Mod Idea: Music

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Mod Idea: Music

Postby GemStorm » Wed Jan 26, 2022 9:27 pm

Now, before i start, im a new modder, i don't even know if this would be possible to make.

Ok, i think someone (maybe me if someone could tell me how) should make a mod that adds a "Last Stand Explore" song, and a "Last Stand Battle" song, this would make the last stand be a bit less intense when you are simply going through an event, please let me know if you make this or know a way to make this!

i dont know what songs would be used, but i'd liek to know if something like this is even possible with mods.

Idea #2:
a different idea is for the song "federation" to play in the last stand, and when you start the flagship battle it plays the "The Last Stand", this would be maybe be even better than the other idea stated above, yet (probably) harder to create if even possible.


Idea #1 has been created (by me), simply find sounds.xml (or a similar name i forget), and go to last stand, add a battle tag. Put a name for the song you want to add into battle OR explore, and put the SAME NAME OF THE ORIGINAL LAST STAND EXPLORE SOUND NAME into explore or battle, depending on which one you changed previously (you can also remove the last stand song, but its a good sond, you should keep it). now make sure the sound that you added has ".ogg" at the end of it, now go into the audio folder and make a new folder titled "music", now add a .ogg file with the same name as the one you put before. now zip the folders data and audio into a file, and rename the extension to ".ftl", put it into your slipstream mod manager's mod folder, and run SMM, your mod should be there. You're welcome!

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