[OVERHAUL - USES HYPERSPACE] FTL: MULTIVERSE Version 4.11 [Leech Update (sort of)]

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[OVERHAUL - USES HYPERSPACE] FTL: MULTIVERSE Version 4.11 [Leech Update (sort of)]

Postby TheMultiverseTeam » Sun Dec 08, 2019 5:20 pm

A mod by Kix, Laythe, AgentTHeKat, PDTM, Moreorlesser, Felipemello, Markus McCloud, Woona, MagicBadger, SquishyBoi, JerC, and Solid Boi

Additional thanks to:
Woona: Creator of Vicious Vessels and the Orchids mod, and let us use both in Multiverse
PLIOU: Donated several of the hulls we use, such as the Rock and Lost Sun guard, as well as the Duskbringer Station.
TheSwiftTiger: Main hyperspace dev and composed several music tracks for us.
JumboCarrot: Composed several music tracks for us.
Stormbringer: Main dev of Project Coalition, the precursor to Multiverse
SomeFederationPerson: One of the Federation Fleet ships
Andr3wtime: Creator of KA and the Gyges, which was the base for the Bishop Cruiser
R4V3-0N Shell Mechanic Cruiser and Federation Corvette sprites
Hyperion: Additional flavor text for defeat events
Kobo: Crystal Scatter sprite
RAD-82: Federation guard sprite
Jimli_: Federation tactical fighter sprite
Witherbottom: First youtuber to play Multiverse. You can check him out here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3GyR1Q1qFatROk6rKPx74Q

Hyperspace, the modding API needed for Multiverse to work has been updated to version 0.7.1 Please update your hyperspace, as the new 4.10.3+ versions will not work with older hyperspace versions: https://subsetgames.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=35095

Benefits of joining the discord:
-Occasional exclusive pre-release versions
-Regular updates on mod progress
-Help with development and make suggestions/bug reports
-Talk with the devs and other people who've played the mod
-We're lonely and having another person to talk about the mod with will make us slightly happier

Table of contents for people who get lost easily:

Code: Select all

1. Install Instructions
2. Multiverse Download
3. Addons
    1. Misc
    2. Eldritch Horrors
    3. Custom Start
5. Previews
4. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Multiverse -
Multiverse is patched just like any regular FTL mod. Install Slipstream mod manager if you haven't already and place Multiverse in the mod folder, launch slipstream and select Multiverse, and click patch.

Hyperspace -
Hyperspace is a required hard-coded modding API for Multiverse to function properly. Head to the Hyperspace forum page and download the files. You'll also have to downgrade your FTL to version 1.6.9, but don't worry. It's much simpler than it sounds, and Hyperspace provides an easy method to do it. You'll still be able to play the latest AND the downgraded version if you do it properly.

Zip Files -
Some Multiverse versions are kept as Zip files. Don't worry, a Zip file is the exact same as an FTL file! There are two ways to make Slipstream recognize the file;
1. Open slipstream, look at the top left corner where it says "file". Click this and select preferences. Check the box marked "allow_zip", and then click apply. Now Slipstream will recognize .zip files inside its mod folder. That's it!
2. Make sure you have show file types enabled. Right click Multiverse.zip and select rename. Select the .zip at the end and change it to .ftl. If a pop-up appears telling you that it may corrupt the file, just click okay and continue, the file won't be corrupted. Now just put the .ftl file in Slipstream's mod folder and that's it!

Compatibility -
Multiverse is an overhaul mod, meaning it changes a large portion of game features. As such, it may not be compatible with a variety of different mods. So what will work?

