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Postby Numberzer0 » Tue Sep 18, 2012 8:14 am

This is a complete list of all the suggestion made or close to. I have done this to make one easy place for people to see what suggestion have been made. Also so the devs can see one list and not have sort though the whole forum which can take hours. I hope everyone here will post any new suggestion in this topic so we can keep it all in one place. I will be updating my this post regular to keep it up to date with all the latest suggestions.

    Game modes
    1. Endless mode: Just keep jumping form sector to sector.
    2. Different Missions like playing as the rebels
    3. Multiplayer Versus
    4. Multiplayer co-op
    5. Hard Mode
    6. Challenge Missions: Missions designed to make a player complete an objective in a specific way
    7. New Game Plus: Carry over some of your winning ship stats to a new game.
    8. Mode where pausing the game is disabled.
    9. The ability to start the game as a merchant ship. A ship with a large cargo hold and low firepower, traveling from system to system trading goods and making a profit.
    10. The ability to start the game as a pirate or smuggler, hiding in asteroid belts and dark nebula, in wait for some poor ship to fall into your trap.
    11. The ability to start the game as a scientific exploration vessel, get grants from factions to explore uncharted planets and nebula in search of other lifeforms and new found resources.
    12. The ability to start the game as a lone adventurer, starting off with a basic ship and doing whatever work comes your way. Then Fending off weaker and stronger ships alike as you struggle to survive and upgrade your own to become the bigger fish in the galactic sea.
    13. The ability to start the game as a military ship in a fleet, fighting along side your space bound brothers and advancing through military ranks as you defeat the enemy, Or be defeated yourself and die alongside your crew.
    14. A combat simulator would, in essence be a menu to selected hostile encounter with the ship of your choice, against the ship of your choice
    15. There should be a supply counter. One is consumed every jump. That counts for food water.

    Non-game play

    1. Online leaderboards
    2. Mobile version (IOS, Andriod)
    3. Cut scenes in someway.
    4. Remember the Ship name as a game option.
    5. Remember the Crew names as a game option.
    6. A "random" button for character & ship names.
    7. Resolution options
    8. Able to turn of the blinking warnings.
    9. Add a PAUSE button up by the JUMP and SHIP buttons.
    10. Give us more detailed information about each playthrough instead of only showing the top scores and highlights. (To click on the ship on your high score and it show all it info as well as the current one tells you what ship got what record.)
    11. Game Lore - detailed breakdown of the races and their technology. items have detailed descriptions and names
    12. A Replay mode of some kind to send a great stories to friends and enemies lol.
    13. Jump Screen When you mouse over any system on the map, the game should draw connecting lines showing which other systems connect to this one.

