my game dosent start

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Re: my game dosent start

Postby Nodoz » Fri Jul 24, 2020 4:38 am

I have downloaded this game on both Steam and Xbox for PC. Both experience the same issue of getting to the load screen, finishing the load and then the game hangs. When I do file verification on Steam, it finds one file needs to be downloaded. I then wait for the download, restart Steam and check integrity again. It shows all files are valid. When I restart FTL, it does the same thing of completing the load screen and then hangs. Checking the file integrity again shows one file needs to be updated. I do not know which file is being corrupted or is missing as it does not appear in the log file. I have the latest drivers for graphics, MB, and the Steam client. I have gone through all FAQ and other suggestions and tried them all to no avail as per this website and Steam. This game worked fine back in February with no issues. I also uninstalled and reinstalled with the same issue. I have also verified that in start options in the Steam client, -DirectX is set as a launch option.

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