Your dumbest FTL moments

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Re: Your dumbest FTL moments

Postby Zaffre » Fri Sep 28, 2012 2:27 am

Had some boarders on the final stage of the Rebel Flagship, they teleported away. Me, thinking that they were still on board, didn't send my captain back to the helm, and I had no evasion without a captain at the helm.

That was NOT fun.
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Re: Your dumbest FTL moments

Postby ApSciMorgs » Fri Sep 28, 2012 5:16 am

I teleported my crew over to an enemy ship after it said that they were powering FTL engines. With the express purpose of disabling the FTL engines. No points for guessing what happened next.


The enemy ship jumped away.
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Re: Your dumbest FTL moments

Postby thomsedavi » Fri Sep 28, 2012 7:28 am

I think most of my experiences are the same as everyone else's. Sending a boarding party over and then blowing up the ship. Forgetting to turn the oxygen on, forgetting to close doors, that sort of thing. I also tend to equip my ship for the purpose of taking out an alien crew, then having drones destroy me.

My greatest fail though was when a fire caught in the room that controls the doors. I vented the oxygen into space, but! the fire had already damaged the doors. With no way to control the doors, I couldn't get oxygen back in there again.

Meanwhile my crew had been having the wonderful sort of epic battle that you have in this game where everything seems to be going wrong but you somehow pull through anyway. Defeat the bad guy, put out all the fires... and then realise that none of my crew have enough health left to go into the oxygenless room to fix the doors. They are stranded with dangerously low health in one small part of the ship that still has oxygen in it (fortunately the oxygen is still working). Couldn't get to the engines to repair them either, so couldn't go anywhere in the hope of getting a new crew member with full health to fix the oxygen for me.

Thankfully that's the only time I've been in that situation where I've not in any actual danger, but the ship has just been just too broken to fix.
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Re: Your dumbest FTL moments

Postby Mister Sammy » Mon Oct 01, 2012 9:14 am

I think it was Mantis A I was running, and I had a shiny Heal Bomb. I jump into an Ion Storm, and an auto-scout's like "bitch please" and moves in to attack. Okay, no problem, I'll just send my Mantis over to disable the shields and use my heal bomb to keep them from asphyxiating, then switch to weapons and fry it! Of course the first mistake is relying on that strategy instead of a level 2 teleporter that doesn't miss. But it wasn't missing that screwed me over, of course. So my heal bomb is all set to target my brave lumberjacks sawing away at the shields, when my heal bomb doesn't go off - the spiteful little auto-scout decided to fire its heavy ion at my weapons systems. OOPS.
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Re: Your dumbest FTL moments

Postby embair » Mon Oct 01, 2012 10:15 am

slugfest wrote:3) I'm cursing myself out just thinking about this -- I do this ALL the time -- I spend scrap before seeing if my new location shows me any new stores. And even if I'm at a store, I may have just revealed another. I'm always spending scrap on stuff I'd rather have spent at that store right in front of me.

I so feel your pain! In my case it occasionaly even goes like this:
1. I see a store nearby
2. Hm' i dont have that much scrap, let's be smart about this, let me circle around the neighbouring nodes and farm some scrap before i get to that store...
3. Two jumps later while still circleing around the store i mindlessly dump all scrap into upgrading shields.
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Re: Your dumbest FTL moments

Postby TheAzryte » Mon Oct 01, 2012 9:01 pm

Tried to save a mantis, ended up almost losing my Nisos for 'im, so I thought he needed punishment, put him in the middle airlock and let him die, I hope his corpse flys into a star which goes supernova and becomes a blackhole which will later implode, removing all traces of whatshisface from our galaxy :D .
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Re: Your dumbest FTL moments

Postby tacticurn » Tue Oct 02, 2012 8:06 am

Saving my two mantis boarders from near death by teleporting them back. My defense I drone was dead, and the teleporter room was damaged.

So, the smart guy would have dragged his wounded boarding crew into the medic bay.. But what did I do? Left them to repair, ignored the defense drone because what are the odds of a missile doing any big damage? Two slivers of hull left on the rebel scum, I'll have them down in no time. No need to waste any of those drone parts (I was at sector 7 with 15 parts, probably enough to fight a boss)

Well, a lot can happen when the enemy fires off a missle and it hits your damaged teleport room with two 2-5 hp mantisses in it. My entire green/gold attack crew wasted and I could have avoided it if I did ANYTHING else, like dragging them to the med bay, so even with a hit they'd maybe survive or just let my seasoned engi guy take care of the damage - or just firing up a bloody defense drone!

So, when I faced off the boss I lacked my seasoned invasion force. Didn't manage to win, and who knows if it was because of that? I felt very annoyed and silly.
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Re: Your dumbest FTL moments

Postby Addicted » Tue Oct 02, 2012 10:54 am

Using Zoltan A, second sector. Jump before this I had picked up a heal bomb weapon:

Jumped in Nebula and got boarded by 4. Used strategy of moving them into corner rooms far from medbay. They managed to get into my oxygen and damage before dying as well as damaging 2 zoltans to mid health. Tried to run my wounded through to med room to heal before fixing O2. Both died. Forgot about unused heal bomb, loaded and ready, which could have given both enough to get through...
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Re: Your dumbest FTL moments

Postby jeffreyac » Wed Oct 03, 2012 7:38 pm

Here's one I haven't seen yet that I keep doing...

...My first few runs with the stealth ship. Got great stealth, learning to use it well - however, I tend to jump to a new sector pretty quickly after resolving combat.

...Many, many times I've jumped into combat with a strong enemy, only to find my cloak is STILL ON FULL COOLDOWN FROM LAST SECTOR because I forgot to wait for the cooldown to expire before I left!!!

Here's a tip - a cloaked ship that can't cloak is tough to work with!
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Re: Your dumbest FTL moments

Postby Buana » Wed Oct 03, 2012 11:36 pm

So I had a nice run, got seasoned boarders and lots of bombs, plenty of upgrades and decided to take on the Boss with an Ion Bomb, Small Bomb, Breach Bomb, and some weak laser to deal the final blow after my boarders disabled the shields. It all went great, killed the crew, took almost no damage the first two phases. And then I totally forgot about the Zoltan Shield in the tird phase :o ! You know, the one preventing bombing and boarding! So I sat there, hacking away at the Zoltan Shield 2 points a shot (naturally I took the smallest laser to save energy), and died after the third power surge, shields annihilated by those pesky missiles!

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