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Re: Suggested New Achievements

Postby ApSciMorgs » Sat Oct 06, 2012 1:25 am

"Sounds like a Suicide Mission"
Teleport one crew member onto a ship full of Mantises.

"I am a leaf on the wind"
Have your pilot get killed by a missile to the cockpit.

"Use the Force, Luke..."
Use a Slug crew member to discern the location of enemy personnel in a nebula.

"Did You Just Flip Off Cthulu?"
Destroy every [SPOILER REDACTED] ship you encounter in the Secret [REDACTED] Sector.
May the great and holy Random Number God shower upon you gifts of Weapon Pre-Igniters and Burst Laser MkIIs.
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Re: Suggested New Achievements

Postby Starbug » Sat Oct 06, 2012 12:44 pm

Sandow wrote:"Has the doorknob always been this hot?"
-In a nebula or other situation where you do not have sensors available, think your ship is fine and dandy until a crew member opens the door and finds the whole ship is on fire.

Upvote for this one, you might want to change it to something a bit more achievable, like 'In a nebula, have 3 rooms on fire at once to which you have no vision'

actionhero112 wrote:"Throwing yourself at the ground and missing"
-Miss your own ship with a bomb fired at yourself.

Lol, never even tried that :lol:

Activate the backup systems on the Rebel Flagship.

"We have these. They're called Anti-Replicator Guns"
Have a ship crewed by nothing but Engis.

"I enjoy the sight of humans on their knees"
Get destroyed by an AI God-Ship (one of those AI ships with 5 shields and best weapons).

+1 for these :D, For the 3rd one probably just change it to Encounter an AI ship with 5 shields, since thats rare enough as it is, and that way its not a 'failure' achievement.
And as the other guy said 'For we are Legion' for the Engi achievement

Torchwood202 wrote:The Impossible Mission
Have 7 Cystallic crew members on the same one run.

Slug repair rip-off
Suffocate a crew member with a hull breach in the slug ship.

Never back down!
Complete and win 5 full runs without fleeing a fight.

You'll never win
Fail to beat the final boss 10 times.

Hey...I know you...
Recruit Slocknog, Notch, and Ariadne in one go.

Buy 15 unknown weapons from the slugs.

Liking these ones ;)

Torchwood202 wrote:
Full on collision
Evade 200 shots throughout the game.

Isn't that the opposite of colliding? Don't you mean something like 'Full power to the Engines!'

Kieve wrote:
"I'm sorry, HAL..."
-Destroy an auto-drone or auto-scout's pilot controls with a boarding crew.

"Come with me if you want to live!"
-Fend off a boarding party using only Anti-Personnel drones.

"Rise of the Machines"
-Have three boarding drones on an enemy ship at one time.

Liking these ones :), not sure 3 boarding drones is possible though, if I remember correctly (not sure if I do!) you can have a max of 8 power bars in the drone control?

ApSciMorgs wrote:"He's dead, Jim"
Have a crew member die in the med-bay.

"Transporter room, 4 to beam up"
Teleport 4 people at once.

"Anywhere but here!"
Jump out of a fight when heavily damaged.

Love the 'he's dead Jim' :lol: , even if it is a failure more than an achievement :P

An alternative for "Anywhere but here!": Jump away from any hazard - straight into another hazard

Here's some I thought up:

Maximum Warp
Clear a sector in the least amount of jumps possible

Slower Than Light
Reach the exit with every beacon in the sector under rebel control

Mostly held together with duct tape and string
Make 50 repairs in one game (might be too easy to get not sure)

"I like to keep this handy... for close encounters"
Defeat 4 mantis crew with your own crew, in one fight. (Either on your ship or theirs)

Bug hunt
Kill 100 Mantis crew total

Have a full compliment of crew, with just one human on board

"Brace for Impact!"
Survive an asteroid field (jump away) after your shields have been completely destroyed (or you had none equipped!)

"Frakking Toasters!"
Get hit with 3 boarding drones in the same fight
(can be one after the other)

"I'm not a Cylon!"
Kill an enemy crew member while they are fighting your crew in an oxygen-less room
(similar to the rock one with fire)

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Get helped by a friendly ship after activating the distress beacon

Fix a broken O2 room which has no oxygen in it.

Not the kind of defence I had in mind...
Have one of your defence drones accidentally block a missile with itself

Improbability Drive
Shoot down an enemy missile with one of your shots
(somehow the game would have to distinguish between your shots and the shots of the defence drone)

Infinite Improbability Drive
Somehow manage to shoot down a total of 10 enemy projectiles with your own shots
(again, not Defense drone MkII, and Asteroids don't count)
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Re: Suggested New Achievements

Postby Torchwood202 » Sun Oct 07, 2012 12:34 am

Definitely Accidental
Accidentally hit 20 drones instead of the enemy ship throughout the game

Amelia Airheart, Even in the future...
Have the enemy or yourself launch a boarding drone...JUST after the drone control is destroyed

My, their slow today...
Visit every beacon in a sector before its overrun by the rebels

Jump to 100 beacons

Eh, I've got eight minutes
Complete two Homeworld quests that would have unlocked new ships in one go

