Master Mod List - Advanced Edition

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Master Mod List - Advanced Edition

Postby Sleeper Service » Sun Nov 23, 2014 6:31 pm

[Last updated: 05.02.2017]

Welcome Captain

No matter if you are new to FTL modding or an experienced mod user - this is the place to get an overview of new and old mods for FTL Advanced Edition. Enjoy browsing the mods.

marksteele wrote:Installing Mods - Mods require SMM - Slipstream Mod Manager to install/uninstall. Want to make mods yourself? You can find a lot of usefull info here: Modding Utilities, Resources and guides

Sleeper Service wrote:Since the old master mod was abandoned and no longer functional anyway, modders had no real place to permanently showcase their mods. So for now, I would volunteer to curate a new list, featuring only mods that are up to date with AE.
There are also some plans to eventually automate this list as a self regulating google.doc that everyone can access from here. For the meantime, feel free to post your suggestions, be it your own mods or AE mods that you think should be on the list.


A Strange New Galaxy by Metzelmax
Aer FTL - Star Trek Mod by Jamestg
Captains Edition by Sleeper Service and many more
CE Infinite [Sandbox] by Sleeper Service
CE Endless Loot [Procedurally Generated] by rannl and Sleeper Service
CE Submod by Gidoza [New!]
Change All Starting Crew To Lanius by mr_easy_money [New!]
Custom Repeated Fleet Delay by earlyraven
Decent Into Darkness [customizable player ship] by DryEagle, updated for AE by Sleeper Service
Deepspace Delux EP DIY Integration Mod [Music] by Sleeper Service
Disable Fleet by aedyr
Event Assistant by ValdorianAlt2
Faster Than Christmas [Elves!] by Gencool
Flagship Randomizer by rannl and Sleeper Service
FTL Challenge Generator by Kerooker
FTL Craze [Global Stat-Changes] by sul
FTL Equal Opportunity Employment [Names] by Sleeper Service
FTL Extended [Infinite Sandbox Play with Boss Option] by RAD-82
Improved Crystal Sounds by Noobjuice
Infinite Space [Sandbox] by DrkTemplar, updated for AE by RAD-82
Limited Time Offer! by RAD-82 [New!]
No Time to Lose - A No Pause Environment Mod by slowriderxcorps
Playable Rebel Ships [+Events] by nono333
Randtrel and Friends [Player Ship Randomizer] by rannl
Scramble Mod: in-game Sandbox/Cheat Menu by sul
Sensory Deprivation [Challenge] by Gencool
Ship Customizer by sul
sMPK: Insurrection [Overhaul] by slowriderxcorps
SM Polish Kit, The [Balance] by slowriderxcorps
Stargate Mod by stargateprovider
Stations Job [Playable Space Stations][WIP] by stargateprovider
Stores Buy Consumables by Sleeper Service
Twinge's Balance & Bugfix Mod by Twinge
Weapon Blueprint Crafting [CE] by Kiloku
Weapon Synchronizer by sul


