[Tool] Superluminal 2.2.1 - FTL Ship Editor

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[Tool] Superluminal 2.2.1 - FTL Ship Editor

Postby kartoFlane » Wed May 21, 2014 5:42 pm

Superluminal 2 - ship editor for FTL:AE



Superluminal2 is a ship editor for FTL -- it provides a layer of abstraction over the game's files, aiming to make the task of creating a functional ship much easier and less daunting.

It is a complete rewrite of, and successor to, the original Superluminal editor.


Important: The editor requires at least Java 6 in order to run.

[ Version 2.2.1 ]

Source code is available at Github - readme_developers.txt contains everything you need to know to be able to compile the code by yourself.


Extract the editor from the archive, then run it.
The first time you run the program, you may be asked to point the editor to FTL's installation, but most of the time this should be located automatically.


In case of problems, consult the FAQ, or ask here in this thread.

If the editor has crashed, please attach the contents of editor-log.txt in the post, preferably between [ code ][ /code ] tags -- keep in mind that the log is wiped each time the editor starts -- as well as steps to reproduce the crash, if possible.


Vhati - for being an immeasurably helpful person over the course of last year, always answering my questions when I pestered him :P Without Vhati's help, the editor would likely never have worked on Mac and Linux

Sleeper Service, TaxiService, The Legacy, English Narwhal - for beta-testing of the new editor, and lots of good suggestions

Phlakes - for awesome work on FTL:Remastered, from which I have appropriated the pretty system icons :E


Code: Select all

- Fixed a crash when saving a ship that was created with old FTL file format.
- Fixed a crash when changing colors in Generate FLoor Image window using RGB or hex values.
- Fixed values not being consistently capped to min/max in Generate Floor Image window.
- Fixed a bug which could cause ship class and ship name to not be loaded.
- Fixed a bug which caused XML files to be broken when using the "Include Mod Files From" feature when saving.

- Added support for FTL 1.6.1+
- Self-patching functionality should now work on all platforms (still broken in versions 2.1.2b and lower; you'll need to update manually)
- Added File > Change .dat Files, allowing you to navigate to other .dat files, and tell the editor to use them (useful if you ever want to use pre-1.6 archives for whatever reason)
- Pirate ships from dlcPirateBlueprints.xml file can now be loaded in the editor.
- The editor now also scans .rawclobber files in loaded mods.
- Automatic update check performed at startup no longer blocks GUI.
- Pinned objects are now highlighted with a yellow border.
- Updated GUI library from 4.5.1 to 4.6.1.
- Updated links to the new FTL forums address.
- Fixed Windows exe launchers not finding Java 9.

- Updated GUI library from 4.4 to 4.5.1. Hopefully this fixes the issues with Windows 10.

- Fixed stations blocking placement of doors

- Changed default color of floor images generated by the editor to standard FTL gray - 0x64696F.
- Added customization options to floor generation - can set border width, floor margin, corner size, and floor and border colors.
- You can now save a mod file along with the ship, effectively adding the ship to the mod. The mod has to be loaded via Mod Management (Ctrl+M) first, though.
- Added experimental self-patching functionality.

- Fixed a typo in the error message displayed when trying to animate gibs when the ship has none (animte -> animate)
- Fixed a bug with systems sharing interior images.

- Editor now recognizes .rawappend files when loading mods via Mod Management
- Added an option to enemy ships to select weapon/drone loadout like in player ships
- When loading a ship that is missing a glow in rooms.xml, the editor now uses the default glow for that system instead of failing to load the ship

- Fixed glow images being saved with incorrect name in rooms.xml

- Fixed a crash caused by systems whose image had no corresponding entry in rooms.xml (ships exhibiting this problem will fail to load)
- ShipLoader dialog now provides an explanation why a ship could not be loaded.

