Your dumbest FTL moments

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Your dumbest FTL moments

Postby HelloLion » Thu Sep 20, 2012 2:49 am

We all do it. You're caught in the heat of battle, your heart is racing, your fingers are flying, you're pausing and unpausing so fast you're afraid your spacebar is gonna fall off, and then in that critical moment realize that you just did something incredibly stupid. This is the thread to share your shameful moments.

Here's a couple of my worst to get us started:

1. Let all four of my weapons systems sit idle for ~20 seconds during the flagship fight because I was too busy paying attention to a boarding action to notice they'd all turned green a while ago.

2. Let my engi repairman suffocate because even though I'd turned oxygen back on I hadn't closed up all the doors yet.

3. Launched my most powerful missile at a nearly destroyed ship's engines while my heroic boarding crew was on board for NO GOOD REASON AT ALL.

What are some of your silly, stupid or otherwise embarrassing FTL moments?
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Re: Your dumbest FTL moments

Postby Raxxman » Thu Sep 20, 2012 3:31 am

jumped out with 4 crew members still on the enemy ship.

Yup, many many many naughty words were uttered
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Re: Your dumbest FTL moments

Postby Vind » Thu Sep 20, 2012 3:34 am

Forgetting to turn off set on autofire small bomb and wiping my 2 mantis in enemy med bay :] Btw anyone seen 5 shield strenght drone ships?! Just meet one and was in shock. 5 shields - not even final ship have 5.
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Re: Your dumbest FTL moments

Postby Harlequin78 » Thu Sep 20, 2012 4:28 am

1: forgot to run oxygen on after trying to repel boarders with most doors open... Things started beeping... Oxygen got hit... Crew died... As in all of it dead...

2: fired a heavy laser at a ship with 2 hp an no shields and at the same time teleported 2 master hand to hand mantis in the said ship, happily blowing the lot up...

3: teleported boarders in ship with 2 hp and lots of fires... Rock men are immune right! Yes from fires not ships exploding due to them...

4: thought I could jump to the sector exit.... Well turned out that the Node I jumped to didn't connect / was too far....had to backtrack 4 nodes fighting rebels with no loot (ever noticed how they have ships that are 1-2 sectors more advanced than yours? Yep that hurt)

5: bought a stealth subsystem before boss fight... 1rst time sing it ever... Forgot I had it... Died horribly

6: Used stealth3 with ion blast 3 set an auto fire ( yep that made me drop stealth after 4sec cool down when the ion fired)....for 3 battles! Before I stared slapping myself in the face.

7: picked up th madman....( this guy is not Tom hanks) I hate you, you crazy crazy fooooool
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Re: Your dumbest FTL moments

Postby embair » Thu Sep 20, 2012 7:50 am

I shall always remember my expert engi repairmen, who sealed a breach in a room only to die 10 seconds later, since I didn't bother to power up O2 system OR open the door OR move him from that single depresurized room. Of course the low health alert fired, but i thought it refered to a mantis in my boarding party...

- Realizing I didn't actually power up my defense drone, after a FOURTH missile hits the hull.
- Not exactly a moment, but it took 8 sectors with the Nesario before I noticed that firing weapons actually does break stealth...
- Confusing the two teleporter buttons, and teleporting two more crew members in instead of getting the first dying team out of the enemy ship (which was about to be destroyed).
- Attempting to equalize O2 levels by opening all doors, without first closing a few open airlocks. The levels sure did equalize pretty fast...
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Re: Your dumbest FTL moments

Postby TrashMan » Thu Sep 20, 2012 8:11 am

Loosing my elite HtH combatants after teleporting them to the enemy ship....with only one heavily woulded enemy left.
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Re: Your dumbest FTL moments

Postby Honelith » Thu Sep 20, 2012 8:20 am

In My Osprey, I had Artillery Beam level 4, boarded a Rebel ship with 2 Mantis attacking the crew, the Rebel ship had low hull HP due to me keeping the medbay and weapons in the red, forgot to disable the Artillery Beam, the beam shot across and tore the ship up, destroyed it along with 90 scrap of wasted resources! My poor Mantis, please forgive me...
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Re: Your dumbest FTL moments

Postby Trylobyte » Thu Sep 20, 2012 9:58 am

I'm still fairly new to the game but I've still had a few moments that make me go 'Derp.'

1) It took six battles (and a run-in with a drone boat) for me to realize the Nesasio didn't actually have shields.

2) Forgetting to close airlock doors after opening them to put fires out.

3) Airlocking a fire in my O2 room, then forgetting it was still broken.

4) I still quite commonly lose crew members during enemy boarding actions by trying to send them to a full med-bay.

5) Not killing every Zoltan police officer/customs frigate/other government representative I see. They always find something wrong and start me off fighting a bomber with a four-man boarding team already on my ship.
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Re: Your dumbest FTL moments

Postby dcrjp1984 » Thu Sep 20, 2012 10:52 am

Getting all the way to the final sector with just 2 heavy lasers and 2 laser II's only to realize I can't penetrate the bosses shields and had passed up my final opportunity to swap out my 3 scrap recovery arms for a teleporter when I had 4 highly trained mantis crew members and 8 crew (d'oh)
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Re: Your dumbest FTL moments

Postby Starbug » Thu Sep 20, 2012 11:35 am

This happened just yesterday, during the first phase of the flagship fight...

In the rock cruiser, I had a full compliment of crew, and 2 boarding parties were on the enemy ship, disabling the missiles and Ion cannon. The flagship got one last volly of missiles off, and damaged the teleporter, causing a breach (but it still had some power).
"Fish!" I said (his name was Kevin Fish) "Fix that breach, stat!" (I didn't want my boarders to come back to an oxygenless room, so I got the inexperienced weapons officer, who was close by, to fix the breach and the teleporter)

A few moments later, I notice the first boarding party in the missile room were successful, so I clicked the button to teleport them back. I heard the teleport noise, but my party weren't moving...
I looked quickly at my teleport room, just in time to see Fish getting teleported away while still fixing the teleport.
"OH SHIT!" I thought "Fish! Where is he? are there 3 people in the missile room??" (some box banding later, I confirm there are only 2 people there). I checked his lifesigns, still alive, but taking damage! Where is he?? In Space??

I spot him... he's in the enemy bridge, fighting the pilot! Another enemy was closing in to help, he couldn't win (he was only human) "Shit, teleport him back!!"
Not fully fixed (having teleported the repair person away...) it took some time for the teleport to recover... I watched his health and the teleport with intensity... this was gonna be close, but it looked like the teleport would be ready just in time...

Then the flagship cloaked...
I couldn't get a lock on when the ship is cloaked...
I watched his health go down... He was dead. "Goddammit!"
When the flagship uncloaked I teleported the rest of my team back (using the correct button this time...)
"So, er... who wants to be promoted to the new weapons officer?... Franklin? I didn't know we had a Franklin on board... Congratulations!"

So yeah, thats my story... turns if you teleport more than 2 people into a 2 people room, they overflow into adjacent rooms. But since that room was isolated from the rest of the ship, he kinda ended up wherever...

(Incidentally, I went on the win the rest of the flagship battle and complete the game, for only the 2nd time, with just 2 Hull left! Talk about an intense fight...)
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