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Re: Modding Potential!

Postby danadams01 » Wed May 11, 2022 10:32 am

gayimagis37 wrote:Let me just start with the fact that I had no clue that this game could even have mods until a few hours ago. FTL was difficult, on my part, to actually figure out how to mod things. This game, however... I see a lot of potential. Like, all of the scripts, open to edit? And in a language like LUA or masters assignment writing? Perfecto. Not only that, but if you dig through some of the scripts in the game's folder, the devs even have handy little comments that explain the script a bit more in-depth, and it's great. Not only, in my opinion, is this gonna open up the game for lots more modders, but it's going to allow for much deeper, more elaborate mods.

The more I write scripts in FPSCR and Lua, the more I despise this little language. I shudder when I find out things like it doesn't have enums, proper classes, structs, or even basic data structures. Instead, it has a crazy table system that is cryptic and makes no sense whatsoever to me, a programmer of 24 years. I have to say that I really hate Lua at this point.

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