- Fixed a crash caused by the editor sometimes attempting to access already deleted elements
- Door orientation toggle button ("Horizontal") now is disabled when changing the door's orientation would cause it to collide with another door.
- Fixed the editor failing to load ships with custom interior image for the cloaking system, that had no matching glow image
- Fixed glow selection dialog sometimes listing repeated entries
- Glow selection dialog now lists its entries in alphanumerical order
- Fixed glows being deletable
- Fixed a crash related to drone selection
- Fixed glows sometimes not being properly disposed when closing / loading another ship

- Fixed a bug that would prevent the editor from loading some of the default settings when the program was started for the first time.
- Fixed a crash when assigning activation glow image to cloaking system
- Fixed several bugs related to system/glow assignment
- Improved database browse search -- search terms can now be partial
- Added crash-save feature -- should the editor crash, your ship will be saved as an .ftl file in the editor's directory.

- Added zoom feature (in the form of a separate window, found under View > Open Zoom Window)
- Added cursor position tracker at the top-right of the main window + config setting to show the pointer location relative to the ship's origin
- Added automated floor image generation (Edit > Generate Floor Image...)
- Added ability to change the name that interior images get exported as (important for glows)
- Added ability to select images directly from FTL's archives -- all 'Browse' buttons now open a dropdown menu instead, allowing you to choose what you want to browse ('System' is default file selection, 'Database' is the FTL archives)
- Added a bunch of undoable operations:
  * image undo (can undo hull/floor/cloak/shield/thumbnail modification)
  * interior image modification
  * door orientation modification
  * system availability toggle
  * active system selection undo
  * mount rotation/mirror/direction modification
- Changed station images to rectangles taking half of a grid cell, made them fainter
- Added manning glows' placement modification (blue station appearing where the old purple ones used to be, can be clicked and moved around to adjust the glow images' locations)
- Added a modifiable hotkey setting that is shared for all search dialogs
- Weapon mounts now display artillery image only when the artillery systems is assigned
- Gib animation now won't start if the ship has no gibs
- Fixed some cursor visibility issues with Room Tool
- Fixed some systems for player ships allowing to set their level to 9 or 10.
- Fixed a bug with hotkeys, which caused hotkeys that used the Ctrl modifier to also require Alt modifier to be triggered.

2.0.6b beta:
- Fixed a crash related to the Overview Window & gib animation
- Fixed 'Cancel' button in search dialogs not working correctly
- Fixed gib linking via Ship Overview not really working

2.0.6a beta:
- Fixed a bug that prevented gibs from being selectable via Ship Overview
- Added a potential fix for crashes related to door & gib linking

2.0.6 beta:
- Improved stats display in weapon & drone selection dialogs
- Added 'Follow Hull' button to Mount Tool -- when checked, newly created weapon mounts will follow hull
- Added 'Follow Hull' button to gibs
- Newly created gibs now correctly follow hull by default
- Several minor UI tweaks
- Mac Command key support should now work correctly (tested)
- .ftl files can now be dropped onto the main editor frame to load them
- The editor can now open .ftl and .zip files by dragging them onto the .exe, or by using the "Open With..." option in the mod files' context menu
- Added "Unsaved Changes" warning when closing the application
- Added artillery modification & display (moved to Armaments tab)
- Fixed undo of offset that was modified by shift-dragging
- Added undo of reordering objects via Ship Overview
- Calculate Optimal Offset is now undoable
- Doors/Rooms and Mounts/Gibs can now be linked via ShipOverview
- When undoing deletion of elements, the editor now attempts to reinsert them at their old index