Custom Ship Slot Swapper [Utility] by meklozz

686-Apollo [AI] [Kestrel A] by steamtex
8-Bit Cruisers (The Explorer) by Arfy
A-10 Thunderbolt by Whited
A.A.I. Super-Position Ship, The by JohnAqua
Abductor, The by NarnKar
Acerbus, The [Kestrel A] by Anthonest
Aegir Kronos by NarnKar
Agni Shila, The [Rock Fire Boarding] [Rock C] by Biohazard063
A fourth fleet by flamingo
Albatross Class by agigabyte
Altair Defense Cruiser by redlerred7
Amber Shard, The by DryEagle, updated for AE by RAD-82
American Flagship by Arfy
Anarchist, The by Skelegrow
Ancient Engi Cruiser by YoshiGaming
Anomaly, The [Auto Cruiser] [Fed A] by Biohazard063
Apeirohedron, The [Kestrel A] by NarnKar[
Argo, The by sleepz8
Ark Royal by Rainzzz [Lanius A]
Arrowhead, The by NarnKar
Asteroid, The by 5thHorseman
Athens by MikieRpg
Aurora Tech Cruisers by redlerred7
Auto-Binary, The by Gencool
Auto Cruiser / Auto Constructor [Engi A/B]
Automated Scout [Kestrel A] by 5thHorseman
Automaton by Anistuffs by kartoFlane
Auto-Terminator by RAD-82 [Kestrel A]
Bay D9 Escape Pod by zuesman101
Battlestar Pegasus and Fighter Wings by dizzy_xc
Beetle, The [Mantis A] by LehGogh
Black Shard, The by foveros [Ketrel A]
Blazing Raider, The by sleepz8
Blood Gatherer by sleepz8
Blox Boarding Cruiser by Anthonest
Blue-Jay by MikieRpg
Bluejay, The [Federation+Lanius] by Eyesight Technology [New!]
Blue Shield, The by CAKE
Bullrock, The [Rock Battleship] by Northern_Warrior [New!]
Burier, The [Federation A] by Chrono Vortex
Buteogallus and Cathartes by steamtex
BWI Bulwark [Armor Focus] by randomness5555 [New!]
Caatati Squadron by rjcbourn
Caduceus [Zoltan D] by Tereglith
Callisto, The by Arfy
Camoufdage by fdagpigj
Capital Cruiser, The [Playable Flagships] [Crystal A/B] by slowriderxcorps
Capital Ship, The by The_Bear
Captain Surreal by mr_easy_money
Cakes Ships [various] by CAKE
Cassowary, The by stylesrj
Charybdys [Engi B] by Tereglith
Clinton Cruiser by stylesrj
Coalition Forward Cruiser Shardstorm by Stormbringer
Cobra, The by doge
Construct, The by Arfy
Crag, The by sleepz8
Cranius Boss Ship by ThePersonFromSteam
Crimson Bay by sleepz8
Crown of Thorns, The by Strombringer
Custom Arwing [Barrel Roll] by Gencool
Death Star, The by Fox Holmes
"Debris" and "The AI.roid" by nono333
Defendant - Zoltan Shield Ship [Zoltan C] by stylesrj
DeLorean, The by Portaller
Dirk, The by lolman360
Domination, The by Turbo_Scrooge
Dragion, The [Zoltan/Slug Merge] by ArfyIII [New!]
Drone Swarm by stylesrj
Druugen Mauler, The by stylesrj
Eagle Class Light Cruiser by Stormbringer
Earth Defenders by Whited
E.M.C. Light by Redninja09
Emerald, The by Yahiel
Engi B Rebalanced by Noobjuice
Engi Cruiser B MK2 by CAKE
Engi Flagship by a_twelve_year_old
E-Fighter SM by Yawdar
E.M.C. Light, The by Redninja09
Escort Duty by DryEagle, updated for AE by RAD-82
Etwahl, The [Slug A] by stylesrj
Euthanasia, The [Suicide Ship] by Skeleqrow
Extra Features, The [Kestrel A] by aaaaaa50
F-117 Nighthawk by Brad33455
F-22A Raptor by Brad33455
F5 Mercury Starfighter by WhiteWeasel [New!]
Fake Slug, The by fdagpigj [New!]
Faster Than Lunch [Food Cruisers] by CAKE
Faster Than Police by stylesrj
Fdager 649 [Stealth A] by fdagpigj
Federation Afterburner by turntechBiologist
Federation Ambusher by Cyl0
Federation Defenders [Kestrel A/B/C] by R4V3-0N
Federation Flagship by Xeotroid
Federation Medical Cruiser by spudcosmic
Field of Doom [Playable Asteroid Field] by FreeSci
Firefly and Reaver Firefly [Stealth A/B] by MaeniAck
Firehazard, The by biohazard063
Fishhook, The [Lanius A] by Woodledude
Flying Brick, The [Kestrel B] by Frawstcrabs
Fractal, The by Arfy
FTL AE 20 ships by PLIOU
FTL Logo by Zakhep
Garbage Bag by mr_easy_money
Gavel, The [Zoltan A] by Biohazard063
Gencool's Bizzare by Gencool
Giant Present, The [Xmas] by CAKE
Goomba, The [Challenge] by MikieRpg
GTX 1080 by redstonetorches
Gurlick's Ship Challenge Pack by Gurlick
Hand of Death, The [Anti-Bio Cruisers A/B/C] by NarnKar
Happy Birthday Ship, The by Cake
Harbinger [AI Battleship] by Northern_Warrior [New!]
Hephaestus by sleepz8
Hippogriff [Lanius] by Arfy [New!]
HMS Ignorancee by sleepz8
Hooker, The [Kestrel C] by TaxiService
Hunk o' Junk by fdagpigj
Indomitable Cruiser A, B & C by SentryJumper
Insignis, The by Biohazard063
Interceptor, The by Turbo_Scrooge
Inventor Raccoon's Ships by InventorRaccoon
Incendiary Set, The by Whishkey
Ivanosky by Afy
Javelin, The by Oleksandra
Justice by KoritsuDFM
KFC Galactic by gentasaurus
Kodiak, The [Kestrel A] by Chrono Vortex
Lady Sigmas Pride [Fed B] by Pokepika01
Lancer, The [Ramming Cruiser] by NarnKar
Lanius Bombers by FederationScumX1999
Lanius Destroyers by FederationScumX1999
Lanius Eradicators by Stormbringer
Lanius Frigates by FederationScumX1999
Lanius UFO by gentasaurus
