[SHIP][WIP] Imperial Interdictor Cruiser

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[SHIP][WIP] Imperial Interdictor Cruiser

Postby UltraMantis » Mon Feb 04, 2013 3:55 am

beta version:
- Ship image is currently a placeholder image until i can conjure up a better looking one. Ditto for gibs.
- The UI does not adjust properly to the ship's weapon/drone slots.
- You fly a bad guy ship, on a good guy quest. Live with it. ^^
- TIE Fighters and Interceptors may not be part of the final version. They are late changes and alter the balance.
- The Engine and Medbay rooms do not have proper low oxygen stripes. This room size does not have such a sprite. The issue is visual only, the crew in the room will still suffocate.
- Low oxygen stripes are hard to see in system rooms.

FTLGame 2013-02-03 19-27.jpg

Imperial Interdictor Cruiser

Download Link: FRSS-Interdictor
Requires GMM: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=2464
Installation instructions are included in the download. I recommend that you install this as a single mod. Visual mods are probably ok, but other ship mods could cause conflicts.

Difficulty: >Normal - Hard

Class: Imperial Interdictor (Replaces Zoltan B, and alters the description of Zoltan A)

Weapons: (2 slots)
- Heavy Laser MkI

Drones: (4 slots)
- TIE Fighter Group (slightly faster than Attack Drone, cannot start fires)
- System Repair Drone

- FTL Jammer
- Slug repair gel (maintenance droids)

- 2 hunam

lvl 1 - Helm
lvl 1 - Shield
lvl 3 - Engine
(difficult to vent)
lvl 1 - Life Support
lvl 1 - Medbay
(huge 5 person medbay)
lvl 1 - Telepoerter (2 person)
n/a - Cloak -unavailable- (not in stores either)
lvl 2 - Weapon
lvl 4 - Drone
lvl 2 - Sensors
lvl 2 - Doors

- Reactor power: 7
- Missiles: 0
- Drones: 11

Hull: 40 (30 is standard)

Miscellaneous: You DO NOT accept surrender. (slaver ships are an exception. you need crew)

You start with the frame of what should be a beautiful and mighty imperial painting. Unfortunately, the frame is all you have, and you must gather the rest yourself.

Ordinarilly well equipped and prepared, this cruiser finds itself cut off from friendly forces and in danger of being overrun. Low on fuel and with limited fighter support, it will be a challenge to survive long enough to rendezvous with the Imperial Fleet. Despite the looming danger surrounding it, the Interdictor Class Cruiser "Enforcer" is well built and sturdy. With multiple redundant systems and an army of service droids ready to maintain the ship. Even in a weakened state, it would be a daunting task to attack this vessel.

At your disposal is a single Heavy Laser battery. It is best used together with attack drones. Disableing enemy shields is top priority. You also have a teleporter system available. It should be used any time there is an opportunity to capture hostile ships. Defending the ship from intruders should be easy thanks to a large medbay. An advanced sensor suite will keep you informed of goings on aboard enemy vessels.

The Interdictor class was not designed to act as a mainline assault vessel. It's purpose is to make life miserable for any that would dare an defy the Imperial will. Escape is almost impossible, and with enough drones, even the best shielded enemies will succumb.

more blurb:
For those unfamiliar with Star Wars lore, the Interdictor class is a support cruiser with limited offensive capability but still decently strong. It is a modified Star Destroyer afterall. It's chief purpose is to use massive gravity generators to prevent enemy ships from fleeing into hyperspace. This is to counter guerilla-style hit n run attacks of SW rebels.

Learn how to use a single Heavy MkI in combination with an Attack Drone to secure early victories. You get some redundant systems and very nice secondary systems (you'd expect a big advanced cruiser to have SOME gear) plus you get the Slug Gel (to represent the large crew and numerous droids).

The downside of the ship is that it only has 2 weapon slots, so ensure you only use the best. Thankfully you can rely on your drones, even if you dont have enough power to use them all at once. It also has limited crew but this crew can focus on fighting most of the time.

The hull is stronger than FTL ships (40HP) so you will be able to take a few beatings before succumbing. With several upgrades already taken care of, a good plan would be to hoard scrap and secure a weapon. The Heavy Laser can hit very hard but it cannot cope with shields. Never pass up an opportunity to grab some drones.

Though not much of an aug, the Jammer is still nice to have. Consider all the times you moaned about a ship that got away or when you didn't dare send boarders in. All those pesky Rebel scouts will have a hard time getting the bad guys on your tail.

I can't force you to do this, but when you play this ship, you do not accept surrender. Ever. Play them the Imperial March over the comm. as a funeral theme instead. (taking crew from slaver ships is ok)

Now go and enforce the will of the Empire.

- 4 drone slots makes it possible to have a variety of drones available.
- Extra HP, Self-breach sealing and a starting repair drone.
- Massive 5 person medbay (One does not simply board an Imperial Cruiser).
- FTL Jammer helps prevent fleeing. Handy if you go the boarding route, though this is mostly a theme thing.
- Upgraded systems mean more scrap can be spent on offense.

- Small crew.
- Few drones.
- 2 weapons is all you ever get. This also limits the playstyles you can adopt.
- No cloaking device.
- Low reactor power.
- With all available systems already present, there is little to buy in stores.

Bottom Line:
I think it's an interesting ship. It is neither overpowered nor gimpy. It's possible to be stuck without enough firepower to deal with 2 or 3 shields depending on the weapons/drones you find. It has a fairly fitting theme and the average crew, average jammer and average teleporter can add up to a nice whole if you try to capture eary ships. The main system though, is the Drone Control. Take care of it, and it will take care of you.

Download Link: FRSS-Interdictor
Requires GMM: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=2464
Installation instructions are included in the download. I recommend that you install this as a single mod. Visual mods are probably ok, but other ship mods could cause conflicts.
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Re: [SHIP] [WIP] Interdictor Cruiser

Postby BrenTenkage » Mon Feb 04, 2013 4:49 am

can't wait till the problem are resolved, can't wait to lets play it heh heh
I make a lot of lets plays of FTL, I also use mods I find on this site http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL ... 06hca_PXuX
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