Other overhauls? Absolutely not. Any mods such as CE, ARS+, Insurrection, etc will definitely NOT work with Multiverse and should NEVER be used together.
Non-Hyperspace Ship Packs? Yes and no. These ships, as they do not use hyperspace, will replace the main page ships, which Multiverse also replaces with new ships. It is recommended you do not use any conventional ship packs with Multiverse if you want to experience Multiverse on its own.
Hyperspace Ship Packs? Yes. The beauty of Hyperspace is it allows infinite player ships. Any hyperspace ships will simply be added to additional pages. You can use as many Hyperspace ship packs as you want with Multiverse without issue.
Weapon Packs? Most likely. Most weapon packs should work with Multiverse, but there is a chance there might be a namespace issue where two weapons have the same ID, in which case the weapon pack would override the weapon from Multiverse. Additionally, if the mod allows enemies to use the new weapons, this will NOT work in Multiverse, as Multiverse changes the namespaces of all enemy weapon lists.
Enemy ship extensions? No, unless they're made specifically for Multiverse. Multiverse changes the names of all of the enemy lists and encounters, meaning any mods that add to the vanilla lists won't have an impact while Multiverse is in use.
Graphical Mods? Depends. Multiverse adds its own new backgrounds, crew customization features, fleet pursuit indicator, and vanilla sprite improvements, which may collide with graphical mods. If you want to prevent your graphical mods from overriding Multiverse, patch them BEFORE Multiverse, that way Multiverse will override anything that the two mods share.

We HIGHLY recommend playing Multiverse without any addons or additional mods the first time you play it, so you can see what the base mod has before adding more onto it.

Installation order -

Code: Select all

2. Graphical improvement mods
4. Eldritch Horrors or any other major addons
5. Smaller addons like the Elite ship-packs
6. Weapons packs, or ship packs

What to do if you get an "assertion failed'" error upon loading:
Run FTL with directx. This can be done by following the steps below:

Code: Select all

make a shortcut of FTLGame.exe
right click
at the end of the target textbox, after the quotation mark
type space and -directx
then run the game using the shortcut

====================MULTIVERSE DOWNLOAD====================
Hyperspace is a powerful new hard-coded FTL mod, which you must install separately. Hyperspace adds the ability to add new player ship slots, new alien races, and many other new features. You can install hyperspace from here: https://subsetgames.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=35095

Hyperspace, the modding API needed for Multiverse to work has been updated to version 0.7.1 Please update your hyperspace, as the new 4.10.3+ versions will not work with older hyperspace versions: https://subsetgames.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=35095

DOWNLOAD BUILD - 4.11 [Leech Update]
Zip and FTL files are actually the same thing. To use the zip file in slipstream, put it in the mod folder, launch slipstream, go to the file tab at the top, then preferences and enable the option to recognize zip files.

As of 4.6, you should no longer use the elite ships addon. All ships from this mod are now included in base Multiverse.

Warning: This changelog contains MASSIVE spoilers. Read at your own risk

Code: Select all


Officially added Leech Crew, and added Amperes.

Added Vampweed crew and ships.

Added the Kraterocracy and Revolutionary Cruisers.

Added the Limit 4.


Changed the prefixes of many enemy ships.


Increased orchid repair speed buff by 10%.

The Free Mantis ability now starts charged at the beginning of the jump.

Increased the shot count of Part I and II by 1. Increased cooldown of Part II by 1 second.

Angel C now has a piercing torch.

Phase Ion MK 2 is now 2 power.

Changed Kestrel A's weapons.

Increased orchid HP buff.

The Annointed's shields now scale.


Fixed some tpyos. (with even more additional proofreading from JerC)

Fixed Hektar Stores not spawning the right store when inquiring about UwU points.

Fixed Electrical Insulation not working.

Fixed Metyunt shedding to become a worker.

Fixed titanium casing not actually decreasing sabotage.

Fixed the tribal lizards basically being immortal.

Fixed a few ships still having the old ghost ids.

Fixed the royal arty firing normal payloads.

Fixed nebula empty beacons sometimes not having storage checks.

Fixed Duskbringer/Radical/Monk crew offsets.

Fixed Slocknog not being immune to stun.

Fixed the artemis glow.

Fixed the human morph.

To get older versions of Multiverse, you can find them archived on our Discord server.

