Teleporters, Boarding, and you.

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Teleporters, Boarding, and you.

Postby kientructayho » Wed May 15, 2019 7:29 am


I have a few features I'd like to suggest for teleporters:

1. Teleporting enemy crewmembers to your ship.
-Would get them away from repairing systems on the enemy's ship, and allows you to isolate and defeat enemy
crewmembers without having to deal with the whole ship at once // them healing.
-They would have a chance of joining you if they're still alive and on your ship after their ship is destroyed.

2. Taking over enemy ships if your ship explodes and all their crewmembers are dead.
-As it is now, the game ends if your ship explodes at any time. This makes no sense. If you have any
crewmembers on the enemy ship while yours is gone, you should be able to try and take over their vessel.
-Also, add the option of taking the enemy ship and leaving yours behind if you kill all their crew. This could change
several things in-game, such as relations with the different factions. Engies might not like it if you're flying
around in a mantis vessel, etc.

3. Teleporter malfunctions.
-The teleporter would have a small chance of sending a crewmember to the wrong place, and possibly outside of
the ship.

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