Memorial Sector: thoughts?

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Memorial Sector: thoughts?

Postby NarnKar » Mon Jul 28, 2014 5:07 pm

So I was playing Captain's Edition, and I encountered an event where you fight a Rebel Cruiser in an asteroid field. It mentions, as you're halfway through the battle, that pieces of metal are being torn off by lasers, melting into the asteroids, and the event says: "This place might be a war memorial one day."

And I thought: what if it was a memorial, in the end?
What if I made a war memorial sector?

So I tried to think of some events, keeping in mind themes of "quiet loss" and "remembrance" and other (pretentious) things, going for a sort of "quiet" tone--sad, yes, but not melodramatically so. Y'know? You gotta mourn but you gotta move on, too, and this is just a reminder, almost like a conclusion, really, like "this is the end, nothing more to be said or done here".

I rambled, but hopefully you get the point.

Anyway, the trouble with those kinds of sectors is,'d get kind of boring to cruise from place to place without any battles whatsoever. One of FTL's most fun parts IS its combat, after all. Granted, I have a few ideas for combat (a Lanius misunderstanding, a pirate who doesn't care that it's a memorial zone and wants to salvage, zoltan enforcing the peace), but I wanted to ask the community:

Do you think this mod is possible? To have a"solemn sector" amidst a game with so much combat?
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Re: Memorial Sector: thoughts?

Postby dalolorn » Mon Jul 28, 2014 8:44 pm

You can never know until you give it a shot. Kinda like going to the Moon. :)
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Re: Memorial Sector: thoughts?

Postby Apotheosis » Tue Jul 29, 2014 5:08 am

Maybe you could incorporate a style from starwars. In the force unleashed you travel to a planet or sector where druids go to die. You could fight Droid uprisings and go to nodes like mine fields but instead have mass graves. Like a graveyard in space. Instead of an asteroid field you could have mass sepulcher. This is also a chance to incorporate druids as a race. Not like anti personal drones or anything like that, but functioning, controllable drones. Like Ai ships. Also you could add haunted ships and ships that have come back from the dead. What about a mass grave for ships as well. Like a huge garbage area, like industrial sectors. You could incorporate, like an asteroid field, a field of gibs of dead ships and have some come alive and attack.

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