Elite Ships [Version 3]:
The Elite ship addon adds 16 new ships to Multiverse themed after the elite groups for certain factions. These ships are (supposed to be) much stronger than normal and probably aren't balanced at all, hence why they were not included in the base mod. Some use the standard vanilla ships whose color scheme was reused for elites (such as Rock C or Engi C), or are entirely new hulls like the Haunted Kestrel and Peace-Keeping Zoltan Cruiser.
Requires Multiverse 4.0-4.5

====================ELDRITCH HORRORS====================
Developed by Sally Spartan
As Eldritch Horrors is not developed by the Multiverse Team, we cannot guarantee there won't be compatibility issues between versions. Suggestions or bug reports should be directed towards the creator of the addon themselves.

Eldritch Horrors Ch.3 v0.4 has recently released. It is compatible with 4.8-4.9, but is not compatible with 4.10+.
You can find Eldritch Horrors on its own forum page here: https://subsetgames.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=35928
EH also has its own discord server that you can find here: https://discord.gg/9c2sUM6, which will sometimes have more up-to-date versions than those on the forums.

====================CUSTOM START====================
Developed by Admiral Billy
As Custom Start is not developed by the Multiverse Team, we cannot guarantee there won't be compatibility issues between versions. Suggestions or bug reports should be directed towards the creator of the addon themselves.

Custom start adds a set of blank cruisers for every existing layout, and allows you to customize your equipment at the start.




Over 100 new player ships to pick from, all included in the base mod!

Tons of new crew types to encounter and play with, with their own abilities and niches unseen in vanilla!

Hundreds of new weapons and drones to use, including multi-functional toggle drones, conservative weapons that use no power, brand new crew drones, and more!

What is hyperspace?
Hyperspace is a hard-coded modding API utilized by Multiverse. It adds all kinds of new features not possible in vanilla FTL, like new alien races or infinite player ships.

Is Hyperspace developed by the same people as MV?
Nope, hyperspace has its own development team entirely separate from Multiverse. However, we do work in tandem often times. Hyperspace has its own separate development and bug report channels in this server!

What is PC (Project Coalition) and why do people keep mentioning it?
Project Coalition was a previous (failed) overhaul mod that many of the current Multiverse dev team worked on. While the two mods are entirely separate code-wise, many of PC's assets were re-used in MV. PC is no longer available for download publicly.

Whats the difference between hardcoded and softcoded modding?
Softcoded modding is heavily limited, and only allows us to edit images, audio, and XML files. There is no "real coding" involved, and we're limited to what base FTL allows. Hardcoded modding, thanks to hyperspace, allows us to expand the possibilities further, but we are still limited to the functionality provided by hyperspace.

Is MV related to CE or ARS+? Is it compatible with these overhauls?
Nope. Overhauls are never compatible with each other. Running them together will not work and will guarantee that you see major bugs from compatibility issues.
No content from CE or ARS+ is directly used in Multiverse currently, but we have taken inspiration from certain select features.

Is Multiverse finished?
Far from it actually. MV is still being regularly updated, but we have plenty of content left to add!

What is EH (Eldritch Horrors)? Who makes it?
EH is a large addon for Multiverse developed by SallySpartan. Though it is built on top of Multiverse, it has a different dev team and development cycle.

They're coming, be patient. We have draw at least 4 gibs per ship, and Multiverse currently has over 600 ships. It will take a long time till they are ready, but we are slowly making progress on them.

Will player ships be getting purchasable artillery?
Yes, eventually. To be efficient, this will likely be added alongside player ship gibs, whenever those are ready.

Can I contribute?
Yes, of course! Bug/typo reports and suggestions are always helpful, but if you want to contribute art, music, or something else that's always helpful as well. Do note though that it isn't guaranteed we'll have a use for whatever you submit, so you might want to ask first what we may need help with.

I keep getting humans when it references custom crew, what's up with that?
This means, without a doubt, your hyperspace is incorrectly installed. Make sure you double check that you've installed it correctly and are using the right patch order.

What the hell is a patch order?
The patch order is the order of mods in Superluminal's mod list. This is VERY important. Mods that are higher in the list are patched first. Multiverse should always come last unless you are using an addon, in which case the addon should come after Multiverse.

