Luck Overload!

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Luck Overload!

Postby UltraMantis » Tue Dec 25, 2012 1:42 am


Allright. We all know the RNG is governed by the Universal Practical Joke Department. This is one of their better ones.

There i was trying to unlock the "I Don't Need No Stinkin' Upgrades" achievement. For those new to FTL it's unlocked by reaching sector 5 without upgrading any system, subsystem or the reactor in any ship on any difficulty mode. I picked the Nesasio for the job because it has Long Range Scanners, fast engines (good for both evade and FTL recharge) as well as a cloaking device. The Dual Lasers and MiniBeam are good for sectors 1-2 so fighting and earning scrap and fuel is a posibility. All in all, it could survive until s3 and then hopefully there would be enough fuel to just pick non-combat beacons and rush through.

Well not according to the RNG. It decided today is opposite day because every freking beacon was extremly generous. The worst encounter was a Rigger but even though i had to cloak almost immediatley, it only scored two HP worth of damage on me before the Mini Beam deftly disabled their weapons, shields and drone control. But that's not all. Oh no, not by a mile.

Can you say Burst Laser MkII, Pike Beam, Hull Laser MkI, Defense Drone MkI, Defense Drone MkII ALL FREEBIES!!! All of them! BL2 was floating in space the others were rewards and bribes. It makes your head spin. The only thing i bought was Auto-Reloader (and another stroke of luck to find it early). In addition i was gifted the Egni MedBot Dispersal aug, but i couldn't even take it because i wanted LR Scanners and System Casing and the Reloader helped out so much. So i had to refuse that. Image

Please, please, what are you doing to me FTL!? Somehow i managed to collect some 250-300 scrap by the middle of sector 2... but but... this is not real. I passed on buying shields TWICE for cryin out loud! Image

I thought this would be a longshot run to s5 without upgrades but this game is begging to be won... i don't know what to say anymore. I had to stop. Save & quit, and here's the continue.sav in a zip file for anyone interested.

Cue Cornette face, wtf levels about to reach 100%
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Re: Luck Overload!

Postby boa13 » Tue Dec 25, 2012 7:50 am

What can I say? For many people it's Christmas. :)
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Re: Luck Overload!

Postby nikto » Tue Dec 25, 2012 9:02 am

I had this moment a couple of days ago. Slugs (practically every one of them) in nebula are literally cried "SHUT UP! AND TAKE OUR STUFF! Spare our miserable lives". :mrgreen:
And very lucky encounters and floating weapons in space, i had them too in that run. :) So, i had 2x Burst Laser MK2, Hull Laser, Ion bomb, beam weapons (sold them), lots of drone schematics, boarders, had everything except cloaking device - kicked boss easily, - he damaged my hull by 4 points (difficulty was EASY, Kestrel-A, v1.02.6).
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Re: Luck Overload!

Postby UltraMantis » Tue Dec 25, 2012 10:00 pm

I thought i would write just a short report of how things went, but ended up writing a bit more.


The rest of sector 2 wasn't noteworthy. Sector 3 brought more madness. A store selling no less than Pre-Igniter, Auto-Reloader and Scrap Recovery arm, and with all the junk i was haulin, i could have easily bought all three. Anyway i sold the Titanium Casing and grabbed the Pre-Igniter. I have NEVER bought it before, and maybe only saw it twice in all my games. :roll:

There was one rough battle but total damage only cost me 20 scrap to repair so it was reasonably easy. I avoided 3 lurking pirates after getting banged up by that other one. Fuel kinda Became an issue at this point. One sector to go... after that, i'm gonna upgrade my weapons and use pre-igniter + cloak + second strike to pummel my way to ze bozz and minibeam my name on him. (yeah, that kinda isn't how this one ended)

Problem is both sectors 3 and 4 are nebuals and i worry something will disable my engines soon... foreshadowing?

Eek! Slug home nebula. :O 56 scrap, 7 fuel. Wish me lux.

Agh! Dud beacon, dud beacon, store... selling a Slug and fuel... I haven't unlocked the Slug cruisers yet. But i want to get out of here alive. Decisions, decisions... i bought all fuel, and sold the DefDroneMkII. Now with 8 fuel, a Slug and within reach of the exit.

mmkay, i eavesdropped on two pirates planning a raid on a wealthy Slug captain. Quest in next sector. Whatever.

And a beacon without a marked ship deals me a cruel hand. A 'generous' Slug offers me a choicee between having my Weapons, Shields or Oxygen disabled. Or pay them 35 scrap to be left alone. I have 36. What will i decide? What would you do i wonder? Remember, i'm on a quest to exit this damned sector... but i also don't have a shield so the joke is on the Slug :D I DO have a Pre-Igniter and Cloak. :twisted: I'm gonna fight him.

MOTHER OF SPACE DRAGONS!! They only have an Ion Blast MkI, Basic Laser and an expletive Glaive Beam. owie

Well First shot takes down their 2 shields and Mini Beam hits their o2 and damages weapons. It's one of those larger Slug cruisers where you need a Pike Beam to hit both weapons and shields.