2.0.5 beta (which was actually 2.0.4...):
- Fixed shift-dragging the ship origin to set the offset
- Fixed a bug with messed up numbering when reordering game objects via ShipOverview, and then adding new objects of the same type
- Added support for Mac's Command key in hotkeys (untested)
- Fixed application name on Mac (now reads 'Superluminal' instead of 'SWT')
- Fixed a bug that would cause the editor to crash during mount-gib or door linking
- Fixed value of angular velocity constant in the editor's database (was 10 times too big), which was causing gibs to spin wildly
- Added ship death animation simulation -- animates both gibs and weapon mounts attached to them
- Save command now always saves the ship, without checking whether or not it's been modified
- Made 3 more actions hotkeyable: Save Ship As, Open .shp, Animate Gibs
- Made some minor improvements to the Settings window
- Added 'allowDoorOverlap' settings option
- Added option to make weapon mounts and images follow hull (select object > check "Follow Hull")
- Added mono-directional dragging -- hold down Shift while dragging an object to have it move in only one direction (horizontal or vertical)

2.0.3a beta:
- Fixed a bug that would cause the editor to crash when you tried to open the editor without pointing it to the game's archives
- Fixed "Save As" thinking it was "Save"
- Fixed Mac distribution of the editor not having proper permissions set -- you should now be able to launch the editor without having to go through the chmod command

2.0.3 beta:
- Menu buttons' hotkey text is now updated when you modify hotkeys
- Hotkeys can now be unbound
- Added .shp file loading
- Added gibs' angular velocity modification
- Added raw value modification to gibs
- Fixed a somewhat rare bug with system visibility
- Fixed a bug with station visibility that would cause the station to not be hidden when its system was assigned to a room that cannot contain it
- Fixed a bug with automated door linking persisting after saving was completed, which could cause bugged links when the user moved the doors/rooms around and then saved again
- Fixed a bug with Mod Management that would allow the same mod to be loaded multiple times
- Added mount-gib linking
- Reworked hotkey system
- Added search functionality to weapon, drone & augment selection dialogs (Ctrl+F hotkey)
- Added hotkeys to Mod Management: Confirm (Enter), Load (Ctrl+L), Remove (Delete)
- Added undo/redo. Currently undoable operations:
  * Creation of new rooms, doors, mounts and gibs
  * Deletion of rooms, doors, mounts and gibs
  * Move (by mouse)
  * Room resize
  * System (un)assignment
  * Door linking
- Added "Unsaved Changes" warnings/prompts -- however, this is tied to the undo/redo system, so only making undoable changes will cause the warnings to pop up

2.0.1 beta:
- Fixed a minor code screw-up that prevented shield, floor and thumbnail images from being saved.
- Fixed some stations being visible when they should not be
- Fixed the corrupt image "bug" -- the editor now detects when you've installed mods with SMM while the editor was running, and now automatically reloads the database
- Added keybind modification to the Settings dialog
- Rooms, weapon mounts and gibs can now be reordered via the Ship Overview window -- simply drag them.

2.0.0 beta9:
- Fixed a bug that would prevent weapon/drone slots from saving correctly for enemy ships
- Ship save destination is now on a per-ship basis, instead of being application-wide
- File and folder selection dialogs should now remember their own paths. Some of the file
  selection dialogs are grouped together, eg. all interior images' dialogs use the same path.
- Toggling hangar image for enemy ships now displays the enemy window instead
- Disabled the horizontal offset slider for enemy ships, since it doesn't affect them
- Fixed enemy offset loading & improved enemy optimal offset calculation
- Ship Loader now also remembers previous selection
- Enemy ship images now get saved to 'ships_glow' instead of 'ships_noglow' -- still not sure if only one is enough for enemy ship hulls to show up correctly
- Removed unnecessary method calls, reducing ManipulationTool dragging lag by around 33%
- Fixed a bug with database reloading that would crash the editor in any mods were loaded
- Corrected ship saving to only export interior and glow images when the system using them
  is actually assigned
- Fixed a bug with the loading dialog that would cause the editor to crash if two loading
  dialogs were displayed at the same time
- Hiding an object now also deselects it
- Fixed config dialog's contents not wrapping when the window was resized, improved scrolling
- Added artillery loading & saving (no modification yet)
- Added new config option to reset door links when the door is moved
- Reworked Gib Tool to be a part of Images Tool
- Fixed a bug that would cause gib ordering to not be preserved
- Fixed angular velocity not being loaded
- Fixed gib saving
- Added gib modification (WOOO!)
- Added gib image saving
- Fixed shield & interior images (?) being exported for enemy ships
- Slightly reworked & improved the Overview Window, added gibs, and a visibility toggle button

