How to play Blitzkrieg?

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How to play Blitzkrieg?

Postby nipunamey39 » Tue Dec 15, 2020 3:50 pm

I have beaten the game 3 times on different squads but with Blitzkrieg I'm going nowhere fast.

Problems on first island: -All mechs only deal 2 damage max so 3 hp bugs require two attacks to kill

-One of the mechs deals no damage and is situational in its usefulness of the grappling hook thing.

-If I spawn too much forward, I often get attacked and too often I get some of my mechs stuck in web. Then if I try to kill bugs with chain lasso I also hurt my own units. Also I end up blocking my own units movement with the bug+stuck unit.

-If I spawn too much backward, my attacks cant reach enemies reliably enough.

-Too often I am fucked on the first turn right after spawning and seeing where the enemies moved and what they intend to attack. Then I try to push the reset turn button only to realize I haven't actually made any moves or attacks yet after spawning. And I cant reset spawn points. :D Insert appropriate gif.


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