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Achievement suggestion box

Postby josephrawns » Mon Oct 07, 2019 6:11 am

I thought of a few suggestions for achievements that would be fun to go for, feel free to add your own as well:

Smokey the bear: put out 10 total burning forest tiles by repairing on them

Skin of our teeth: Get a complete victory on a mission with all mechs at exactly 1 health

[Island name] Pride: Win the game with a squad consisting of only pilots from [Island name] (from the pilots origin story, not the island where you got them)

Pile on: Have all three mechs deal damage to a single target in a single turn prabhadevi apartment mumbai

Welcoming committee: Have a total of 50 Vek emerge onto tiles that are already on fire or covered in A.C.I.D.

Comeback: let the Grid health go down to 1 bar, then restore it to full (a la a similar achievement in FTL)

Wait for it... : Kill 3 enemies in one turn during the enemy action stage (fire damage, environmental, friendly fire, etc)

Senioritis: On the final round of the last level, end your turn with out moving any mechs or taking any actions (needs a bunch of luck, but really satisfying to know that you didn't just win, but won *comfortably*) 1 bhk flat in undri

I may try to think of an additional set of squad-specific achievements in the same vein as the 3 they start with, but that's a more ambitious project. Of course I don't expect Subset to actually use these, but I think its a fun way to think of interesting things to try for. Cheers!

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