[Squad] Magnetic Golems v0.08

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[Squad] Magnetic Golems v0.08

Postby tosx » Fri Feb 07, 2020 4:06 am

These Mechs create magnetic fields to attack the Vek and reposition themselves.


Magnet Mech
Magnetite Fist: Magnetize and pull a target, then damage the tile adjacent to Mech. Can pull distant Magnetized units. (Pulls at range 2, then 2 damage. Magnetized units are pulled as close to Mech as possible, passing through obstacles)
- 2 cores: Distant Magnetized units damage anything they pass through.
- 3 cores: Increases damage by 2.

Catapult Mech
Magnetic Sling: Magnetize a unit, then fling all Magnetized units to damage and push. (Magnetizes adjacent; flung units deal 1 damage to the tile they hit)
- 1 cores: This attack will no longer damage Grid Buildings.
- 3 cores: Increases damage by 1.

Flux Mech
Flux Artillery: Magnetize a target and push adjacent tiles. Damages enemies that are already Magnetized. (2 damage)
- 1 core: Increases damage to Magnetized units by 2.
- 2 cores: Increases damage to Magnetized units by 2.

Note: Magnetized units do not have any inherent effects. Targeting a weapon that interacts with them will display which units are Magnetized.

Code: Select all

- Fixed a secret reward text string that broke with 1.2 patch.

- Updated the weapon preview library; old version could occasionally show incorrect previews.

- Fixed upgrade names for patch 1.2 compatibility.

- Update to latest modApiExt to improve compatibility with other mods.

- Minor code cleanup. Maybe it will help with the occasional Magnetic Sling preview bugs? I haven't been able to replicate any of them in this version.

- Magnetized mechs no longer stay Magnetized between phases of the final mission.

- Magnetite Fist now obeys its preview, and won't kill units then pull other units into that space.
- Magnetic Sling should now preview ALMOST entirely correctly when throwing multiple units in a line. Still need to fix an edge case with Building damage.
- Flux Artillery can now properly Magnetize mechs.

- This version hasn't been tested much yet for balance; feedback appreciated.
- There's also an older "v1" version of the weapons that is more situational (treats Mechs as always Magnetized).

Download - requires mod loader to function.
Mod Loader - originally made by Cyberboy2000 and continued by kartoFlane.
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Re: [Squad] Magnetic Golems v0.01

Postby sara2 » Fri Feb 07, 2020 10:31 am

Just did a 4 island hard run with these and had a blast. Lots of moments where I thought I was going to lose a lot of things only to come up with some way to save everything once I really thought about it. I had the hardest spider boss fight I've ever had in this game while still losing no buildings, it was one of the funnest moments I've had in this game (hundreds of hours). Fantastic work, I have no complaints and ran into no bugs.
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Re: [Squad] Magnetic Golems v0.03

Postby narD » Mon Feb 10, 2020 10:23 am

(Default Weapons Only, 30K)

1) Can we repairing "Magnetize status" ? (Mech)

1) Prime Weapon's First Upgrade preview image need update.
( * Magnetic Fist )

2) About Ranged's Upgrade.
Why not set the cost of a first upgrade of a range weapon at 2?
For fairness with the second upgrade.

2-1) About another Ranged Upgrade.
- Like flame behimoth's Ranged Mech. Make "Magnetizes" status to your behind target?

>A general review

The mechanism itself was very unique and fun, as are all the wonderful squads you've produced.

So first of all, in terms of the operations of the Squad, the key is how to use the Magnetic Slings.

This weapon should be used in conjunction with other "Magnetized" weapons.
If used well, it also looks like you can generate more power than "Wind torrent."

And especially if you make good use of it, you can drop them in the water.
I wasn't familiar with the ability(Magnetizes adjacent; flung units deal 1 damage to the tile they hit)
But, I thought I could "Magnetized" my other Mechs and use them.

The only thing that's missing is the upgrade of the range.

if the first upgrade makes the ability to give additional "Magnetized" to other objects behind or around the Ranged Mech, I think maybe it will make more fun..?
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Re: [Squad] Magnetic Golems v0.03

Postby tosx » Tue Feb 11, 2020 4:45 pm

Really appreciated the video! Regarding the comments:
1) Magnetite Fist upgrade: There's no good way to preview this without pre-magnetizing something in the preview, and I was more worried about that confusing players. I figure it's a pretty easy ability to understand, or to figure out in the test scenario.
2) Flux Artillery: upgrade could probably cost 2, and may eventually change, but given how situational the damage can be, I wanted it to be attractive.
3) Flux Artillery effect: I considered giving it a "magnetize behind" upgrade, but I decided against it for balance concerns. I wanted players to have to choose between magnetizing or damaging, and limit the number of units you could magnetize each turn (since the sling can negate most of them).

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