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Multiverse Development Team:
Kix - Lead Designer, Programming, Additional Art
Laythe - Art
AgentTHeKat - Art
PDTM - Art and Music
MoreOrLesser - Crew Art
Felipemello - Crew Art
SquishyBoi - Music
JerC - Additional Programming and Proofreading
Markus McCloud - Additional Art
Solid Boi - Additional Art
Woona - Contributions from Vicious Vessels, Viable Weapons, First Contact (unreleased), and standalone Orchid + Shell mods.
MagicBadger (Retired)- Additional Art

Additional Thanks to:
Mstislav Sokolov: Framework for the EXE installer
Bamalf: Providing the ARS+ game font
Andre3wtime: Gyges (Bishop Cruiser type B) sprite
TheSwiftTiger: Additional Music + Lead Hyperspace Developer
Mathchamp, Admiral Billy, Mr. Doom, laszlogasd, Ih8ih8sn0w, and Winderps: Hyperspace development
JumboCarrot: Additional Music
PLIOU: Original Rock + Lost Sun guard and Duskbringer Station sprites.
R4V3-0N: Numerous Additional Sprites
GenCool/Puppetsquid: Various crew cosmetics from Crew-D
BetelgeuseBear: Numerous Additional Sprites
SomeFederationPerson/Romanos: 'Federation fleetship #3'
Anthonest: Inspiration for Arcadia Corporation color scheme + name
Koboyash: Original crystalline scatter sprite
RAD-82: Original Fed Guard Sprite
Jimli: Original Fed Tactical Fighter Sprite
Hyperion: Additional flavor text
Anonymous Fandom User: Tony Sr. Inspiration
Witherbottom: First youtuber to play Multiverse. You can check him out here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3GyR1Q1qFatROk6rKPx74Q
Backgrounds and planets, with some exceptions, are collected from assorted wallpaper sites along with those already included in BPaP and Arsenal+. Additional effort to credit individual artists will be committed in the future. Several gas + ring planet sprites included in the mod were created by Laythe.

Hyperspace, the modding API needed for Multiverse to work has been updated to version 1.2.2 Please update your hyperspace, as the new 5.3+ versions will not work with older hyperspace versions: https://subsetgames.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=35095

Benefits of joining the discord:
-Occasional exclusive pre-release versions
-Regular updates on mod progress
-Help with development and make suggestions/bug reports
-Talk with the devs and other people who've played the mod
-We're lonely and having another person to talk about the mod with will make us slightly happier

Additional install guides;
Basic Guide to Install Multiverse by acloudyrat on Reddit
An in-depth Hyperspace/Multiverse troubleshooting guide by Mr__Billeh on Reddit
How to Install FTL Multiverse by Witherbottom on Youtube
FTL Multiverse Installation Tutorial by BaerTaffy on Youtube

Before you can begin to play Multiverse, you will need the following things;
Once you have Slipstream set up and Hyperspace installed, simply place Multiverse in slipstream, patch it, and you're ready to go!

In brief, what is Hyperspace? Unlike traditional FTL mods, Hyperspace is not a content based expansion. Instead, it's a hardcoded modding API. Essentially, a framework for other mods to use that massively expands their potential. Multiverse is DRIVEN entirely by Hyperspace and will not work without it.

Hyperspace is not installed like typical FTL mods. You will not need to patch anything related to Hyperspace in slipstream (while using Multiverse). It can be tricky to get working, and if you are struggling I recommend using one of the installation guides above or join our discord to get help.
Known issues with installation;
  • Installing Hyperspace on MacOS is borderline impossible. To use it (and thus Multiverse as well) the easiest solution is to use a virtual machine.
  • Some lower end computers might experience performance issues while using Hyperspace.

Installation on Linux is now much easier and simpler thanks to the linux version of Hyperspace.

Here are some known/frequent roadblocks people often encounter when trying to install Multiverse or Hyperspace, and solutions (or lack thereof) for them.

Multiverse is not showing up in slipstream even though I put it in the mod folder.

This is because Multiverse is a zip file by default rather than an ftl file. There are two solutions;
1. Enable zip file detection in slipstream (preferred solution)
  • Launch slipstream
  • Go to the "file" tab at the top left and select "preferences"
  • Check the "allow_zip" box. Click apply
  • Restart slipstream
2. Change Multiverse to an ftl file
  • If you're on windows, make sure file extensions are visible in file explorer (view -> check "file name extensions")
  • Right click on the Multiverse zip file and select "rename"
  • Select the .zip at the end of the file and change it to .ftl, then press enter to confirm

Multiverse is stuck on the loading screen/briefly plays the menu music before crashing

This is a clientside issue that is hard to reproduce. That said, it is usually constant for people who experience it. There are several potential solutions for this.
1. Use Opengl
  • Navigate to your FTL installation folder
  • Right click on your FTLGame.exe and make a shortcut
  • Open the shortcut properties and find the "target" box
  • Press space and type -opengl at the end
2. If this does not work, try using LAA (Large Address Aware). This is a 3rd party tool that allows 32bit applications to access more RAM. You find install LAA here: https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/large-address-aware.112556/
3. If this still does not work, then you can try removing the additional backgrounds. This will result in many black backgrounds at beacons, but its better than not being able to play at all.
  • Open your Multiverse zip file
  • Navigate to the img folder
  • Delete the following folders; stars_special, stars_hazard, stars_lightspeed, and stars_sector
  • Patch the modified zip file in slipstream once again.

