FTL Version 1.02.5 Live [YET ANOTHER UPDATE]

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FTL Version 1.02.5 Live [YET ANOTHER UPDATE]

Postby Matthew » Fri Sep 21, 2012 10:44 am

If you're on STEAM - It will be automatically updated.
If you bought it on GOG.com - You can get all updated versions from their website. It will be in the library like the original version.
If you bought it on our website - You can get all updated versions from the same URL that you downloaded the original. If you lost that email use this link to resend the URL - https://www.humblebundle.com/store/keyresender


I'm going to be flying to LA to be at IndieCade with Justin this week. Before going, I wanted to put out a small patch to finish up fixing rendering glitches for some systems that weren't caught by the last patch. I also squeezed in some potential fixes for some of the more stubborn common bugs. It'll follow the same release pattern as the last patch where it's initially on the Beta branch on Steam, and it'll make it to the GOG.com/HumbleStore early in the week once those people go to work (everyone else doesn't seem to work all weekend, lazy bums). Full changelog below:

Changelog 1.02.6

-Fixed some texture rendering issues on Mac OS X and older Windows/Linux machines
-Fullscreen - FTL Native Resolution fixed to accurately provide the pre-1.02 Fullscreen method for older PCs
-Tough Little Ship Achievement fixed
-Fixed exploit that allowed player crew to walk through enemy blast doors, which is also a potential fix for the AI bug of walking through walls/doors (Thanks Unlucky Scarecrow!)
-Defense Drones Don't Do D'Anything and Master of Patience Achievements potentially fixed
-Protection against quests spawning at unreachable nodes
-Crystal Weapons / Missile Weapons will accurately state the number of shots they fire per cooldown
-Minor UI help - clearer tooltips for Cloaking/Teleporting and hotkey numbers for drones
-More event/descriptions/tooltip typos fixed


Patch is available for GOG.com and the HumbleStore builds. So everyone should be able to access it.


Quick emergency patch to restore functionality to some people with older machines that could play before the patch. If you were experiencing a white screen after loading the game and could play FTL in version 1.01 then you should be ok now.

Changelog 1.02.5

  • Restored functionality to those that don't support certain OpenGL features
  • Fixed Zoltan shield display
  • Added some additional logging/overrides to help in support


There's an updated changelog with a few more additional fixes for 1.02.3. The patch is now officially live on Steam and we're in the process of getting it to GOG.com and the HumbleStore (for people who purchased on our website). Unlike Steam, we don't have instant access to those builds so I do not know how long it will take for them to go live. I'll make sure to make an announcement when they do.

If anyone has any problems at all, please email zasdarq@ftlgame.com, make a post on this forum, or make a post on GetSatisfaction.com/ftlgame

If you have issues with the new way fullscreen works (in some situations, it's a downgrade in quality for some monitors / systems), then there's a new setting "Fullscreen - FTL Native Resolution" that should be identical to how it was previously so use that :)


Hello everyone!

I've uploaded a beta patch for some of the more common solve-able bugs and issues that have come up in the last week since release. You'll need Steam to access it for now since it's still undergoing testing before releasing it out to everyone. So check it out if it lists things that have been causing you problems or if you feel like being helpful and testing :)

If you come across bugs in this patch specifically, when you report them on the forum, GetSatisfaction, or via email (zasdarq@ftlgame.com) please specify that you are using the Beta Patch for v1.02

Accessing the patch

Right click on FTL in Steam and select "Properties". From the "Beta" tab you can choose to opt into the Beta Builds. Put in the password "betapatch" (without the quotes) and press "Check Password" and it will download. If you have any issues at all, you can just revert back to None from that tab and it will re-download version 1.01. The downloads should only be about 5 MB so it won't take long either direction.

Changelog 1.02

Compatibility Changes:
  • Older laptops experiencing "overly pixelated" or distorted images should now function
  • MacBooks with ATI X1600 video cards will potentially function both in fullscreen and windowed. I do not have access to a MacBook with that video card, so if you're experiencing that problem please update me!
  • Mac OS X version now implements Left-Ctrl+Left-Click to be equivalent to Right-Click

Fullscreen Changes:
  • Fullscreen stretch now works differently and should be more effective at properly "stretching" to fill your screen
  • Monitors that support 2560x1440 should be properly scaling and look much better (I'm jealous)
  • Monitors with resolutions less than 1280x720 may now function in Fullscreen Stretched depending on your OpenGL support
  • A more elaborate manual mode is available for tweaking your desired resolution effect within settings.ini

Additional Video Settings:
  • V-Sync can be activated within options mode. Depending on your system, you still might need to force it on or off from your video card control panel as well.
  • Frame limiting is also available from the options. Between the two (V-Sync vs. Frame Limiting), pick the one that works best for you to balance performance and cpu use.

