[Weapons] Hi-Tech Weapons v1.0.7 (NOT updated for ITB 1.2)

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[Weapons] Hi-Tech Weapons v1.0.7 (NOT updated for ITB 1.2)

Postby Lemonymous » Mon Oct 01, 2018 12:39 pm

This mod has not been updated for ITB 1.2. For bug free experience, use with ITB 1.1 - otherwise use at your own risk.

I want to update it eventually, but I cannot promise anything.

Hi-Tech Weapons
Adds 6 new weapons to the store, with higher than normal rarity, power and core requirements.

Image Image Image
Image Image Image

Hi-Tech Weapons 1.0.7 - requires mod loader version 2.3.0 or higher.
Mod Loader - (Originally by CyberBoy2000. Continued by kartoFlane)
Also thanks to kartoFlane for his code library modApiExt.

1. Make sure Into the Breach is up to date.
2. Find your Into the Breach directory. If you are playing ITB under Steam, this directory can be found via Steam Library -> Right Click Into the Breach -> Properties -> Local Files -> Browse Local Files.

3. Scroll down to Readme.md here, and follow the instructions there to install the mod loader.
4. Download this mod and place the 'Hi-Tech Weapons' folder into the 'mods' folder inside your ITB directory.

5. Run game - you're now good to go!

Mod Options
Click Mod Content -> Configure Mods -> Hi-Tech Weapons

Here you can toggle which weapons you want to appear in the store.


Code: Select all

1.0.7 - fixed a possible compatibility issue with other mods using the C utils dll.
1.0.6 - updated all my mods with correct modApiExt versioning. If you encounter bugs, update all your mods.
1.0.5 - modApiExt compatibility with other mods not using it's latest commits
1.0.4 - changed preview of multishot weapons to indicate total damage on pawns, as well as better preview of push damage. (still imperfect due to game limitations)
1.0.3 - corrected preview damage on frozen buildings/mountains (unable to detect shield).
1.0.2 - changed projectile arrows to be in line with default weapons.
1.0.1 - fixed Autocannon tipimage.

Adding weapons via console commands:

Code: Select all

weapon lmn_Guided_Missile
weapon lmn_Tri_Striker
weapon lmn_Autocannon
weapon lmn_Gauss_Cannon
weapon lmn_Multi_Laser
weapon lmn_Psionic_Transmitter
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Re: [Weapons] Hi-Tech Weapons v1.0.6

Postby ijocks » Sun May 26, 2019 10:39 pm

Hello, enjoying the mod so far, however it seems the Gauss Cannon is bugged, as it shows the error: Something went wrong in Imig_Gauss_Cannon::GetSkillEffect

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