More insta-death questions... RNG or bad building?

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More insta-death questions... RNG or bad building?

Postby Dembezuma » Mon Aug 12, 2019 1:28 pm

Here's a jump which came out seeming like 100% RNG insta-death.

IIRC, I'm only towards the end of Sector I. Haven't done much yet apart from acquire a Halberd Beam (from shop) and an extra Mantis crew (from an event), plus an extra power bar (from an event). Run looks sort of mediocre.

I appear at this location, and it says this guy is likely to jump away, start powering up weapons, he cloaks. While I'm waiting to shoot, he takes out my one shield bar and damages my weapons room, which catches on fire. My guy is dying from the fire, so I send him to medbay and vent. The enemy ship proceeds to fire round after round and occasionally cloaks. Figure I better jump out, but my FTL is charging too slowly, and then he hits the bridge. And the engines. And the shieds. And the O2. And the medbay. gg.

I initially was pissed off and felt this was a completely unreasonable outcome, but what I'm wondering is - should I have spend my money on a second shield bubble instead of the Halberd (given I can't power all the weapons anyway)? I think I might be making shitty builds by worrying too much about later game damage before actually staying alive?

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