Your "Fuck you, FTL" Moments

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Re: Your "Fuck you, FTL" Moments

Postby MushrooMars » Mon Apr 28, 2014 2:05 am

>Sector 3
>Just returned to FTL after release of AE
>Everything seems better, I feel less stupid
>Running Kestrel with Attack Drone I, Burst Laser II, Artemis, Pike Beam, 2 Shield Levels, Hacking
>Get to Exit Bacon, fleet still 3 jumps behind
>Jump to beacon behind exit beacon
>3 Shield Levels
>3 Weapons
>Two Beam Drones, an Ion Anti-Drone Defense
>Also fucking hacking
>Hacks my shields, begins throwing walls of lasers at me, first volley hits shields, no shields
>Fire MY first volley after taking substantial damage
>Every shot misses, beams can't pierce shields, most subs are now down or damaged
>Hull is down to 1/4 after a few seconds
>Get up so hard my chair flips over
>Walk out of room
>Take rage-nap
>Come back and have the exact same thing happen to me tomorrow

I think I've figured it out. FTL will teach me how to lose. Not necessarily how to game over, but how to successfully take one for the team, and come back fighting later. I'll just keep thinking that. FTL will teach me how to lose. FTL will teach me how to lose. FTL will teach me how to lose.

Edit: Also that was my highest scoring run with the Kestrel. Literally all my other Win Condition/High Success runs were with the Engi Cruiser A, Zoltan Cruiser or Stealth Cruiser. I have no idea how to direct confrontation.
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Re: Your "Fuck you, FTL" Moments

Postby slattikarma » Wed Apr 30, 2014 8:25 am

I just had a fairly unique FUCK YOU FTL moment. After thinking I've seen every way a good run can suddenly go to shit, I just found out a new rather devious way to die.

I was doing a fairly successful run with Engi B, in that I had good weapons and systems but still hadn't gotten lucky with new crew members, I had only managed to amass a crew of three so far. I ran into a late game battle with a slug ship where it hacks your oxygen at the start of the battle (not using a hacking system but as part of the event text so u can't break the hack unless you win or fly away).

It was a tricky battle as the slug had 4 shields, high engines and mind control. I wasn't quite ready for 4 shields, but I was able to get his shields down to zero and then use a fire drone to start fires in his ship.

The battle took a while and I was getting on top of the enemy, I had knocked all his weapons out and medbay, and there was a massive fire in ship slowly moving through and all his guys were cowering on the other end of the ship with low health. Unfortunately, I got caught up in watching the fire sweep through his ship that I wasn't paying attention to my oxygen. Suddenly all my guys are all beeping health alerts and I rush them all to the medbay. I only have level one medbay so while the guys stay alive inside the medbay their health remains in the red zone. I have zero oxgyen in the ship, and Engi B only has a two person medbay, but I manage to keep my third person alive by micromanaging him to move back and forward through the medbay without exiting. I can't fly out because the helm has zero oxygen and sending a guy there will kill him. However, the situation seems still survivable as the enemy ship is about to go down in flames, and then I will get my oxygen restored. So I keep micromanaging the third guy and keep everyone alive and wait for the fire to take out the enemy's last remaining bar of hull.

Only suddenly the enemy ship's mindcontrol cycles up (one of the guys has repaired it and it is the only system NOT on fire) and it freaken MINDCONTROLS one of my guys in the medbay (the human pilot who was closest to the medbay and got inside it with a bit more health than the others). He turns around and quickly kills both my other engi crewmembers in one hit each. Then, because he is now considered an enemy crew, the medbay no longer heals him or keeps him alive... so he proceeds to suffocate a few seconds later. Three dead in a couple seconds due to possible the worst moment to get mind-controlled.

Game over because of zero crew. Unbelievable. What a moment to find out the medbay won't heal mind-controlled crew.
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Re: Your "Fuck you, FTL" Moments

Postby tempthomas » Wed Apr 30, 2014 9:37 am

rock cruiser. ran out of missiles by third sector. maybe it was sexond.. found breach missile launcher. no guns. i also was running out of fuel. finally found a store ans bought a usless ion weapon.
i had fully upgraded engines pretty fast at least. it was normal edition so i didnt get hacked

final sector i died against boss in first fight after purposefully running to the repair stations JUST for missiles.

if ramming was added, rock ship with full engines be a real tactic. i think this run was only 40 minutes. funny part was im on easy and honestly thought my breach - hull missiles weapons would be enuf to take down the first phase.
i lose because i didnt upgrade shields. oh and finally talked to the envoy quest correctly. my only lessons out of this
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Re: Your "Fuck you, FTL" Moments