Legionnair, The [Kestrel A] by Chrono Vortex
Leon, The by Jimli_
Liability & Incompetence, The by stylesrj
Liberator, The by superarmandbros
Light Em Up! by stylesrj
Long March, The by Dalas120
Looter, The [Hard] by gentasaurus
Love Machine, The by killer11drew
Lunaria's Ships [Engi A/Lanius A] by Lunaria
Lux Tempesta [Kestrel A] by NarnKar
Magpie, The by Biohazard063
Make The Federation Great Again! by stylesrj
Manticore, The by flamingo
MAN-TS 66 by dyno101
Mantis Corvettes, The [Mantis A/B/C] by stargateprovider
Mantis Pirate Bomber by TheBoss
Melded, The by sleepz8
Moke and Firestarter, The [Kestrel A/Fed A] by TaxiService
Monster World by PLIOU
Montauk [Stealth A] by Chrono Vortex
Mother Hen (Fed. Medevac) by Biohazard063
Mercenary Manhunter by SentryJumper
Masterpiece by Arfy
Most Glorious Ship From A Glorious Country, A by stylesrj
Nebula Drifter, The [Slug D] by Biohazard063
Nemesis by bamalf [New!]
New Ark by Arfy
Nighthawk Stealth Fighter, The [Stealth B] by stylesrj
No Oxygen In Lanius B [Lanius B] by Jopyth
Not Another Normandy... [Stealth A] by steamtex
Oregon Trail, The by stylesrj
Original, The by ThePersonFromSteam
Our Soul by Chrono Vortex [New!]
Oxyless, The by TheOneAndOnlyRuffDuf
Paragonyx, The [Invincible?] by Gencool
Pinkyller, The by fdagpigj
Pirate Stealth Cruiser [Engi B] by Nider_01
Potential, The [Kestrel A] by 5thHorseman
Pride, The by MikieRpg
Pulsar, The by stargateprovider
Punks and Posers [Challenge] by Gencool [New!]
Pythia, The [Lanius A] by Chrono Vortex
Pyroxenite, The [Rock B] by Biohazard063
Peregrine Cruiser by Lemmonaed (updated for AE by RAD-82)
Playable Rebel Ships by nono333
Pyrrhic Victory [Kestrel C] by sovietbear
Qarthius, The [Mantis Battleship] by Northern_Warrior [New!]
RAD-82's Junkyard [20+ ships and more] by RAD-82
RAD Fleet, The [28 Ships] by RAD-82
Ramuran Vessel by rjcobourn
Raptor, The [Lanius C] by Biohazard063
Reaper, The [Extra-Dimensional Battleship] by Northern_Warrior [New!]
Rebel Cruiser, The by LuigiGames
Rebel Drone Ship by TheBoss
Rebel Fagship by stylesrj
Rebel (not so) Elite Destroyer by TheBoss
Rebel Hunk by Arfy
Rebellion & Federation Revamped by Manters
Red Arrow, The by Auron1
Reynos Stealth Infiltrators by redlerred7
Rukkihunt [Rock A] by stargateprovider
Rustbucket, The by Skeleqrow
Rogue, The [Stealth A] by propovednick
Saints Row, Playas! by stylesrj
Scarab, The by DryEagle, updated for AE by RAD-82
Scrap Boat, The by 256spam
Scrapper, The by Qwerty343D
Scrapper S-063B, The [Auto] [Fed B] by Biohazard063
Scrin Planetary Assault Carrier by stylesrj
Sentient Ship, The by SumoToad987
Shard [Crystal] [Kestrel A] by TechnoBlasted
Ship of Origin by stargateprovider
Sideros [Lanius] by krail
Simo-B, The by Biohazard063
Siren Class, The by Sirix1995
Skimmers, The by Gencool
Sky Raptor by redlerred7
Space Invader [Zoltan A] by MaeniAck
Space Sharks, The by CAKE
Space Worm, The by CAKE
Spider Mom by PLIOU
Slug Interceptor by TempBanAppealDudePAE
Slug Stealth Cruiser by Vortex Modworks
SR-71 "Blackbird" by Brad33455
SS Walden, The [Firefly] by Skeleqrow
Star Fighters by CAKE, hulls by RAD-82
Stargate Stargate SGU - Destiny by HerrDoktor
Starkiller Base by TheManWhoEats
Star Trek: Enterprize (NX-01) by IndustrialRobot
Star Trek Hulls by Crazybat
Star Wars B-Wing Starships [Kestrel A] by mr_easy_money
Station 12 by sleepz8
Stolid [Damage Coping] by Madagascar
Sufdawg [Crystal Asphyxiation] by fdagpigj
Superluminal Custom Ships [Accepting Requests] by Antediluvian
Suvius, The [Lanius Battleship] by Northern_Warrior [New!]
Tardis, The by Gencool
Tengu Stealth Cruiser [Stealth A/B] by brothershogo, updated for AE by NarnKar
Thanatos [Fed B] by OrangeBottle; updated for AE by KartoFlane
Therapita, The by stargateprovider [Fed A]
Thunderbolt, The [Hard] by CrypticNekoFTW
Torrent, The by BlackN57
Troll Hunter, The by ZhaloUbercell
Tsunami Class Battlecruiser [Federation A/B] by brothershogo, updated for AE by NarnKar
Trade Ship and Drug Runner by evitherator
Trailblaizer, The by sleepz8
Triquetra, The [Engi A] by Biohazard063
Triumvirate, The [Auto Squadron] by Biohazard063
Turing, The [Zoltan A] by Sleeper Service
Typhon Attack Sub by stylesrj
Uncharted, The [Hazard Assault] by NarnKar
Veloces, The by Turbo_Scrooge
Verdant Dawn, The [Kestrel A] by NarnKar
Viper, The by DryEagle, updated for AE by RAD-82
Wanderlust, The [ASB Cruiser] [Kestrel A] by NarnKar
W-Class Fighter by TMDstudio
Xanthoconite, The[Crystal C] by Biohazard063
Yizzzy's Ships by Yizzzy
Xmas 2014 Ship Pack by CAKE
Zoltan Cruiser by a_twelve_year_old
Zoltan Flagship [Overpowered] by stylesrj
Zoltan Magistrate [Crew Powered] [Zoltan B] by stylesrj
Zoltan Nagvan by stargateprovider
Zoltan Slavers by trollnoob3214
Ze Blitzkrieg by ThePersonFromSteam
Zweihander by SharkmanBriton