Why yes, their new
Have equipped and fully powered two Glaize beams

Complete (Successful or not) 50 events throughout the game

Rockman on!
Fire 70 missiles throughout the game

Engi on!
Fire 70 beams throughout the game

Zoltan on!
Fire 70 bombs throughout the game

Human on!
Fire 70 laser beams throughout the game

Mantis on!
Teleport 70 crew members throughout the game

Crystal on!
Fire 70 shield-piercing shots throughout the game

Slug on!
Disintegrate 70 crew members with the Anti-Bio Beam throughout the game

Grease Palmer
Accept 50 bribes throughout the game

Toll bridge
Pay the toll 10 times to avoid a fight

FTL fan
Play for a total of 1 hour

FTL addict
Play for a total of 24 hours

FTL insane
Play for a total of a week

Too much free time...
Play for a total of a month

Play for a total of a year

Unlock every achievement

Have the mouse over a item that shows a description for 1 full minute

Discord (Insert My Little Pony reference here)
Have 1 of every crew member on your ship at one time

The Developers...your dissing them...
Install a mod

Post 1 comment on the FTL forums

Post 100 comments on the FTL forum

I'm quite surprised at how I can just think of achievements on the dot :ugeek:
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Re: Suggested New Achievements

Postby Kieve » Sun Oct 07, 2012 12:58 am

Torchwood202 wrote:My, they're slow today...
Visit every beacon in a sector before its overrun by the rebels

Why yes, they're new
Have equipped and fully powered two Glaize beams

The're dissing them...
Install a mod

They are = They're
You are = You're
:| Why is this so hard?
/grammar police

Some interesting suggestions, though I think "at least one of every race" has been suggested a few times already.
Also, Glaize beam? Like, Glazed Donuts? om nom nom... :D
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Re: Suggested New Achievements

Postby Kenshkrix » Sun Oct 07, 2012 1:14 am

Starbug wrote:
"Rise of the Machines"
-Have three boarding drones on an enemy ship at one time.

Liking these ones :), not sure 3 boarding drones is possible though, if I remember correctly (not sure if I do!) you can have a max of 8 power bars in the drone control?

You can't power all 3 of them at once, but you can fire 3 of them into the enemy ship one after the other.
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Re: Suggested New Achievements

Postby Lokik » Sun Oct 07, 2012 4:55 am

Zaffre wrote:Not The Bees!: Have a crew member die by getting swarmed by four Mantis boarders.

The name for that one cracked me up. :D

Lots of great suggestions here, many of them could actually make for good achievements.

Oh, and first post. Hello everyone.
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Re: Suggested New Achievements

Postby TheAzryte » Tue Oct 09, 2012 6:21 am

'Repensum est canicula'

Destroy the enemy ship with your last crewman on board, who deals the killing blow.
Have your ship destroyed by boarders after destroying their own ship.
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Re: Suggested New Achievements

Postby undergroundmonorail » Tue Oct 09, 2012 4:58 pm

Out of the frying pan...
Jump away from a ship that set yours on fire.

...into the fire
Jump too close to a sun while already on fire.

Evenly Matched
Fight a ship for one minute without either taking hull damage.

Kobayashi Maru
Lose to a ship you dealt no damage to.

We can rebuild him
Heal a crewmember from 5 or less health back to full. (Possibly only engies?)

The needs of the many
Have a crewmember destroy an enemy system, dealing the last point of hull damage needed to destroy a ship.

Wait... Why are we helping them?
Have a crew composed only of enemy races (races who's controlled sectors are red on the map).

Have a running ship with the original crew dead.

Pre-Mortem One Liner
Pause your game for at least two seconds shortly before dealing the killing blow to a ship. (Yes, we know what you're doing.)

I can't hear the alarm over the other one!
Have two warnings on screen at once (e.g. Fire, low O2, critical shields...)

I never could get the hang of Tuesdays.
Lose a human crew member with your system clock set to a Tuesday. (Yeah, this one's kind of silly.)
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Re: Suggested New Achievements

Postby Zaffre » Tue Oct 09, 2012 5:38 pm

Merry Christmas: Get destroyed by a power surge from the Rebel Flagship in December.

Boarderproof: Have level three doors and a level three med-bay on the Zoltan cruiser.

My Eyes!: Have four Mantis boarders attack your last crew member simultaneously.

ftlgame.exe Has Stopped Working: Have a boarding drone cause a hull breach in the helm. (Guess now you know why they type so furiously in the helm.)

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: Destroy every phase of the Rebel Flagship without taking any hull damage.

Uh, Did Charlie Always Man The Shields?: Have a new crew member man a system after the previous officer dies from a fire or hull breach.

Oh Hello There: Encounter the Rebel Flagship for the first time.

Gloomy Weather:Jump into an ion storm, asteroid field, and the proximity of a star in a single sector.

Hide and Seek: Get to the exit beacon of a sector before the rebel fleet takes over a beacon in said sector.

Mission Improbable: Get to the final sector without dropping below 75% hull.

It's Fun!: Die for the first time. Because we all know what losing is!

Perfectionist: Upgrade every system and subsystem to maximum level.

Washoom-Weooooooooooow: Jump one thousand times over all playthroughs. (That's my imitation of an FTL jump.)

Rasputin: Have a single crew member being burned, shot, asphyxiated, and bludgeoned at the same time, then have that crew member escape and heal to full health in the med-bay.

I Wonder If Kirk Can Fit In The Artemis...: Have only missile weapons but have no missiles remaining.
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Re: Suggested New Achievements

Postby Torchwood202 » Fri Oct 12, 2012 2:17 am

Find the Game-crashing event

Soul Link
Have 2 crew members die at the same time

Unexpected Stalemate
Pause the game JUST before the rebel flagship causes a finishing blow

Flee from 20 fights

I came to finish you...
Go back to a fight you fled from 20 times

Please come again!
Visit and purchase something at the same store 5 times

It all went better then expected
Destroy a enemy ship without firing a single shot, teleporting, or using drones

What's more important, a toolkit or a fire extinguisher?
Have a breach and a fire in one room at the same time

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