[Help] Modifying the game for an AI

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[Help] Modifying the game for an AI

Postby Ethan Lennon » Thu Jan 19, 2023 3:48 pm

I'm working on a project for university, with the aim of creating emergent behavior in Into the Breach. To do so I'll need to mod the game in a few specific ways. The first, is that there needs to be a way to communicate in game information (ex. unit position) to an external program. I'd also need to be able to create custom maps to give the AI controlled scenarios to learn from, which would also involve limiting the number of units controlled by the player and the types of enemy units that appear.

I understand that most of the games code is stored in Lua script files, and allows for a lot of freedom in what the game can be made to do. However, I'm not an experienced modder, and wanted to make sure that the goals above were possible/feasible before committing to this project.

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