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[WIP] Event Simulator made with Python

Posted: Tue Apr 07, 2020 5:04 am
by Jumbocarrot0
I've made a python program to interpret the XML code for an event and allow you to play through the event.

You can download it here on GitHub

You will require python to run this, which you can get here.


So far, this simulator:
  • Can interpret events from a file and load them in a simulation
  • Can handle textLists and eventLists
  • Can handle text ids and standard text formatting (i.e. <text id="[ID]"/> and <text>[TEXT]</text>)
  • Can interpret quest beacons and continue an event as if you went to said beacon
  • Can interpret if a ship is at a beacon (but not if its hostile)
  • Can interpret every 'effect' tag, including <item_modify>, <weapon> and <removeCrew>.
  • Can interpret various beacon signals (store, distress and repair)
  • Simulation can interpret choice requirements
  • Has a custom-made command line with various commands
  • Can return basic error messages
  • The ability to load ship encounters and their various events (surrenders, dead crew, etc.)

Essentially it can handle the bulk of an event's structure, choices, randomisation, etc. and most effect tags


Features to implement:
  • AutoReward tag (once I figure out how it works precisely)
  • Damage tag (kinda just forgot about it)
  • Make things nicer (such as not making a person race 'random'. This is hard without reading a big blueprints.xml file)
  • More expansive error checker
  • A GUI (maybe)

The plan is once I can build a program to simulate an event from XML, then I can reverse the process and create a program that can create an event and export into XML. The event creator will definitely have a GUI.

Re: [WIP] Event Simulator made with Python

Posted: Tue Apr 07, 2020 8:14 am
by bamalf
Wow, this looks interesting and useful for modders :shock: Nice!

Edit: Although I could not simulate quite complex events from Arsenal+, the script does not understand many things so far