Ohnoes! Second laser missed, their Glaive has not been interrupted. Think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts.

Wait a bit more. Cloak! Second volley takes the shields down, Mini Beam scores again, but the lucky $%^&* repaired enough to keep the Glaive online....... this is going to hurt. a lot.

FTL drive at ~60% Hull at full strength though.

Incoming... OWCH! Hits two empty rooms and our Weapons Bay. 9 HP damage total but nevermind that, everyone haul ass over there and repair. 2 hunams, and Slug and an Engi ought to fix it up before the next blast.

Veery quick repair, congrats crew, you're all my heroes now. FTL Drive ready for jump. But we're staying and winning this.

Their silly Ion Blast managed to miss every shot. Very nice.

Aaand cloak again! Just in time to dodge their laser and ion fire.

Third volley... succes! Shields down, their weapons and helm take damage. Fourth volley coming right up and it

THE PAIN!! nnngh they mangle our door control and cloak, but our weapons manage to strip their shields and do further damage to their weapons and life support as well.

Oh man, that Glaive is hungry for more. But their hull has 1 HP left. Time to swap weapons, Burst Laser MkII online and charging. Cloak under repair.

Cloak repaired and ready. Their ship is also fully repaired. It's all come down to this! One final volley of BL2 that must not miss.... aand

Relief! As the gambleing pirate's ship crumbles into dust. The reward is meagre: 1 fuel, 2 missiles and 26 scrap, but the greater reward is life i think. That wasn't a marked ship beacon! No less than half the hull has been damaged. Well, time to move on.

Next up is a store, where 69 scrap will be spent on repairs. Then a hopefully safe beacon, and then the exit. Interesting choice of augs in the store. LR Scanner, Stealth Weapons and a Repair Arm. I really want the Repair Arm. It costs some scrap but everytime i earn some, it will repair 1 HP. That's practically every beacon and sometimes there are no convenient stores nearby. I'd rather have a Repair Drone, but this would also be nice. But there's no way i'm dropping Pre-Igniter, Auto-Reloader or LR Scanner for the Repair arm. Nice of them to offer though.

Ok so the ship is mostly repaired and refueled. 20 scrap left. Let's move on. And jump to a dud, then jump to exit, nothing happens and jump to another durn nebula sector...aaand Achievement Unlocked ! :DDD I prove that i don't need no stinken upgrades. And now to upgrade. :mrgreen:

Well i'm not gonna complain. That was a fun ride. I sacrificed a lot to get here, but sector 5 is brutal and my equipment was nice, but the ship was still the same unupgraded Nesasio we all know and love. The very first enemy was an Auto-Scout with 3 shields that i could not strip, and two Attack Drones that ripped us appart before the engines could recharge. Something to celebrate? Well yeah, i guess. I got what i asked for. Quite literally. :D
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Re: Luck Overload!

Postby Number43 » Wed Dec 26, 2012 9:45 pm

One game first beacon gave me a free scrap recovery arm. Second gave a free ion blast I, and the third gave a burst laser II. I got 3 more free weapons by the end of sector 2, including a pegasus missile and ion bomb. By the end of sector 4 I had bought all the systems and a pre-igniter. It gave me lots of other free equipment throughout the course of the game, and so many crew members that I had to dismiss it told me I hired 16 crew at the end.
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Re: Luck Overload!

Postby GeneralSnap » Mon Jan 07, 2013 10:21 pm

I found 4 bl2 on fed cruise.
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Re: Luck Overload!

Postby A_N00B » Wed Jan 16, 2013 11:41 pm

Using mantis B, 4 mantis boarders, human pilot, engi on engines, rock on sheilds, slug on weapons, and TWO, FULLY POWERED Burst lasers MK II, and free long ranged scanners, all by sector THREE!!! :lol:

On my first victory (different game) I had 3 Mk II burst lasers and a fire bomb (Kestral) :D
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Re: Luck Overload!

Postby Agg Shell » Sun Feb 17, 2013 1:28 pm

n burst 2's, heavy laser 2, ion bomb, 4 shields or a defence / beam drone up, gold mantis/rockman boarding party. Auto re-loader, weapon pre-igniter, drone recovery arm. Within the time i killed ships you couldn't walk around a corner.
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Re: Luck Overload!

Postby theomorphical » Tue Apr 02, 2013 3:57 pm

one time, I was playing mantis type B, normal normal, but by sector 5 I had a full cargo and weapons bay full of burst laser mark 3s and 2s, the RNG was making me go insane, I was literally drowning in the money, and, not only that, I also got 2 scrap arms(forgot what they are named :( ) and a zoltan shield, which I had to sell my mantis pheromones for :cry:.
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Re: Luck Overload!

Postby Metzelmax » Tue Apr 09, 2013 9:18 am

Rock A, Stardate WhatEver, Sector 1 Jump 10:


If it wasnt the Rock A I would have ruled the Universe. But sadly I died since I ran out of Missiles :(
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