Best FTL Mods? Just got into modding!

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Best FTL Mods? Just got into modding!

Postby tiloketi9 » Thu Sep 10, 2020 6:44 am

Hey all, long FTL player here, but now that I have basically unlocked everything, I think I want to expand my playing experience.

And I figure this is a pretty good place to ask about the best mods!
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Re: Best FTL Mods? Just got into modding!

Postby bamalf » Thu Sep 10, 2020 7:18 am

Try any Overhaul, they add a lot of new content ... pg34lzopzx

I can advise Arsenal+, Multiverse, and Insurrection
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Re: Best FTL Mods? Just got into modding!

Postby Ratttman » Fri Sep 18, 2020 10:43 pm

my mod list:
the incendiary set
scramble menu (useful if you had a bad run and want to blow off some steam, or just mess around)
the potential (fun in infinite space or similar mods, not very balanced)
infinite space (a bit buggy, has minibosses along your journey)
FTL extended (a lot less buggy than infinite space, no minibosses, but you can fight flagship and end your run)
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Re: Best FTL Mods? Just got into modding!

Postby KingdomKrafters » Mon Oct 26, 2020 4:24 pm

I have to disagree, Captains Edition is one hell of a mess. CE plays like vanilla if they forgot what balancing was and decided to add more forced damage/crew loss events, enemies with missile drones, and shield piercing asteroid fields. The only thing CE has going for it was being the pioneer, an overhaul from an era where people's standard were lower and the average quality of mods was lower. With what other mods are capable of now, there's really no point to CE. CE's main selling factor is difficulty, yet the mod offers little REAL challenge.

Where bad RNG in vanilla can force you against a really difficult ship that you can still fight or run away from, CE's bad RNG forces you into a quarantined sector that steals all of your crew through events without any player input involved, or an AI sector where you die from straight nano-cloud hazards that hurt you the second you enter them, without any indication of their presence nor way to prevent it. That's not balanced difficulty, thats arbitrary difficulty.

CE has a bunch of other flaws unrelated to difficulty anyways, like a weapon pool so bloated with worthless junk like minelaunchers that your chances of finding any viable weapon are incredibly low. CE has too many missiles/missile drones on enemies because it adds over 20 new missile weapons, most of which are just a higher damage or more projectile version of another missile weapon that already exists. CE hardly adds any viable drones worth using the drone system either. It's also far from lore friendly with vanilla, so I have no idea why they claim it to be. CE is hardly consistent with its own lore either, mostly just mucking up what lore vanilla had through its dumb crew socialization gambling system (because, at the end of the day, the way CE implemented crew socialization makes it literally just RNG fueled gambling with some weak flavor text mixed in, that distracts you from doing something meaningful instead).

End of the day, CE was the first but like a lot of early pioneers has become severely outdated and pales in comparison to modern overhauls like Arsenal+ or Multiverse, serving either as inspiration for things to improve on, or an example of what not to do. It hasn't even been updated in years, and its UI is even broken from one of the newer FTL versions.

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