My Multiverse worked at one point but is now crashing

This is often caused by impromptu power outages. It typically means your save file is corrupted, which means you'll have to delete it. This WILL result in a loss of unlock data, but can be undone using the console. For unlocking ships with the console, please visit this wiki page.
Before deleting your save file, first try this. You may be able to avoid data loss.
  • Go to documents/my games/Faster Than Light
  • Find the file titled hs_mv_version.sav
  • Move hs_mv_prof.sav to a different folder. DO NOT DELETE IT
  • Run the game. If you make it to the main menu without getting stuck/crashing, proceed
  • Move hs_mv_prof.sav back to the original folder
If the above method does not work, then you'll have to delete hs_mv_prof.sav instead.

Due to Multiverse's extensive nature and major internal retools, it is compatible with very few things.

The following enhancements/content is already pre-included into Multiverse, so you do NOT need to install them alongside it;
  • Sleeper Service's fleet pursuit indicator (Multiverse uses the "x24 version." Patching lesser versions after MV will work as intended)
  • Multiverse contains its own graphical enhancement mods. Using BPaP or related mods will override MV's own backgrounds, which is not recommended. Many of said backgrounds are already used from BPaP, ARS+, and similar mods.
  • Multiverse contains its own UI remake. While an addon is available to restore to vanilla graphics, additional UI mods such as Shiny! will NOT work due to additional UI elements present in Hyperspace.
  • The creator of Vicious Vessels, Woona, is a part of the Multiverse dev team. As such, many ships from VV can appear in Multiverse, albeit with edited stats and sometimes color schemes.
  • Similarly, Woona's other two standalone crew mods, Orchids and Shells, are both included in Multiverse as well, again with heavy alterations.

The following is a list of mod types that will and will not work with Multiverse. If you are unsure if a mod will work, I advise you to NOT use it as most mods will break MV. In general, I would advise only using vanilla Multiverse for your first few runs as there is more than enough content to not require additional mods at first.
  • Other Overhaul Mods - These will never work together under any conditions. DO NOT attempt to install mods such as Captain's Edition, Arsenal+, Insurrection, Stations Job, etc while using Multiverse. Beyond extensive crashes and content overrides, the intended balances and settings of each of these mods are completely different and would clash regardless.
  • Any mods that adds new sectors or events - Similarly to overhauls, NEVER attempt to use any mods that modify events or sectors alongside Multiverse unless they were specifically designed to be compatible. You will experience major issues if you do.
  • Non-Hyperspace Ship Packs - These will never work either. Besides the myriad of issues with importing ships not meant for MV, non-hyperspace ships will simply not appear in-game. If you wish to convert a ship pack to be compatible with Multiverse, please ask for help on the discord.
  • Hyperspace Ship Packs - These will partially work. The ships will appear in-game, but depending on the mod you may experience issues. Multiverse does have a basic "compatibility" check that runs at the start, which will outfit ships with the bare minimum necessities to be playable. Beyond that, we cannot verify whether or not the ships will work as intended.
  • Weapon/Drone Packs - While weapon packs will partially work with Multiverse (weapons will appear in most stores as intended), you will experience many issues. Secret sectors with limited item pools will still spawn these new weapons, and enemy ships will be unable to use them. Besides this, I heavily recommend never using weapon packs with Multiverse anyways. Weapon balance is very carefully considered and clutter is constantly reduced. The addition of more weapons will offset these changes drastically.
  • Enemy ship expansions - No, unless they were made for Multiverse. Though there are few of these, mods like Vicious Vessels (which incidentally is also included in Multiverse) will not work as Multiverse renames all ship lists.
  • Hyperspace Crew Mods - this depends heavily on how said mod works. Just like with weapon packs, you will experience issues like crew spawning where they aren't supposed to, However, said crew should work fine on their own. Just don't expect them to have any blue options or be able to talk to them.
  • Graphical Mods - While it is very unlikely any sort of graphical/UI mods will break Multiverse, you may experience strange visual errors. We've worked hard to try and make the experience as polished as possible however, so hopefully additional graphical mods aren't required.
  • MV Addons - as should be obvious, mods made for Multiverse are the only ones that can be ensured to be compatible. Just make sure you're using the right versions for them!

