[Squads/Weapons] More Starting Mechs

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[Squads/Weapons] More Starting Mechs

Postby meme » Wed Aug 29, 2018 2:14 am

Current: v1.0.4 - 2018-08-28
https://drive.google.com/open?id=1C08XB ... KscEpznFfv

This mod currently contains 30 more starting mechs, and some alternate versions of existing weapons, as well as a few new weapons.
I am open to ideas:
  • Squads for the mechs
  • Changes for mechs [health, move, color, name, sprite, etc]
  • Changes for weapons
  • More mechs [doesn't matter if a mech already has the same weapon]
  • Anything else you can think of.
Post them here, or send them to meme#3157 on the ITB discord.

Many thanks to arfy, kartoFlane, and Lemonymous; for inspiration, ideas, general mod help, and straight-up writing code for me.

The first custom squad of ten. Balanced individually, not so much as a squad; custom or random squads is recommended. Also a bonus weapon, to fill in blank space in the pic.
Custom Tankarmy squad in play, along with two archive tanks.
One of the new weapons.

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Weapon Modifiers:
C. = Custom - custom starting variants of weapons. changed to be more usable at the start and endgame.

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Weapons not yet on a mech:
Backup Dagger - Melee-targeting, 1 damage, push. Upgrades are +1 damage and applying acid.
Pike Beam - Piercing beam, 1 damage. Upgrades are ally-immune and applying acid.
Halberd Beam - Piercing beam, 2 damage.  Upgrades are ally-immune and +1 damage to first tile.
Glaive Beam - Piercing beam, 3 damage.  Upgrades are ally-immune and applying smoke.
C. Mercury Fist - Mercury Fist with -1 damage, +1 use. The costly upgrades are +1 use and +2 damage.
Prime Pike - 1 damage Prime Spear with 4 range. Upgrades are Friendly-Immune (buildings and allies) and +1 tip damage.

I recommend Custom or Random Squad-ing these with the default mechs.
I tried to balance everything; the weapons should be fine, but the squads, probably not.

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List of Mechs:
Name of Squad
Name in code = Name ingame
Close Combatants
Swordsmech1 = Swordsmech
   C. Titanite Blade (Modded Titanite Blade with 2 ammo and more costly upgrades)
   Roman Shield (Mod weapon with 1 damage + push)
Spearmech1 = Spearmech
   C. Prime Spear (Modded Prime Spear with 1 damage. Acid tip upgrade gives +1 damage and costs +1 core)
Fistmech1 = Fistmech
   Sidewinder Fist

Primetanker = Prime Deployer
   Light Tank
Brutetanker = Brute Deployer
Rangedtanker = Ranged Deployer
   A.C.I.D. Tank
Sciencetanker = Science Deployer (found in 'Various' squad)
   Pull-tank and Ammo Generator (passive)

Cloud Coverers
Support_Smoker = Smoke Mech
   C. Smoke Bombs (+1 core, +1 range. upgrades are unchanged)
Science_Smoker = Smog Mech
   C. Smoke Pellets (+1 core and +1 use. upgrades are unchanged)
   C. Smoke Drop (+1 core and +1 use)
Storm_Smoker = Storm Mech
   Smoke Mortar and Storm Generator

Back and Forth
Rocket_Fister = Recoil Mech
   Rocket Fist
Shock_Cannons = Split Mech
   Shock Cannon
Aegon_Arty = Backshot Mech
   Aegon Mortar

Glass Cannons
Vortex_Fister = Tornado Mech
   Vortex Fist
RainOfDeath = Rain Mech
   Raining Death
Needs_Healing = Repair Mech
   Repair Drop and Repair Field

Fire Lords
Explosive_Venter = Blast Mech
   Explosive Vents
Burning_Ranged = Burning Mech
   Burning Mortar
Fire_Beams = Blaze Mech
   C. Fire Beam (+1 use. upgrades are +1 use and infinite uses.)
   Attraction Pulse

Special Ops
Rail_Cannons = Rail Mech
   Rail Cannon
Ghost_Brute = Ghost Mech
   Phase Cannon
Targeted_Barrages = Missle Mech
   C. Targeted Strike (+1 core, +1 use. Upgrades are +1 damage and unlimited uses)
   C. Missle Barrage (+1 use. Upgrades are +1 damage and +1 use)

The Movers
Push_Beams = Push Mech
   C. Push Beam (unlimited ammo and a shield upgrade) and Force Amp
Wind_Torrents = Wind Mech
   C. Wind Torrent (unlimited ammo)
Shield_Arrays = Shield Mech
   C. Shield Array (+1 use and higher upgrade costs. the upgrades are unchanged)
   C. Shield Projector (infinite use and higher upgrade costs. the +1 use upgrade is replced with Gain Shield, the other is unchanged)

Not_Trebuchet = Rock Mech
   Rock Launcher
Micro_Arty = Barrage Mech
Ice_Genarators = Zero Mech
   C. Ice Genarator (+1 use and higher upgrade costs. the upgrades are unchanged)

Sonic_Freezerburn = Hermes Mech
   Hermes Engines and C. Heat Converter (+1 use. the upgrades are infinite uses and freeze projectile targeting)
Armor_Up = Plate Mech
   C. Shield Projector (like above) and Networked Armor (passive)

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2018-08-24 v1.0.0
2018-08-25 v1.0.1
   cleaned up everything
2018-08-25 - v1.0.2
   removed armor from tornado mech
   removed hive leader property from every new mech
2018-08-26 - v1.0.3
   changed colors for Special Ops/Fire Lords
   added sounds for mechs
   fixed "leftovers" squad title
   changed 'The Movers' to 'Movers'
   added icon for Movers
   fixed Roman Shield
   added Adv. Push Beam and Adv. Wind Torrent
2018-08-28 - v1.0.4
   started adding delayed heal (which i might port to a seperate mod) all the coding was done by arfy. thanks arfy
   replaced 'Advanced' with 'Custom', added many more Custom-tier weapons.
   colored more squads
   added a bunch of ftl-inspired weapons
meme#3157 on the ITB discord. creator of More Starting Mechs and remaker of Lamb's Restored Weapons Mod 2.0 (both are pretty bad, and are awaiting updates.) i've also made [Language] OwO whats this? Pilot Text, currently my greatest creation.

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