Additional Game Settings:
  • Within options you can enable paths to be drawn when hovering over a beacon.
  • Dialog keys will now have a brief delay before they are active, this can be disabled within the options.

Other Bugs:
  • Start Crash Fix: Sometimes unidentified USB devices could cause FTL to fail to start
  • Removed bugged weapon from the secret sector
  • Moving crewmembers will still teleport assuming they are in the room of their final destination
  • Killing the crew of an enemy ship will count as defeating it for stats
  • Selling the Zoltan Energy shield will no longer be bugged
  • Federation Ship will properly unlock on victory (and will unlock retroactively for those that experienced this bug)
  • Secret Cruiser Type B stealth imagery has been fixed
  • Fixed situation where a defense drone could become permanently powered
  • Energy Shield can no longer be damaged while jumping, preventing it from properly recharging
  • Fixed: Ion Storm and Nebula effects would disappear at beacons where you leave behind an enemy
  • Saving in sector maps can no longer sometimes cause you to skip a sector
  • Excess error message repeats removed
  • Repeated "victory" in Sector 1 after restart fixed
  • Possible fix for disappearing quests after Save & Quit
  • Possible fix for enemies jumping away despite destroyed piloting
  • Fixed freezing enemy AI when low on health and medbay is on fire
  • Save & Quit in a store will no longer reduce repair costs
  • Typos corrected in tooltips/weapons/events
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Re: FTL Beta Patch on Steam

Postby zamgn355 » Fri Sep 21, 2012 1:45 pm

The patch seems to be working for me so far, no more stretch problems, the game is working great at 1920x1080 and it looks fantastic.
Thanks for getting a patch out so fast, really looking forward to where you guys take this fantastic game.
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Re: FTL Beta Patch on Steam

Postby icepick » Fri Sep 21, 2012 3:23 pm

Yay! Look at all those sweet fixes. There's no way you took a whole week off, haha.
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Re: FTL Beta Patch on Steam

Postby snakehips » Fri Sep 21, 2012 4:14 pm

Very cool. Any info for the people who bought the game off your website?
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Re: FTL Beta Patch on Steam

Postby icepick » Fri Sep 21, 2012 4:35 pm

Not until they officially post the patch probably. :/
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Re: FTL Beta Patch on Steam

Postby Matthew » Fri Sep 21, 2012 4:44 pm

Steam provides the benefit for being able to quickly push updates / revert updates on the fly seemlessly. Since we're such a small development team with limited testing capabilities, that's a pretty invaluable tool to let us put out a patch that might potentially have some issues before sending everyone to download it. We'll be updating the builds you downloaded from the website sometime early next week if all is well with the changes, and we'll also update the GOG build who I believe have their own patching system. Sorry for the delay and inconvenience.
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Re: FTL Beta Patch on Steam

Postby roidal » Fri Sep 21, 2012 4:58 pm

Thanks alot!

zasdarq wrote:Sorry for the delay and inconvenience.

Don't worry, youre doing a good job! Everyone knows that it is not so easy with a 2-men-crew :D
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Re: FTL Beta Patch on Steam

Postby UltraMantis » Fri Sep 21, 2012 5:06 pm

Keep it up, great work guys.
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Re: FTL Beta Patch on Steam

Postby blob » Sat Sep 22, 2012 8:03 am

Does the patch breaks current games or can it heal them ?
I have a game in sector 7 but with the permanently powered defense drone bug.
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Re: FTL Beta Patch on Steam

Postby Druidika » Sat Sep 22, 2012 1:49 pm

With all your great work on scaling, is there a chance you could implement a fullscreen windowed, or resizable windowed mode? I'd love to play the game in larger than windowed, but the fullscreen modes mess with the window positions and sizes of already open windows (browser, etc.), which is pretty annoying.

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