2.0.0 beta8:
- The update dialog now displays a brief list of changes that have been made since the version you're using
- Fixed a bug with ship loading that would not link mounts to gibs correctly, causing problems when you tried to save the ship
- Weapon/drone/augment selection dialogs now will also scroll to show the last selected item
- Added the ability to change enemy ships' boarding AI, now only gets exported for enemy ships
- Fixed a bug that would not allow to confirm "No Drone List" in drone selection dialog
- Fixed systems not disappearing when hiding rooms
- Done some preliminary work on gibs - can be viewed and moved around with Gib Tool (you have to hide all the other elements first - keys 1 through 8 by default). Gibs are not exported yet.

2.0.0 beta7:
- Some of the previously unloadable ships can now be loaded (missing 'max' attribute on
  <crewCount> tag)
- Fixed a bug that would cause systems to be exported evem when the room they've beem
  assigned to has been deleted
- Stations are no longer saved for enemy ships, since they apparently don't affect them anymore
- Station Tool is now disabled for enemy ships
- Some of enemy ships' systems' level caps have been raised to 10
- Reworked the way the editor handles systems to allow multiple artilleries
- Improvied resize detection on Linux environments -- grid should fit the window most of the time now
- Fixed issues with keybinds on Linux -- temporary workaround

2.0.0 beta6a:
- Added verification to image browsers to make sure that the selected file actually exists
- Improved error handling in ship-saving code
- Fixed a minor bug with crew UI that would cause a crash
- Added tooltips to rooms' sidebar
- Changed tooltips to stay until dismissed by the user
- Fixed drone parts and missile amount changes not being applied to the ship
- Fixed 'File > Reload Database' function

2.0.0 beta5:
- Added crew modification
- Weapon/drone/augment dialogs now remember previous selection
- Some more tooltips
- Several minor tweaks, behind-the-scenes changes
- Added a popup for when the user downloaded a wrong version of the editor for their system
- Decoupled room and system drawing logic, systems are drawn on separate layer above rooms

2.0.0 beta4a:
- Fixed a minor oversight that would cause the editor to crash when editing enemy ships

2.0.0 beta4:
- Added Calculate Optimal Offset option - calculates both thick and fine offsets
- Added fine offset modification (HORIZONTAL and VERTICAL properties)
- Added ability to show the hangar image as background, which accurately shows where the ship will be positioned in-game.
- Added more tooltips
- Added mouse shortcuts to Weapon Mounting Tool
- Added enemy shield resizing

2.0.0 beta3:
- Fixed weapon mounts with direction NONE being incorrectly saved ('none' instead of 'no')
- Fixed a bug that caused the grid not to be resized properly when the editor was started
- Fixed a minor screw-up that caused the additional weapon/drone slots to be unusable
- Fixed Images Tool's hotkey not working
- Added a crappy image for Images Tool
- Some spinners (ie. numerical fields with up/down arrows) were showing up incorrectly on Linux, attempted to fix that by giving them a fixed width
- Added "Show File" button to Image Viewer, which will show the file in the OS' filesystem, disabled if it's not applicable for the currently viewed image.
- Wired min and max sector spinners to update the ship's min/max sector values (they were having no effect previously)
- Min/max sector tags now get saved before the <systemList> tag
- Editor now also saves the <boardingAI>sabotage</boardingAI> tag
- Fixed DatabaseCore in Mod Management being draggable and thus removeable on some platforms
- Added the option to reload the entire database
- Weapon mounts can now display any weapon as if it were equipped at the mount, without actually changing the loadout
- Added info icons to several elements of the UI, that display a short tip when hovered over, which describes the setting
- Added ship offset modification

