One final chance: An FTL-RP

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Re: One final chance: An FTL-RP

Postby elijahdb » Tue Oct 04, 2022 3:06 am

Hi, it's Targon.

Six years ago, I was a naïve teenager who wanted to reskin some FTL hulls (which are in CE!) and help write a story. I had no idea myself and my fellow RPers would make such an impact in the FTL RP world.

I look at One Final Chance in pure awe. Over three years ago it was at 185k views. It has since quadrupled into 791k views, being the second most viewed FTL Roleplay on the forum. Thank you to all the contributors, big and small, for helping create this crazy, nonsensical, and plot hole-riddled masterpiece - from a deranged AI to a mutant Engi; from a Lanius with a jetpack to Tabitha's spicy cooking. This is a core memory of my childhood that will always stay with me, and I'm blessed to be able to come back to it and relive the world we created together. I hope we will cross paths in our internet wanderings.

Thank you, dyno101. Thank you, Quintet.

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