[Squad] Mercurials v0.01

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[Squad] Mercurials v0.01

Postby tosx » Sat Nov 19, 2022 7:37 pm

These advanced Mechs are constructed from liquid metal, which they can expend for powerful attacks.


Alloy Mech
Ablative Spines: Damage and push tiles on opposite sides. Mechs are healed instead. (1 damage to self and targets.)
- 1 core: Increases damage to self and targets by 1.
- 3 cores: Increases damage to targets by 1.

Needle Mech
Needle Launcher: Launches a liquid metal projectile that deals damage. Mechs are healed instead. (1 self damage. 3 damage and push.)
- 1 core: Increases damage to self and target by 1.
- 3 cores: Increases damage by 1.

Split Mech
Mimetic Skin: Shed a Husk and push tiles adjacent to it. Husk can merge with Mechs to heal them and push adjacent tiles. (1 self damage. Deploys a 1hp/3 move Husk unit on an adjacent tile.)
- 2 cores: Sheds the Husk as an artillery projectile.
- 2 cores: Increases the Husk's max health to 2. Husk transfers all health to Mechs when merging.

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