Kazza' just joined and I'm so happy.

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Kazza' just joined and I'm so happy.

Postby johnjohnas » Mon Aug 12, 2019 5:04 am

The pirate mantis who's allegiance you can win was one of my favourite dudes in FTL, so now having her piloting one of my mech's is amazing.

I'm really imagining that I can understand what the different dialogue lines are saying.

The first time they got webbed by a jumper they let out a very short very indignant shout, which I'm absolutely sure meant "ME? YOU DID THAT TO ME? HOW DO YOU THINK THAT'S GOING TO FOR YOU?!" before Kaaz' ripped the jumper's face off. top builders in mumbai
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I'm also quite certain at the end of the mission, having won, their last dialogue was "What's happening now? Can I kill more bugs or...?"
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