[Language] OwO whats this? Pilot Text

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[Language] OwO whats this? Pilot Text

Postby meme » Sat Nov 03, 2018 2:06 am

OwO pilot text v1: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-_mp7V ... sp=sharing
"Extwatewwestwiaw time twavewew is speaking a wanguage of unknyown constwuction."
special thanks and credit to https://honk.moe/tools/owo.html, for existing.

If you feel like your game is missing something, this might be the mod for you.
This mod alters everything that the pilots say, for 100% legitimate ironic reasons.

This mod is untested, but it shouldn't be able to crash anyway.
Should be compatible with all mods.
Not actually a language.
Legibility not guaranteed.

how to install mod:
download OwO mod folder
locate your 'Into.the.Breach.v1.0.XX' folder. it should contain the Into The Breach game exe application, and a folder named 'scripts'.
inside the 'scripts' folder, locate the 'personalities' folder. it should have a csv(excel) file called 'pilots'.
move or copy all the contents of the OwO mod folder into the 'personalities' folder; this should overwrite the existing pilots file with OwO.

how to uninstall mod:
locate the 'personalities' folder. u should see a folder called 'original_unmodded_pilots_file_backup'.
it contains a backup file which u can move/copy back up to the 'personalities' folder, which should overwrite the OwO with the original, pure, unviolated text. i dunno why u'd ever want to do that tho.
meme#3157 on the ITB discord. creator of More Starting Mechs and remaker of Lamb's Restored Weapons Mod 2.0 (both are pretty bad, and are awaiting updates.) i've also made [Language] OwO whats this? Pilot Text, currently my greatest creation.
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Re: [Language] OwO whats this? Pilot Text

Postby isla » Sun Nov 04, 2018 12:35 am


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