Ship Colors and Symbols

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Ship Colors and Symbols

Postby LehGogh » Mon Jul 06, 2015 5:44 pm

I have cut the Rebel and Pirate symbols out in case anyone needs them for their mod.
I also added the HTML codes for almost all of the ship colors.

FTL Black (LInes): 0b161d
FTL Pink (Glows): ffaaba
FTL White (Cloak Lines): c6c6c6
FTL Blue (Cloak Glow): 23849c
FTL Grey (Floor Image): 64696f
FTL Blue (Shield Outline): 2887b5
FTL Blue (Shield Hexagon Lines): 379ecc

Rebel Orange (Hull): e58e2e
Rebel Blue (Stripes): 9adede
Rebel Brown (Greebles): 3d3838

Pirate Purple (Symbols): 8e659a

Engi Gray (Hull): 958b86
Engi Brown (Greebles): 352f2d

Zoltan Green (Hull): 8da076
Zoltan Orange (Circles): c57c36
Zoltan Brown (Greebles): 362c2e

Federation White (Hull): c8c6bb
Federation Orange (Stripes): e97b4a
Federation Brown (Greebles): 6a6251

Slug Lavender (Hull): 938c9f
Slug Green (Greebles): 223025

Mantis Red (Hull): dc2320
Mantis Brown (Greebles): 3e2c22

Rock Brown (Hull): 8f2e17
Rock Brown: (Greebles): 332d25

Crystal Blue (Hull): 7eaead
Crystal Grey (Greebles): 41403e

Auto Grey (Hull): 606266
Auto Red (Effects): ff3000
Auto Grey (Greebles): 2b2d31

Lanius Grey (Hull): 878c93
Lanius Blue (Effects): a8dcfc
Lanius Grey (Greebles): 222222

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