What mods are Multiverse compatible with?
If it wasn't exclusively made for Multiverse (or specifically updated to be compatible), chances are it is NOT compatible. It is heavily, HEAVILY recommended you use NO additional mods unless they are a designated MV addon.
MV can break or be broken by practically anything, including ship mods or cosmetic mods.

Why is Multiverse a Zip file?/Where is the .ftl file?/Why is Multiverse not showing up in slipstream?
These are all actually the same question. Multiverse is packaged as a zip file, which is functionally the same thing as a .ftl file. To make slipstream recognize the zip, place Multiverse in the mods folder, launch slipstream, click the file tab at the top left, select "preferences", then check the "allow_zip" box, click apply, and then restart slipstream.

How hard is Multiverse? What difficulty is it balanced for?
As Multiverse is still in development, balance can sometimes be a little shaky after certain updates, but we're always sure to fix any concerns once they're reported. Multiverse is currently balanced around the Normal difficulty.
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Postby TheMultiverseTeam » Sun Dec 08, 2019 5:28 pm

Claw ship.png
Kat told me to post this
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Postby Stormbringer » Tue Mar 03, 2020 1:33 pm

Just so you know, Project Coalition is coming back.

So... now might be the time to panic.
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Postby TheMultiverseTeam » Mon Mar 16, 2020 4:36 pm

Stable Version 1 is out now! Overhauled events, more equipment, even more new enemies, more player ships, new artillery systems, and more!
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Re: [OVERHAUL] FTL: MULTIVERSE Version 1 [Experimental V1.2]

Postby TheMultiverseTeam » Thu Apr 09, 2020 6:00 pm

Experimental Build V1.2e is out!

Adds Lost Sun sectors and events
Picket and Battleship class ships now can only spawn in sectors 4+ (previously 3+)
Fixed bug where Halberd/Pike/Minibeam wouldn't shoot

Don't forget to join our discord server if you want to receive additional experimental builds, notifications for new releases, see development progress, or talk with other mod players.
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Re: [OVERHAUL] FTL: MULTIVERSE Version 1 [Experimental V1.3]

Postby TheMultiverseTeam » Sat Apr 18, 2020 2:17 am

Version 1.3e Is out!

Code: Select all


Added Duskbringer Sector

Added Smuggler Cruiser

Added Tuco's Cruiser type A and B

New sprites for Nyx, Hades, Hydra, Asclepius missiles

New particle missile and laser sprites

Zoltan Deleter can pierce 1 shield layer

Motherships can only spawn sectors 4+ (previously 3+)

Reworded some classes for specific factions
   -Civilian Harvest -> Civilian Miner
   -Civilian Scout -> Civilian Surveyor
   -Civilian Dropship -> Civilian Carryship
   -Auto-Trapper -> Auto-Minelayer
   -Auto-Harvester -> Auto-Salvager
   -Engi Dropship -> Engi Infiltrator
   -Lanius Scout -> Lanius Surveyor
   -Lanius Outrider -> Lanius Seeker
   -Lost Sun Trapper -> Lost Sun Minelayer

Engi are no longer super cheap


Flagship artilleries now properly correspond with the correct room

Fixed charge glows on chain/cluster/bio/recycler bombs

Fixed descriptions for Rockmen and Engi

In the event where you explore an asteroid field and encounter a pirate, the encounter actually spawns a ship now.


Changed locked ship description so people will stop complaining about it.

The "missing asset" error triangle is now invisible so people will stop complaining about the missing gibs. They're coming, I promise.

The Main menu now shows the current mod version in the bottom right corner.
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Re: [OVERHAUL] FTL: MULTIVERSE Version 1 [Experimental V1.3]

Postby G3PSx » Thu Apr 23, 2020 7:12 am

Just a quick post to say "WOW".

This looks amazing guys, keep up the good work.
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Re: [OVERHAUL] FTL: MULTIVERSE Version 1 [Experimental V1.3]

Postby firemix19 » Fri Apr 24, 2020 10:56 am

Wow, looks nice, works fine
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Re: [OVERHAUL] FTL: MULTIVERSE Version 1.4 [Ghost Update!]

Postby TheMultiverseTeam » Fri Apr 24, 2020 6:23 pm

Version 1.4e Is out!

