Just one...more...sector

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Just one...more...sector

Postby Bishi » Tue Apr 09, 2019 6:32 pm

I have played a lot of FTL, I'm 6 hours shy of 800 hours, I beaten every ship on normal and am about half way through beating hard with all of them, last night I beat Crystal A (I had had poor luck before)

I had a lady friend over and we were winding down to sleep around 1:30, she told me she likes to cuddle while watching guys play videogames, so I decide to boot up one of my favorite games, hit random and get crystal a. I go over the basic ideas of the game with her so that she'll have some interest watching it. Overall she doesn't seem super into it but she likes that I am into it and she likes my commentary. I tell her I'll only do one or two sectors, joking that I probably will die before then.

First sector I get two free flak 1s, I nearly choke on the second one, she doesn't understand how good this is. I upgrade my shield to be safe, get 1 flak and a crystal weapon online. Sector 2 I am 12 scrap shy of being able to buy a BL2, I silently cry and she slowly starts to fall asleep. I tell myself I should join her, cuddle and just pass out, but my mission isn't complete yet.

Early cloaking by sector 3, another flak 1 in the 4th sector, I get another chance to buy a BL2 in sector 5 and can actually mount it. I'm getting free weapons and items thrown at me by everyone, taking no surrenders, getting lucky on every bad encounter. My crew is maxed by the end of sector 5, I'm turning people away though I understand why they would want a seat on this ship. Sector 6, it's too late, I can't stop. At this point I'm still whispering words of encouragement to my crew and taunting my enemies in some sort of ASMR FTL commentary, she giggles in her sleep as my enemies turn to debris. 3 flak 1 1 bl2 set up is unstoppable. A single slug cruiser with shield 4 and some nasty missiles gives me some reason to worry but we persevere. Sector 7 I pick up hacking because why not, max our my reactor and just start getting safety points in all my systems.

I cruise to the finish line, knowing that despite how powerful my ship is, space can be cruel and even a moment of not giving it the attention it deserves can mean death. No damage taken from Phase 1. Phase 2 I get a little unlucky with boarding drones and hacking, we take some damage. Phase 3 begins and it's a slugfest. I could jump back to base with the enemy crew aboard to clean them up but I decide I want to end it here and now, we both have 6 health, I fire a volley of just two flak, every single one lands and the rebel flagship explodes.

I sat through the entire credits in a happy silence, it's now 4am and she's long past the point of sleep. I give thanks to my crew for staying with me on our adventure and never wavering. The feeling of making it all the way through the end in one sitting is one of the reasons why FTL is one of my all time favorite games.

What ships have you had that "One...more...sector" feeling on where you just can't put the keyboard down?

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