2.0.0 beta2:
- Fixed a crash when resizing the sidebar to occupy the entire window
- Fixed a bug when saving a ship after a new weapon mount has been placed
- Fixed a bug causing new rooms to always have ID -1
- Hopefully fixed a bug where right-clicking on a room to assign system causes a crash
- Fixed a crash when clicking interior images' "Clear" button
- Default images are now loaded when a system is assigned for the first time
- Also removed ability to assign interior images to systems in enemy ships
- Images tab moved from Properties to its own separate "tool"
- Weapon/drone slots now allow up to 8 slots, but show a warning the first time the user assigns more than 4 slots

2.0.0 beta1:
- Test release
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Re: [Tool] Superluminal2 beta

Postby kartoFlane » Wed May 21, 2014 5:44 pm


  1. Q: How do I even use this thing?
    There's no tutorial or instructional video (maybe someday...), so you'll have to rely on the tooltips in the editor -- hover your mouse over the Image icons, they'll provide you with everything you need to know.
    For now, the closest thing to a tutorial (that I am aware of) is this video (although it does get a few things wrong).

  2. Q: I can't run this program!
    In order to run the editor, you need to have Java installed. Version 6 is the minimum requirement.

  3. Q: I'm on a Mac, and the program doesn't start when I try to run it!
    It might be a problem with permissions; sometimes the program isn't allowed to run by default. To fix this, read this post, and/or watch TaxiService's explanatory video
    Update: Since version 2.0.3a beta, the editor should be able to run without you having to change its permissions.

  4. Q: When I try to play my ship in-game, it has black-yellow checkered images on it!
    This happens when you've installed mods with SMM while the editor was running, and then saved the ship. The solution is to either not do that, or use File > Reload Database as soon as you return to the editor.
    Update: Since beta10, the editor will reload the database automatically when it detects that you've modified the game's archives.

  5. Q: The editor doesn't save my ship!
    The editor only saves the ship when it's actually been modified. However, modification detection is strongly tied to undo/redo, therefore if you change something that isn't currently undoable, then the Save command won't do anything.
    To fix that, just use Save As instead of Save (as its code doesn't have the aforementioned safeguard), or just move a room somewhere and then back where it should be, each time you want to save.
    Update: This safeguard was removed in version 2.0.5 aka 2.0.4

  6. Q: How do I load my custom ships in the editor?
    In order to be able to load a custom ship in the editor, it has to be saved in .ftl format. Once you have that:
    1. If you have any ship currently loaded in the editor, then you need to close it (File > Close Ship)
    2. Drag the .ftl file onto the editor's window.
      If that doesn't work:
      • Go to File > Mod Management
      • Press Load Mod
      • Select the .ftl file containing your ship
      • Press Confirm
    3. Open File > Load Ship
    4. Find the ship ID you've set your ship to replace (PLAYER_SHIP_HARD by default) -- that entry is now an expandable item that contains both the default ship, as well as your custom one.
    5. Press Load

  7. Q: Whatever happened to the .shp format from the old editor?
    Long story short, I've decided to scrap it -- there was a multitude of problems with it, and it broke easily. The new editor can load .shp files for compatibility's sake only, though it's not very reliable.

  8. Q: How do I get my ship into the game?
    First of all, you need to download Slipstream Mod Manager. Then:
    1. Save your ship as .ftl
    2. Place the .ftl file inside SMM's mods directory
    3. Launch SMM
    4. Tick the checkbox next to your mod's name (or double-click the name)
    5. Click the Patch button
  9. Q: My images show up fine in the editor, but are invisible / completely black in-game!
    Make sure that your images are 32-bit PNG. FTL is very picky about image format.