    1. The ability to choice where to place newly bought system.
    2. Cosmetic customization (New sprites for each race, ship paint, naming crew and, laser fire.)
    3. Multiple weapon stations (Like the boss.)
    4. Installing automated defenses that protect your ship from boarding. (turrets toxins ect)
    5. The ability to just air out the room with out opening the air lock.
    6. Opening air locks pull people out into space.
    7. Manned fighters/hanger
    8. multiples of the enemy ships in combat
    9. multiples of the ships under your control.
    10. Split sub-light engines and FTL engines as two different systems. Sublight begin dodge the other begin your run away.
    11. Overload your modules to get a bonus to their effectiveness at the cost of accumulating heat damage. If left unchecked this heat damage can burn out the module and even damage nearby modules. This could be implemented similar to the sabotage damage from boarders:
    Upon clicking an overload button next the module's icon, it increases its effectiveness by some module-specific amount. Weapons and shields would recharge faster, engines and cockpit grant extra dodge/faster FTL charge, medbay heals more, O2 pump has greater output, etc.
    The module accumulates heat damage which shows up as a red bar over its power bars on the HUD, the same as sabotage. After a bar is filled that bar is marked damaged/offlined and maybe there is a chance that it starts a fire. Overloading can be toggled off at any time but the heat damage remains until it is repaired. Another possibility is to have it not be repairable, heat damage has to dissipate over time.
    12. Overload system - assign more energy bars so system than its upgraded for. 20% chance to damage system per minute/bar
    13. Upgrade to blast doors should not disappear when door control is damaged. Instead they randomly let enemies through like they would be crew. Or not open at all.
    14. Sensors - should give higher hit chance (and could be manned), upgraded could show where is enemy aiming their weapons.
    15. O2 - should be manned, allowing distribution of air, and releasing toxic gas in room with intruders
    16. If you have upgraded sensors, show enemy flt charge
    17. STORAGE ROOM - Place where fuel, rockets, drone parts and scrap is stored. Can be hit, if you want to destroy enemy storage of rockets make his weapon useless (but then you get less loot), can be pillaged by boarding party if you want some loot and jump away without destroying ship. Same they can do to you.
    18. REACTOR ROOM and RESERVE POWER - Make reactor work like any other system. If it gets damaged you lose available power, destroyed reactor = no power. Ability to buy and upgrade reserve power, that will charge from unused energy and can be used to temporally power systems if reactor is damaged or even have higher reactor output than possible. Something like 2 bars of reserve power, and 1 unspent reactor power. Reserve power will slowly charge from it, and then you can power 3 bar system.
    19. Increase oxygen generation speed when the ship is in no danger. If you happen to vent the entire ship you can just wait a couple minutes for the oxygen levels to rise again.
    20. As an Augment: An automated sprinkler system that puts out fires at 1/2 (?) crew rate in afflicted systems.
    21. Drone control - should be manned. When manned drones should have higher efficiency, and you can (but dont have to) directly control them.
    22. All rooms have the ability to manned to increase it effectiveness.
    23. Right now, to power weapons up and down you have to click on each equipped weapon to set their power, I think it would be easier to just be able to click on the main weapons icon and they would power up and down based on their priority. And if you need to do some specific weapon tweaks you can still individually power them up and down


    1. Auto-fire weapons in volley's so all your weapons fire together.
    2. Hacking; hack the enemy ship and gain control of 1 system for a limited period of time (e.g. control doors and force all their crew to go into the med bay; disable weapons for say 5 seconds out of every 45). Get hacked in return as well (only possible to hack/be-hacked if module is installed, otherwise they don't accept outside communications). If yours is turned off before it is breached then you can't be hacked. Like ion blasting and boarding except it allows you to safely attack their ship over a longer period of time for lesser returns.
    3. Surprise attacks on ships (probably only if you're cloaked) .
    4. Bombs targeting your own ship have no miss chance at all
    5. Cloaking should not work against asteroids
    6. The ability to surrender by offering goods.
    7. a communications module; if it's broken then you can't actually receive any surrenders from your opponent (or accept a surrender offer; sectors 4 or less on certain encounters).
    8. Ship stealing. If you take out the enemy crew you should be given the choice to take it over. If you have a teleport
    9. There should be partial miss - you hit ship but wrong room.
    10. Beam weapons are quite useless unless they have high dmg. Maybe possibility to pinpoint them instead swing, being able to pierce through 1 shield without dmg reduction (without destroying it)
    11. HARDENED SHIELD - Ability to switch shield between normal and hardened in combat. Hardened shield is 2 normal, missiles don't penetrate them and prevent teleporting enemies and weapons onboard. For every other weapon it act like normal shield
    12. Allow us to send hull repair drones to fix the enemy ship. Why would you want to do this? Well for instance you could fix up a burning ship to allow your crew to board it without fear of it exploding at any moment because of fire damage.
    13. When a missile based weapon is out of ammunition the box will stay greyed out on the weapons bar. This can be very confusing in the middle of a fight, so superimpose a big red NO AMMUNITION text over that box.
    14. Hot keys for teleporting would be nice too!
    15. What if having your doors disabled means that any door opened by a crew member, stays open until they're repaired? With that enemy begin able to open air lock.
    16. Way to counter teleporting in to ship.
    17. The ability to agree to surrender and still attack them.
    18. More augmentation and weapons.
    19. Boarding drone should have an option to self destruct
    20. When you end combat with an attack drone inside your ship, the drone should be salvaged for parts instead of forcing your crew to destroy it.
    21. The way you defeat a ship effecting how much you gain or do not gain.
    22. Ability to "ditch" a Boarder Drone/Sys-Repair Drone/Anti-Personnel Drone, so you can send a new one/free up the space
    23. Scrap pickups if enemy ship dies after bargain is struck

