FTL v. 1.5.10 Patch Notes

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FTL v. 1.5.10 Patch Notes

Postby Matthew » Thu Apr 10, 2014 5:01 pm

This is the first patch for FTL: Advanced Edition. Its focus has been on critical issues, and on some small mistakes that were easily remedied.

v. 1.5.10

Critical Fixes:
-Mac OS X version 10.5.8 is supported once again
-Fixed crash when purchasing Clonebay when player had a Zoltan in their Medbay
-Fixed possible crash and slowdowns when the Backup Battery took damage
-Fixed crash when loading a save from after the Flagship Construction battle
-Fixed possible crash and slowdowns when the Backup Battery took damage
-Added crash protection for mind controlling in Flagship artillery rooms that are full

General Fixes
-Zoltan Cruiser unlock quest fixed
-Fixed one cause of incorrectly saving an event, resulting in loading a different result
-Fixed: Couldn't counter mind control on your crew if enemy ship had an Energy Shield
-Fixed: Enemy crew in isolated rooms (Flagship Artillery) could not damage player crew
-Fixed: Advance Edition Stores never stocked a Clonebay if player was capped on systems
-Fixed: Non-AE FTL Stores would have excess, empty system spaces & warn of the sys. cap
-Fixed: Quitting mid-jump would create an unreliable save file
-Fixed: Hard Mode would generate unbeatable Final Stand sectors
-Possible Fix: Infinite Mind Control should no longer happen
-Possible Fix: Hacking not draining shields should no longer happen
-Kestrel's Full Arsenal Achievement fixed
-Mind controlled enemies count as intruders for computing if a beacon is 'safe'
-Minor positioning of clonebay/medbay art and blocked spaces fixed
-Fixed Defense Drone II not shooting at asteroids
-Fixed Rock Achievement #2 -- Allows Swarm Missiles now
-Fixed art for the Vulcan Chain Laser and Kestrel C's Medbay
-Fixed: Closing menus won't also interact with your drones / weapons
-Fixed pulsar background when dynamic backgrounds is disabled
-Minor event/text fixes
-Excess logging removed
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