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FTLRP: Pirate hunt

Posted: Tue Nov 05, 2019 1:48 pm
by lestinew
Piracy has been on the rise ever since the war broke out.
It's a profitable yet risky business.
What deems more profit than being a pirate?
Hunting pirates.

"So, if you're hunting pirates, wouldn't that make you a pirate?"
"Depends on how you think of it. However, we hunt all pirates, and we're not hunting ourselves."
"How do you distinguish what's a pirate and what's not?"
"We know it's a pirate when we arrive and they power their engines MyWegmansConnect."

No inappropriate content. Nada, Zero.

Our ship is called the Hexagon. Think of it how you want, I don't actually have a picture for it.

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