    1. New races.
    2. Add info to the stat's.(The effect each level gives to the skill. Also how far away by numbers to next level.)
    3. Change the order of crew mates on the side.
    4. Assign initial positions from the hangar
    5. If you drag one crewmember's icon beside another one, it links the two of them together. Now clicking on this button will select both of them. You can link together 4 crew this way.
    6. Add "duty stations" to a game. A duty station is a room on the ship a crewman is assigned to. The interface would have a button on it called "man stations", and when you press it all crew would return to a specific room on the ship. To assign crew you simply drag and drop their icon out of the list and onto any room of the ship
    7. Add a "heal crew" button to the interface. When pressed wounded crewmen move to the medbay, and once healed will return to wherever they came from. If the medbay is full they will wait outside.
    8. Add the ability to assign "officer" status to crew. There are 4 positions, Helmsman, Weapons Officer, Shield Control and Chief Engineer. This has a couple effects:
    - There would be a "man stations" button that controls officers only.
    - When an officer enters the room he is assigned to, he will automatically replace anyone who is already manning the console in that room. This prevents you from having to yank the crewman off that station by telling them to move to another room.
    9. When multiple crew are in a room that can be manned. Have the crew with the HIGHEST skill rating automatically take the controls.
    10. Larger crew
    11. Crew Gear - Items/Buffs
    12. weapons/crew skill training i was thinking it might be interesting if crew in the same room got a reduced amount of experience *helping out*
    13. Ability to retrieve lost crew members via quests. ie. When a ship FTL jumps with your crew on board a quest indicator is shown with a number of 'jumps till lost.' (2-3) To save them you must either teleport them back to your ship or eliminate the enemy crew.
    14. Non-Biological entities on board the ship; AIs so to speak. Add a mechanical bay to deal with healing them, and give them different weaknesses as opposed to other races again
    15. What if we could add a little bit more necessity to the medbay by making it so that your crew members can get injuries that give them status effects that last through several jumps, and that go away quicker with a better medbay. For instance if a character takes enough damage from the vacuum of space maybe there should be a depressurization lung that makes them take more damage from lack of oxygen until it's healed. Or things like broken arms that make them less effective in combat, or concussions that lower all their stats.
    16. Crew member having possible class like marine
    17. Crew, next to their name/icon put a symbol showing their highest 'manning' skill.
    18. Crew you can hire in later sector having starting skills.
    19. Hotkey for crew maybe the f keys
    20. Tab cycles through crew list: I think this would be good for re-positioning crew at their stations on shields, weapons, etc.

    Combat (crew)

    1. Non-lethal upgrades for crew v. crew fighting (A brig system to go with this.)
    2. High training for skills affects sabotage. Rather than wailing on the instruments if someone had the training they would shut down the systems via terminals. This should be faster to complete and take longer to repair
    3. The ability to hide while on the enemy ship.
    ie. Cloaks
    4. Longer skill paths or even skill trees for crew members
    5. include weapons for combat onboard ships (rock paper scissors; kinetic beats armour, laser beats shield gear) and adding an armory to house all of this (which can be taken over)
    6. When a boarding action is successful immediately recall all crewmembers off the enemy ship instead of forcing the player to manually teleport them back.

