Oxygen and improved blast doors

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Oxygen and improved blast doors

Postby burpcycle » Fri Jan 10, 2014 11:42 pm

Why would you ever take these upgrades?
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Re: Oxygen and improved blast doors

Postby agigabyte » Sat Jan 11, 2014 12:20 am

burpcycle wrote:Why would you ever take these upgrades?

1. No

2. only l2
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Re: Oxygen and improved blast doors

Postby Ghaleon » Sat Jan 11, 2014 12:37 am

My first post, yay.


Rank 3 doors is IMO not a very useful upgrade... However there are times to get it. Examples are if you are late in the game and something really bad happens to your crew, or game is mean to you and you never even GOT additional crew, making ship boarding attacks hard to counter, its worth considering the doors. Late game only. For example one game i was the voltron ship and i never got any crew other than more voltron, an engi, and while i DID have a couple mantid, i screwed up and accidently killed the ship they were boarding (fire broke loose and smoked the last couple hull points on their ship, i only wanted to disable their med bay qq.

So i had flagship coming, and no good combat crew, in addition to being 2 crew down, plus i wanted to send some over regaedless to disable that missle launcher. But during phase 2 that boarding drone would cause so many problems. So i got door 3 and just ignored it completely until i could destroy their drone control bay... With doors 2 that drone could have caused some serious issues and i may have even died from the damages.

As for oxygen, having more than one rank makes it so it can take a hit and not break. Plus you can have a hill breach and ignore repairing it for indefinite lengths of time without having oxygen loss. Not a crucial upgrade but oxygen 2 is def worth the cost later on if you arent struggling to get your absolute needs. You can also turn off your life support completely for one extra energy and after a battle settles down more (took out their weapons or whatever) you can then use extra unneeded energy in the oxygen to get it back quick (it takes wayyyy too long to do this without the upgrade)
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Re: Oxygen and improved blast doors

Postby The Captain » Sat Jan 11, 2014 1:35 am

O2: In a nebula you may have an enemy hack your O2, shutting L1 off. L2 enables you to still have L1 running. There's another encounter which gives you the option of system to have limited. L2 O2 means you can still have L1.

Also, if you have one breach in your ship and L2 O2, you can open all the internal doors, and repairers won't suffocate. L3 means you don't even have to open doors.

That said, I typically buy L2 O2 after winning the first round with the boss, because it helps with the breach caused by the boarding drone. And in vanilla, it may be the only thing left I can upgrade, other than perhaps L2 Piloting.

Door Control: Eventually I get L2, and that's probably it. L3 only near the end of the game if I have the scrap and nothing else I need to upgrade, or if my crew is very weak at repelling boarders - but it's still pretty low priority.
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Re: Oxygen and improved blast doors

Postby aaaaaa50 » Sat Jan 11, 2014 2:09 am

BTW, you have to open the doors of your ship for L2 oxygen to keep a breached room from loosing oxygen. L3 oxygen is kinda useless, but it really fills oxygen up quickly if you happen to have absolutely nothing else to spend scrap on.
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Re: Oxygen and improved blast doors

Postby 5thHorseman » Sat Jan 11, 2014 4:28 am

As a rule, I buy L2 doors when entering a Mantis sector on most ships. I buy L3 usually by the time the game is done but that's because usually I have more scrap than I need. I buy L2 O2 sometimes in nebulas but usually I'll win a fight before my ship would be out of O2. L3 O2 is one of the last things I'll buy, probably only L3 scanners and L3 piloting are the only things I want less.
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Re: Oxygen and improved blast doors

Postby Ghaleon » Sat Jan 11, 2014 6:34 am

Zounds! I love l3 scanners! They let me know exactly how much damage is needed to disable/affect the systems i want to. Know if that med lab is l1 or l3, etc.
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Re: Oxygen and improved blast doors

Postby obliviondoll » Sat Jan 11, 2014 9:17 am

Oxygen: If you have scrap to spare, L2 oxygen is great for controlling breaches and also useful for refilling oxygen in critical areas during boarding actions where you've vented the air from a room you now want your crew to pass through safely. L3 allows you to repair breaches safely while also controlling boarders on your ship.

Blast Doors: The basic ones are a no-brainer - they slow down enemies on board your ship. Using improved blast doors gives you a HUGE advantage in this regard. Because of the complete lack of security offered by the basic door system, upgrading to the standard blast doors feels like a larger change than the improved blast doors, but they provide a MASSIVE increase in time taken for enemies to break through to the next room.

With L2 doors, I'll almost never get non-Zoltan boarders below half health while they try to break through a door, and it usually requires either 3 doors' worth of stalling or my crew have to finish the job. With L3 doors, I've been able to seal 2 boarders in an airless room and kill them before they can break into the next one.

Both: Upgrading a system beyond the "necessary" level adds a layer of defense against enemy attacks. If your L3 doors take a hit from a stray laser or a beam catches them through your shields, you still have L2 doors, allowing for all the security you're likely to need. If you have L3 upgrades on your O2 room, you can delay on repairs for up to 2 points worth of damage to the room without needing to worry.
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Re: Oxygen and improved blast doors

Postby Iranon » Sat Jan 11, 2014 10:07 am

Biggest reason to upgrade them is redundancy - you don't usually need more than lvl 1, but losing them entirely to a stray shot can spell trouble.

Upgraded doors are useful in their own right - with them, taking care of intruders can often wait until an enemy ship is disabled. Usefulness depends somewhat on ship layout, sometimes you can choke out intruders without fighting them. Most importantly, you get the full benefit without drawing additional power.
I'll fully upgrade doors before maxing Drone Control (Defense I and a bit of redundancy is all I need, more may be useful occasionally) and possibly shields (while I usually prefer 3 layers and more dodging, redundancy is important here and and a 4th layer is useful against ion-heavy foes).

Oxygen helps against breaches... imo rarely a big problem unless you misplay against boarding drones (keeping them busy with Engis may be better than destroying them).
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Re: Oxygen and improved blast doors

Postby dubhcaora » Sat Jan 11, 2014 5:14 pm

L2 doors is the first upgrade I get. aside from stopping the spreading of fires they are great against boarding parties... when ever I am boarded I usually try to suffocate the boarders, since they are busy beating on a door while exposed to space it takes a good share of their HP down to the point where they are no match for a single crew member behind said door, that or they die. lvl3 doors makes this even better... LvL3 doors helps tons in the second phaze of the mother ship battle.

L2 O2 is situational but not worthless. if you have a hull breach and crank up to lvl2 and open all your doors you can have enough air circulating to not suffocate your crew during repairs. If I do have any O2 upgrades I will usually keep the power at 1 unless I have spare power, only cranking it when needed.

L2 doors are essential IMHO and lvl3 are nice if you have spare scrap to spend.
O2 I only buy if I have the spare scrap.

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