  10. Q: I can't select crew or systems! The menu just closes when I click without applying my selection!
    If you're on Windows 10, try disabling touchscreen or tablet PC options. If you use a graphics tablet, try temporarily disabling / disconnecting the device.
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Re: [Tool] Superluminal2 beta

Postby VanguardOfValor » Wed May 21, 2014 6:25 pm

Perfect timing! I was just hoping to find an updated version of Superliminal. :D

Thanks for all the work you've been doing on these tools!
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Re: [Tool] Superluminal2 beta

Postby kartoFlane » Wed May 21, 2014 6:53 pm

I suppose I should apologise for taking my sweet time developing this -- however, I didn't want to release the editor without a basic feature like crew editing ;)

In addition, I wanted to make sure that the editor's code is written well and in a coherent, legible way -- as opposed to the nightmare of spaghetti code of the previous version -- I'm obviously biased, but I like to think that I managed to do that.

There are still features missing though, listed under the to-do section -- that may lag behind a bit, seeing as I'll likely be busy with college stuff until the end of June.
Superluminal2 - a ship editor for FTL
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Re: [Tool] Superluminal2 beta

Postby VehicleAccess » Wed May 21, 2014 10:28 pm

You are amazing and I love you :) no homo
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Re: [Tool] Superluminal2 beta

Postby xlandar » Wed May 21, 2014 10:42 pm

THANK YOU!!!!! now i can actually get back to making mods!
art and coding tutorials wanted, pm if you have some good ones please!Image
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Re: [Tool] Superluminal2 beta

Postby VehicleAccess » Wed May 21, 2014 10:48 pm

Just tested it. Crashed only once (didn't get the file, sorry, I'll try to in future).
Works great otherwise.
Could you please make undo/redo a top priority? It's a bit annoying otherwise.
Thanks for everything
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Re: [Tool] Superluminal2 beta

Postby gir9862 » Wed May 21, 2014 10:50 pm

Awesome! I was hoping you would make a new version, the original was definitely my favorite ship editor, thank you.
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Re: [Tool] Superluminal2 beta

Postby Shalashalska » Wed May 21, 2014 10:56 pm

Is there any way to set a maximum level for a system, and set a different price scaling than other ships?
I wanted to make a dodge-based ship that can only go to 2 layer shields, and for an extremely high cost.

For some reason, after editing the resource files with SMM, you can't load any ships.
I seem to keep getting this crash while trying to edit the 7th crew slot (every other slot works fine)
16:33:37.377 [main] ERROR com.kartoflane.superluminal2.Superluminal - An error has occured and the editor was forced to terminate. java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Index is out of bounds: 6
at com.kartoflane.superluminal2.ftl.ShipObject.changeCrew(ShipObject.java:732)
at com.kartoflane.superluminal2.ui.sidebar.PropertiesToolComposite$18.widgetSelected(PropertiesToolComposite.java:577)
at org.eclipse.swt.widgets.TypedListener.handleEvent(Unknown Source)
at org.eclipse.swt.widgets.EventTable.sendEvent(Unknown Source)
at org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Widget.sendEvent(Unknown Source)
at org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Display.runDeferredEvents(Unknown Source)
at org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Display.readAndDispatch(Unknown Source)
at com.kartoflane.superluminal2.Superluminal.main(Superluminal.java:267)
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Re: [Tool] Superluminal2 beta

Postby featherwings » Wed May 21, 2014 11:29 pm

Wonderful! Thank you for all your hard work kartoFlame, this and your error checker are a boon to every modder. I'm about to get crunching on some new layouts of my own, so many thanks! Going to give it a spin in a bit and see if I can't spot any sore spots.

Shalashalska wrote:Is there any way to set a maximum level for a system, and set a different price scaling than other ships?
I wanted to make a dodge-based ship that can only go to 2 layer shields, and for an extremely high cost.

You can set price scaling and max levels, but neither work per-ship; additionally you'd have to do it by hand and not using Superluminal. Sorry! (Don't let that stop you though, it's not too difficult to enable/disable mods with Slipstream)