    Shops and items
    1. Throw away items. Not sell them just trash them
    2. Selling our missiles, fuel and, droid parts.
    3. Possible random artifact finds that can be sold at store (effect events...)
    4. Random chance that head-hunter offers recruiting fee to take a crew member
    5. Extra augmentation and weapons added to the cargo hold

    1. Separate hotkeys for event choice selection and weapon controls. I like to manually fire my weapons, so sometimes I'll be quickly targeting away and a choice to, say, "take a slave or show no mercy" pops up I accidentally choose without getting the chance to read the options.
    2. It would be nice if I could just hit space to get through dialogues that just have a "continue" option. I know I can hit "1" but I think those numbers should be reserved for the weapons only, so things don't get mixed up.
    3. Give the quests a longer feel. travel and multiple stops. with a small chance for something bad to happen.
    4. More quests

    1. More sector variety ideas for this (viewtopic.php?f=4&t=599)
    2. More environments(Suggestion viewtopic.php?f=4&t=2335)

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Postby rawls » Tue Sep 18, 2012 8:35 am

This is a great list! What now needs to be done is to link them to corresponding posts at getsatisfaction. There are many similar ideas where the developers allready said that they consider doing it or that they are not planning to add it to the game. And maybe one should submit missing ideas to getsatisfaction because it is easier for the developers to keep track of them there.
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Postby cockerel » Tue Sep 18, 2012 1:17 pm

Here are a few suggestions I have:

Have found crew members start with skills (randomised), gives them more personality and a bit more variation when you get a crew member. (Crew from shops can be skill-less)

Elite enemy ships should have blast doors too! Makes boarding more difficult and tactical. Also give the AI the ability to open airlocks. It would also be cool to be able to take over the enemy's door control with a special augmentation or drone.

Some kind of choice tracking - it's pretty lame that there is no consequence for always destroying enemy ships even when they surrender. At least implement some quests that can only be triggered from surrendered ships or something? At the moment the choice to spare a ship is always redundant (except the odd occasion when the surrendering ship offers you an item)

Fast forward and slow down controls. Sometimes I get into really long fights where I'm just waiting for the lucky shot that disables the shields and sometimes this can take a very long time of just waiting.

Lastly I really like the graphics of the ships and I like the animations too, but a lot of the backgrounds look like they were taken from low resolution pictures found on google images or something. Especially the effect in the nebula is very pixelated. Please consider replacing the backrounds!
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Postby Kieve » Tue Sep 18, 2012 3:06 pm

I've been quietly following the mod-development threads and something I'd really like to see is the ability to add new ships / customize them (that doesn't involve overwriting existing vessels). I remember reading that ship-building was an intended feature or included, but that there ended up being "optimal" builds that devalued the exploration bit - something to that effect. Perhaps in ship-build mode, a set amount of scrap with which to purchase weapons, systems, augments, and crew. Whatever you have left over is your starting scrap amount for exploring? For such a mode, fixed amounts of fuel, missiles, and drones would be advisable - it'd be pretty sad if you kitted out a fantastic ship and forgot to fuel it up! :lol:
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Postby Tail » Tue Sep 18, 2012 4:53 pm

I think I'd mostly just like the game to head towards a much larger scope - to the extent that it's an unreasonable suggestion of a free update.

But something that feels closer to something like Star Trek. Letting me start with a ship of my own design (but probably on pre-set hulls) and take it on a journey to explore some vast, randomised, star map divided into race-controlled areas and the unknown beyond. Jumping through mysterious wormholes, encountering not just other ships but giant space worms, to boldly go...
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Postby Kestral B » Tue Sep 18, 2012 5:39 pm

The dev team is small, so they will need to prioritize those changes that:
a.) make the game much better AND
b.) are very easy to implement

IMO priority number one should be a veteran crew roster for crew members who survive a mission.
1.) Let a player swap in crew from the veteran roster to replace starting crew on a new ship.
2.) Surviving Crews of ships that win go to the veteran roster.
3.) That's all! No need to change anything else about the game, just save the veterans stats and skills in a list and add the needed GUI to swap them into new ships.

This is the easiest way I can think of to add longevity to characters beyond a single mission - something that would be super awesome.

Ideally ships would have an escape pod that could rescue one crew member from a doomed expedition, but this would be new content. People will also want more progression for longer lived characters, promotions and such, but that also can wait.

Just please give us a simple crew roster ASAP!
We love you, devs, and really appreciate your hard work in creating this great game!

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