C&C Weapon Pack by Chrono Vortex
Crystal Cataclysm [Various Crystal Guns] by RAD-82
GianTell's Armament by GianTell
GO BALLISTIC! [Weapons Pack] by R4V3-0N
Impulse Weapons Co. by ZhaloUbercell
Nonos Weapon Pack by nono333
Railguns, Photocasters, & More! by WhiteWeasel [New!]
Sleepz's Weapons by Sleepz8
RAD-82's Weapon Pack by RAD-82


Alternate Hull Strength Hud [Requests] by Kierany9
Better Floors Mod by nono333
Better Planets and Backgrounds by sanmonku
Better Floors mod AE/CE by nono333
Crew Diversity by gencool
Corpses by Harpuae, updated for AE by RAD-82
Detailed Crew Portrait Graphics by LordTrilobite
Detailed Ship Greeble Graphics by LordTrilobite and Sleeper Service
Extended Pursuit Indicator x2/x3/x5/x24 by Sleeper Service
FTL -NES Theme by stargateprovider
Full Touch Screen Support by DerPopo
Punks and Posers by Gencool
HighRes Backgrounds and Planets by Ouaz
Highres Shields by splette
"Low O2" Icons [for all non-regular room sizes] by 5thHorseman
Mass Effect Terminus by Gzurnenplatz
Shiny! UI Overhaul and Graphics Mod v0.991 by Russian Rockman
Visual change: Engi Cruiser to Mantis Bomber by HappySlug

