam making it a very powerful weapon for how cheap it is.
Stagger your shots. Your laser didn't take down the shield until your beam was done firing. It did no damage at all in that first volley!
You should have cloaked as soon as they fired. You'd have probably dodged both of those shots and very likely would have dodged at least 1 of them.
Keep on their weapons, and keep your beam going from shields, through weapons, into engines or O2. That will keep the bad guys so busy they won't know what to do.
If you'd done all that, you'd have taken 0 damage with a little luck and 1 or 2 damage with bad luck. Instead, you took 5 damage.

Battle 2:
Don't cloak right away. Wait until they're shooting. Though it's not SO bad here because you are giving yourself a jump on them. If you maximize this by taking out their weapons ASAP, you'll be fine.
And you did! Though it was more luck there because your dual lasers were timed right to take down the shields before the beam started. Sadly one shot missed so you didn't take down both weapons.
Your second volley, though, the beam was wasted on their shield. Hold back on it until the lasers are ready!
If you'd volleyed your shots and kept to the weapons, you'd have taken that one initial damage and won the battle. You instead took 9 damage and they got away. Which is probably lucky as you may have gotten destroyed!

Try again utilizing these techniques. You'll do a ton better. And keep at it, the stealth ships are the hardest to get but the most fun to play in my opinion.
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Re: Worse Run Ever! Nesasio [6mins]

Postby Devotii » Tue Mar 18, 2014 9:47 pm

Thanks for the input! I had never used this ship before and never really seen it in videos. :oops:

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