[Weapons] Mini Mechs

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[Weapons] Mini Mechs

Postby KnightMiner » Tue May 05, 2020 5:19 am

This mod adds in 12 new deploys and the weapons to spawn them to the game. These weapons will be available in runs both as perfect island rewards, in time pods, and as shop items.



This mod adds in four classes of deploys:

  • Bots: High damage units with unique weapons based on prime mechs.
  • Tanks: High range units with ranged weapons based on brute mechs.
  • Artillery: Slow units with artillery shots.
  • Copters: Flying units with leap attacks.


This mod adds four bot deploys. All bots have a move speed of 3 with 1 health. Their attacks are varied, however each has a +1 move upgrade.

  • Knight Bot
    • Armored bot with a short range, melee attack.
    • Upgrade: Increases damage of attack and allows charging.
  • Laser Bot
    • Fires a laser that pierces through targets. The laser does more damage at close range and decreases damage with each tile.
    • Upgrade: Increase starting damage by 1.
  • Judo Bot
    • Armored bot that tosses the target behind the bot.
    • Upgrade: Increase maximum toss range by 1.
  • Leap Bot
    • Mech with a short range leap that pushes targets around the landing.
    • Upgrade: Increases range of the leap attack by 2.


They have +2 health as their first upgrade. By default, vanilla has four tanks: small tank, shield tank, pull tank, and A.C.I.D. tank. This mod adds in two new tanks. All tanks have 1 health and can move up to 3 spaces.

  • Mirror Tank
    • Fires a damaging projectile in both directions.
    • Upgrade: Projectile pushes targets.
  • Shrapnel Tank
    • Fires a non-damaging projectile that pushes tiles around the target.
    • Upgrade: Increases the movements of the shrapnel tank by 1.


Artillery have 1 health and 2 move, and fire a projectile that can go over obstacles. The first upgrade for them adds armor.

  • Unstable Artillery
    • Fires a projectile that pushes the target, pushing the artillery backwards in the process.
    • Upgrade: Fires two consecutive projectiles.
  • Freeze Artillery
    • Fires a mine at an empty space which will freeze any unit moving into that space.
    • Upgrade: Freezes behind the artillery when firing a mine.
  • Rock Artillery
    • Fires a rock at a tile, dealing damage or leaving the rock.
    • Upgrade: Fired rock will be on fire, igniting targets.


Copters have 1 health and 3 move and are able to fly. They all attack by leaping over the target tile. Copters can be upgraded to increase the range of the weapon.

  • Smoke Copter
    • Drops smoke on the target, canceling attacks.
    • Upgrade: Copter becomes immune to smoke.
  • Napalm Copter
    • Drops fire on the target, dealing 1 damage and igniting the target.
    • Upgrade: Copter becomes immune to fire.
  • Repair Copter
    • Repairs the target, removing status effects and increasing health by 1.
    • Upgrade: Copter starts with a shield.


1. Install kartoFlane's modloader
2. Unpack the archive to your mods directory (<steam>\steamapps\common\Into the Breach\mods).

  • Lemonymous: Made sprites for the knight bot, leap bot, and judo bot.

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