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Re: Run Fails

Postby rauth » Wed Jul 04, 2012 4:32 pm

I had a powerful ship with a great crew. But after a very intense fight near a sun every crew member was injured, many systems were damaged including the engines so I couldn't jump. Because of some solar flares fires were spreading. The med bay wasn't accessible (fires) and the O2 System was down. So I started venting the parts of ship, trying to repair the engines, shields and the O2 System. Finally all fires went out, I wanted to close all doors, but hit the open all doors button. In this moment another solar flare hit my ship. The door subsystem was on fire... and I clicked accidently the open doors button a second time... No one of my crew made it to the door control room in time...
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Re: Run Fails

Postby beigeman » Sun Jul 08, 2012 7:19 pm

I had the Big Boss at the end get away with it's final jump with only 1 health point remaining, and lost the game.

I've also never made it more than 4 jumps (jumps, not sectors) with the Stealth ship. It seems incredibly prone to catching on fire, possibly due to lacking shields? Either way - for some reason pretty much every enemy that's shot at me in all my playthroughs has had over 30% of the ship on fire in less than a minute.
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Re: Run Fails

Postby Observato » Tue Oct 23, 2012 4:10 am

After winning the game twice on Easy (I know, wuss), I wanted to do two things: 1) Beat it on Normal, and 2) Do a no-boarding run. As obviously I'm no FTL master, I did this on the Fed Cruiser. After quite a while of running below 25% hull, I got to Sector 8 with 3 shields, a 1-below-max engine, level 2 Artillery Beam, level 2 Drone Control with Def. Drone 1, and for weapons 2x Burst Laser 2, 1x Hull Laser 1, and 1x Halberd Beam. By the time I jumped to the Flagship I also had full hull. So for all intents and purposes I felt ready. Phase 1 went swimmingly, beating it while only taking 2 hull damage.

Stage 2: (Bear in mind the following happened in no more than 20 seconds)
a) Drone's up, no boarders, we'll be fine. Just focus shields/engines/triple missiles.
b) Uh oh, stray missiles hit the drone control and doors.
c) Crap, boarding drone in drone control!
d) Owowow power surge! Incoming triple missiles!
e) All systems in the red! We're losing her! *Warning: Power Surge Detected*
f) -hysterical laughter-

On the plus side, I did learn 2 things this run:
1) Even if your only drone is the Def. Drone, have more than 2 power slots in drone control.
2) Slug Scouts have their oxy completely isolated w/out doors. That's death by asphyxiation waiting to happen. Get boarding-amounts of scrap without actually boarding! Win-win for a run like this!

EDIT: I'm trying a second run in the Red-Tail, and I killed some random Mantis ship in the 2nd sector.

Yeah that's right, get your stupid Mantis off my ship!
"You manage to salvage one of their weapons! -Glaive Beam-" Well, that's nice, but I don't like high cooldown weapons. But it IS the Glaive Beam, maybe I could try this one out for once.
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Re: Run Fails

Postby StarWarsOZ » Wed Oct 24, 2012 7:09 am

The worst run I have ever had was when I was playing as the type A stealth ship.

Named my ship, named my crew and jumped to the first beacon.
Zolton ship, in an asteroid field, with a beam and an anti ship drone. :|

It took 5 seconds for me to get killed after i had cloaked. GOD DAMM IT!
Yeah, that pretty much sucked. :(
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