How do you beat the Rebel Flagship?

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Re: How do you beat the Rebel Flagship?

Postby Kenshkrix » Sat Oct 13, 2012 3:12 am

The fastest I have ever killed the boss recently, I was in the Vortex.
Weapons were Pegasus, Burst Mk2, Burst Mk2
Drones were Antiship 1, Antiship 1, Antiship 2
Augmentations were 2 automated reloaders and a scrap recovery arm
One can only imagine how evil Burst Mk2 would be with 3 automated reloaders...
I started off after stealth by releasing the drones and firing the burst Mk2s at his shields a few seconds later, utterly destroying his shield room, then I fired pegasus at his helm, fired the bursts again, and then the drones killed him. The second and third phases were very similar. I took maybe 5-6 hull damage from missiles/boarding drone, but I didn't need a medbay or door controls or a teleporter or oxygen anyways.
Maestro Ugo
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Re: How do you beat the Rebel Flagship?

Postby Maestro Ugo » Sun Oct 14, 2012 1:25 am

zequeins wrote:Thanks for the replies.

So in short, bombs / missiles are an absolute necessity in this fight, due to the shields. I'll try fighting the Rebel Flagship using less powerful ships again later (just beat it on Normal with the Crystal Cruiser type B; a boarding party composed of 3 Crystals and 1 Mantis slices things up real fast)

Most definitely not. A good ion weapon plus some fast lasers can be just as deadly.
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Re: How do you beat the Rebel Flagship?

Postby ApSciMorgs » Sun Oct 14, 2012 1:45 am

I kitted out my Kestrel Type B (called FSV Apollo) with a Soul Shot (does normal and ion damage; from Weaponanza mod), a Bust Laser Mk II, keeping the other two Basic Lasers, and maxed out my cloaking system. I also had the fortune of getting Stealth Weapons and Automatic Re-Loader. Only took two points of hull damage, and took out the Rebel Flagship in about a minute or two.

Sure, I used mods, and I was on Easy, but still, I think that was pretty good.
May the great and holy Random Number God shower upon you gifts of Weapon Pre-Igniters and Burst Laser MkIIs.

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