Post Visual Asset Attribution:
- Descent into Darkness splash image by Dry Eagle
- Better Planets and Backgrounds sample by Sanmonku
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Re: Master Mod List - Advanced Edition

Postby Sleeper Service » Sun Nov 23, 2014 6:32 pm

[Reserved Post]

Also in case you wonder how I generated the initial list:
I basically just looked through the last three pages of the working mod forum and added anything that had an [AE] tag, plus any mods of which I knew they where compatible. I'm aware that the list is far from complete right now, even though there are not as many mods for AE as there have been for vanilla yet. So if you think that certain mods should be include, just post them here. I'm also open for any suggestions concerning categories. I considered including the very few weapon mods in the rather broad overhaul section for example.
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Re: Master Mod List - Advanced Edition

Postby KoolTheKid » Sun Nov 23, 2014 6:47 pm

Nice to see Corpses AE on there.

Have you considered adding Enhanced Portrait Graphics under visual mods?
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Re: Master Mod List - Advanced Edition

Postby Russian Rockman » Tue Nov 25, 2014 3:57 am

Awesome job Sleeper!!! I love the blueprint looking graphics you have added. This page looks much more organized than the original page and will hopefully be more inviting to new people.

I hope you are ok with maintaining this. Although people are not pumping mods out like they used to this will still have to be updated quite a bit I think.
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Re: Master Mod List - Advanced Edition

Postby stylesrj » Tue Nov 25, 2014 7:29 am

Hey you included my Zoltan Defendant but not the Magistrate, the ultimate ship in the use of stacked systems and Zoltan energy powers :lol:

Also, I think ships should be divided into categories like:

Balanced (A reskinned Kestrel for example. Or a reworked Engi B)
Gimmick (Zoltan Magistrate, Federation Defenders)
Cheat (Big Bang Cruiser)
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Re: Master Mod List - Advanced Edition

Postby NarnKar » Tue Nov 25, 2014 5:00 pm

stylesrj wrote:Cheat (Big Bang Cruiser)

And then the link just leads to or some other troll site.
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Re: Master Mod List - Advanced Edition

Postby rannl » Tue Nov 25, 2014 5:30 pm

Thumbs up Sleepy! Good job on reviving the master mod list :D
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Re: Master Mod List - Advanced Edition

Postby aaaaaa50 » Tue Nov 25, 2014 7:34 pm

Sleeper Service wrote:Also in case you wonder how I generated the initial list:
I basically just looked through the last three pages of the working mod forum and added anything that had an [AE] tag, plus any mods of which I knew they where compatible.

You absolutely did not go back far enough. Even just quickly checking, I found AE tagged threads as far as ten pages back. (I only looked at those ten pages so there's probably more.) I'm not much into FTL modding anymore, but the old master list had every completed mod on it. Sure, there were plenty of not-so-interesting mods, but it's just fair to have all of them listed together. (Plus for me it made me appreciate my favorites even more.)

Anyways, you absolutely should put my semi-comedy ship The Extra Features at the top of the list. It is the very first new and original AE-exclusive ship mod! :P

Oh, and thanks for the cool graphics you always seem to have. :mrgreen:
First ever AE-exclusive ship mod: The Extra Features!
Ye Olde and Outdated Pre-AE Ship Mod Recommendation List!
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Re: Master Mod List - Advanced Edition

Postby NarnKar » Thu Nov 27, 2014 9:13 pm

In the case of modders with multiple mods, should we submit each mod link individually, or link to a mod hub?
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Re: Master Mod List - Advanced Edition

Postby Sleeper Service » Thu Nov 27, 2014 9:26 pm

Up to you I guess. (I'll get arround digging through the older pages eventually, for now everything that was suggested here has been added)

/Edit: AE tagged mods up to archive page 11 added

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