First FTL game in 2 years and won with Mantis A (Easy Mode)?

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First FTL game in 2 years and won with Mantis A (Easy Mode)?

Postby ShannonGabriel » Wed Dec 01, 2021 8:57 am

Hi all I dont have any friends that play FTL so I was hoping to share this with you. I havent played FTL in a couple years, and have been trying to find a game to play lately, happened to click on FTL on Steam and started a Mantis A file on EZ at like 2AM.

I played until Sector 4 and decided to go to bed, my build seemed ok, but I figured I wouldnt get too far so decided to play the next day.

I woke up with that itch to play FTL and finish my run, and I had a critical moment where I could buy a Glaive Beam for my ship, but I would have to sell my current lazer. I sold and got the Glaive beam, and all of a sudden I was ripping through ships.

I got to the final zone and was sweating like crazy, I've probably only beaten the game like 3-4 times in my life and this was just a random run.

The night before while going to bed I watched a streamer play and realized I would need to try and kill the crew of the final boss ship to secure the win, with the Mantis this was not too difficult, as I also had a teleporter and mind control.

I made it to the third stage of the fight and started sending my guys over, suddenly my cloning bay went down and I didnt realize and all my guys started perma-dying.

I had maybe three crew left and maybe 4-5 hull and decided to go for broke and just teleported everyone but the pilot and threw everything I had at the boss, the Glaive tore through with their shields down and I got the W with I believe 1 crew remaining.

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