Powering shields to an odd amount vs ions!!

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Powering shields to an odd amount vs ions!!

Postby Dembezuma » Mon Aug 12, 2019 1:25 pm

I figured this is already a well known strat, but searched and couldn't find it.

If you have shields upgraded to an odd number (i.e. 3 power), power it to 2 and then use a zoltan to push it to 3. You still only get 1 bubble, but you won't lose that bubble from 1 ionization.

The odd pip of power won't automatically recharge when the ionization wears off, you have to walk the zoltan out/in the shield room with 1 spare power to do it.

I often partially upgrade shields to help keep them up if the system is damaged rather than buying 2 levels at a time. This strat comes up maybe once in 10 runs, but it can save a few hull when it does.tweakbox appvalley https://vlc.onl/

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