Postby netpitss » Wed Apr 30, 2014 7:23 pm

My lasers go miss miss miss miss
My ship goes boom boom boom
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Re: Your "Fuck you, FTL" Moments

Postby Neodaemo » Wed Apr 30, 2014 9:27 pm

My worst run was in the Kestrel A, I had just started out in AE and wanted to try some things out. I do pretty good in the first sector, and got enough scrap to buy mind control (sounded fun). Second sector I have choice between Mantis controlled and Rock controlled. I decided to go with Rock because I always fail when I get boarded. About halfway through I meet some rock ship with two shields. Not sure why such an early ship has two shields, glitch maybe but whatever. I take my mind control and set off with the guy manning the shields. It doesn't last long enough for it to get destroyed, but the Artemis was charged so I shot at their shields, bringing it down a level. The burst laser was ready, so I fired that at the weapons. They went: Miss, Miss, Hit. So no actual damage to the ship. Their weapons had finally charged, and they were armed with a heavy Ion and a halberd beam. They went off, and their rock guy repaired the shields. The Ion had taken out my shields then the halberd took out my weapons. I had a guy fix it, and after they were finally charged again I fired them off at the SAME TIME another Rock volley was ready. My hull had already been down some, and this last blast took me down to about 3. My volley took them down to ONE but my weapons had gone down again. I fixed it and waited for the weapons to charge, and the rock jumped away. I hop to the next beacon, hoping for peace and a store nearby, instead I get an auto-scout with two anti-ship drones that finally killed me.
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Re: Your "Fuck you, FTL" Moments

Postby Mister Sammy » Thu May 01, 2014 8:48 am

I jumped into a pulsar with a Rebel Rigger in sector 2. Heavy laser, Beam 2, playing Rock B. I fired my heavy pierce at his weapon room. MISS!

Okay, maybe I'd better set fire to his drones.


I manage to hold together long enough for another shot at his weapons.


Weapon room gets ion'd twice in a row. Meanwhile, I have a beam drone tearing me apart.

Fire bomb to the helm does nothing, they just put it out. I FINALLY get a shot off on his weapon system. Too late. BOOM. DEAD.
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Re: Your "Fuck you, FTL" Moments

Postby Madhax » Thu May 01, 2014 4:55 pm

I just logged on for the first time in months after hearing about the massive update. Gave it a shot, had a bunch of fun with the new content.

Then, running Mantis B, I managed to lose THREE upgraded mantis boarders in a single encounter. I had no idea Zoltans exploded now. It sucked =(

Still managed to win with that ship, though. I got the new chain gun and hired a few rockmen at the next shop to take over boarding duties.
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Re: Your "Fuck you, FTL" Moments

Postby Jai » Thu May 01, 2014 10:26 pm

I'd say what I hate more than anything is with the new content, on Hard, in the first sector, on one of the first jumps, hitting a ship with Burst II, Missiles, and a Drone. Some starter ships are capable of fighting that, barely, others are just dead before they can fire a shot or hope to escape.
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Re: Your "Fuck you, FTL" Moments

Postby M59Gar » Fri May 02, 2014 5:00 am

Mantis B. Hard, Advanced Edition. Having a great run killing things with my boarders. Then I see a shop in Sector 2 has Flak II. Given that this board has touted how OP it is, I sell my boarding drone to get it. Figure I don't even need a boarding drone with my sick crew.

Mantis B needs 2 weapon system upgrades to get to 3, to power Flak II. This requires 65 scrap. I acquire 64 scrap.

64 scrap.

Then I proceed to run into 9 AI ships in a row, none of which I can do anything about. I've no weapons. No boarding drone. Just crew that won't survive a level 1 transporter refresh time in an oxygenless environment.

Die after a sector and a half of AI ships in a row, 1 scrap short.

Fuck you, FTL!
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Re: Your "Fuck you, FTL" Moments

Postby 5thHorseman » Fri May 02, 2014 5:21 am

Osprey, first sector, first enemy has an ion in an asteroid field. Not too bad, but kinda annoying. I take 1 damage.

Second fight, enemy has an ion in an asteroid field AND a Zoltan shield. Okay, it's gonna be like that, eh? I manage to only take 2 more damage for a total of 3.

3rd fight, ion and a beam weapon and HE HACKED MY SHIELDS. At this point, the only surprise is that I'm not in another asteroid field.

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