Ghosts and ever important bug/balance fixes!

Code: Select all


Ghost Nebula Sector

More ghost ships

Teleporter can be upgraded to level 4 for 150 scrap, which allows for instant cooldown.

Added miniship preview for Tuco Type B

Decreased Multiverse type B cruiser's artillery's breach chance by 20%

Added blue option for explosive replicator for the mining donation event

Gambling on Tuco Type B has a 1/3 chance of success instead of 1/4

Removed system lasers from all enemy weapon lists except for civilians

Decreased starting power of Smuggler Cruiser by 1

Cost of hacking increased

Decreased the cost of Energy weapons considerably

Sped up Energy, Anti-Hull Beam, Ion, and Mining drones

Nerfed Chain-Flak

Orchid type C starts with sensors now


Fixed the cloak on Rebel Bomber

Oxygen now costs 35 scrap (previously 0, the default value from vanilla)

Fixed various typos/bugs in the event files, many of which carried over from vanilla

Fixed error where engi were captizalized in the engi event files which resulted in some wierd errors

Fixed text with FTL booster storage check

Fixed Rebel Cruiser offset

Fixed schimitar glow

Fixed more event typos that caused other wierd bugs

Fixed Halberd (again) cause it wasn't firing still.

Fixed Elite Rebel Rigger offset

Fixed Flagship artilleries on stage 3

Fixed wierd mantis scout door linking

Fixed typo in Eris Missile's description

Ancient Combat no longer sells for 0 scrap

Fixed missing minelauncher mk 1 sprite

Fixed bug where trapper class ships only spawn with one weapon

Fixed Fed Auto-Ship event to actually give rewards

Fixed some events where nebula events didn't have nebulas


The ghost buster unlock has no ship to unlock yet. It'll be added in 1.5

The wierd bug where peaceful ships teleport crew onto your ship for no apparent reason if they have a

teleporter is known, but we aren't sure what causes it. We're working on it.

We've noticed a potential nebula sector crash. Happens very rarely to only certain people, and we can't

seem to replicate it. If you encounter this bug please let us know and give as many details as possible.

(equipment, sector #, if it was regular nebula or a different type of nebula sector, etc)

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Re: [OVERHAUL] FTL: MULTIVERSE Version 1.5 [Loot and Hive Update!]

Postby TheMultiverseTeam » Mon Apr 27, 2020 3:47 pm

Version 1.5e is out!

New events for the Mantis Homeworlds (renamed to Mantis hive), and Special Transport encounters that drop modified weapons, as well as other features.

Code: Select all


2 New generic Mantis events and new Unique events for Mantis Hive (Homeworlds)

Homeworld sectors now always spawn a "Loot" transport encounter (some factions are missing)

"Loot" Transports scary special equipment with unique modifiers (currently only one per faction with a transport)

Slug Pleasure Cruiser type A and B

Modified Militi A's starting layout to be much stronger

Smuggler A now starts with 17 missiles

Kazaaak encounter no longer gives mantis cruiser (as it will be a new ship eventually), and spawns a Suzerain

Removed slug station from generic station list (so they dont appear very often in other sectors)

Decreased the number of empty beacons in various sectors, especially homeworlds

Repair-bots now repair in intervals of 4

Ships with more/less than 30 hull now indicate their hull health in their miniship

Changed Rebel B's name

Mercenaries now have their own destroyed and crew kill text


Black Raven event spawns the Black Raven ship instead of a generic slug ship

Outcome of broken Fed Autoship event is now hidden

Lost Sun civilian distress ship no longer spawns as hostile

Lost Sun rock/lost sun choice event now spawns a lost sun ship when you defend the rock

Zoltan Guard offset fixed again

Fixed cloak offset for elite rebel assault

Fixed wording in drone reactor storage option

Changed wording in Crystalline Defense Drone

Auto Trapper artillery's projectiles are now appropriately slow

Fixed Orchid Cruiser B and C's descriptions

Also, 1.6 will be a large rebalance update, to make enemy balance more akin to vanilla, and to better balance weapons, so look forward to that.

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