When patching Multiverse, ensure you are using the following order in slipstream. You can draw mods around in the list to rearrange them. Patch order is extremely important.

Code: Select all

1. DO NOT PATCH Hyperspace.ftl. All necessary components are already included in Multiverse.
2. Your Multiverse Version
3. Any official Multiverse Addons
4. Any unnoficial Multiverse Addons
5. Smaller content mods you may be using alongside Multiverse

Again, I HIGHLY recommend playing Multiverse without any addons or additional mods for your first several runs. This way, you fully understand the depth of what the mod has to offer before going on to add additional content that will likely clash with it.

Hyperspace, the modding API needed for Multiverse to work has been updated to version 1.2.2 Please update your hyperspace, as the new 5.3+ versions will not work with older hyperspace versions: https://subsetgames.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=35095


Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TB7vxTeU40Gw5GxkNxRsdmv-BdGDgvvB/view?usp=sharing
This link will always take you to the latest version. Hotfix versions will not come with installer updates. The installer does not auto-update.

DOWNLOAD RAW FILES - 5.3 ORDER AND CHAOS (Requires manual install)
Assets File: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EDY0tX4N-w-bmJ5Qf65GAZ9h5iRiR6ny/view?usp=sharing
Data File: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1U94fcFtdJQirHvrH4G9gGehA02Q-GHUU/view?usp=sharing
This link will always take you to the latest version. All hotfixes are treated as their own isolated version.

Warning: This changelog contains spoilers. Read at your own risk

Code: Select all


Scroll down for spoilers



You can now view all achievements in the stat menu. Also added many new achievements.

Added 3 new secret Renegades.

Added the cat in the hat.

Added Ellie the Equinoid and her quest.

Added Sentry Cannons and the Technician Cruisers.

Added the Auto-Cruisers, which are now unlocked by A55's quest.

Heavily reworked the Nexus questline and events, and added a new related cruiser.

If you have good reputation and an elite for a non-hostile faction, you can now buy loot from their transports. Transports now spawn when arriving at a beacon rather than after attacking.

Added plot armor for unique crew in events with losses.

Added Shining, Chaos, and The Merchant's Remorse composed by Maddie Doktor, and Depths of the Multiverse (Title) and Floral composed by PDTM.

Added a new icon for enemies with power surges.

Added new MV Rebel pirates. Replaced many Syndicate ships with new hulls.

Added a special interaction if you tell Boline to repeat her speech too many times.

Added 12 new Duskbringer related events. Reworked several others.

Added the Boon of Osmians, the Blessing of Beginnings, Blessing of Sentries and the Grant of Time.

Added many new unique crew interactions.

You can now toggle drones to AI mode in the toggle menu.

Added the jukebox.

Haynes's entomophobia is now a mechanic. (consider this a minor nerf in response to how much better he is with tile movement)

You can now show Leah your big Beam.

Sylvan now uses miniboss rules (victory sound + long death)

Added new start game tips like in vanilla.

Added some sound effects to the mysterious beacon and its related encounters.

Added new sound effects to many different crew.

Added an easter egg to Frost weapons.


Massively reworked the crew socialization mechanic. You can now only talk to unique crew, but interactions are non-linear and respond to other crew/equipment on the ship.

Lowered notoriety tolerance overall.

You can no longer jump away from the MFK Picket at the extreme sector 8 start event (this is to prevent an exploit).

Rather than being triggered by completing all hard tasks, CURA now tracks a threshold of "merit" points which can be gained by any task to unlock the reroute.

Reworked Tully's ability. Rather than buffing crew, he now can call an airstrike. Adjusted his crewser to play into the new ability.

Redid large amounts of dialogue in events like Sylvan, Guntput, the Salt Man quest, etc.

Added crew kill surrender on OOJ's quest.

Completely reworked the way you obtain the Mysterious Beacon. You will now receive it from the Observers after killing a specific number of Renegade bosses.

Greatly improved the Auto-Escort, Duskbringer Fighter, Duskbringer Scout, Duskbringer Guard, Duskbringer Trapper, and Duskbringer Bomber sprites.

Improved Pleasure B's sprite.

Improved various fleet sprites.

Improved many weapon and drone sprites. Notable major changes are Tri-ion, Heavy ion, Particle missiles, and Leto.

Emergency Generator is now a backup battery internal upgrade and does not spawn in stores.

Changed certain loot items. Auto loot is now a Conservative Combat drone. Lanius loot is now a Chain Flak. Aug loot is now an Amp Flak drone.

Restructured the slip tunnel events so they all show up with the anomaly detector.

Changed the Sylvan's transport unlocks and reworked their ships.

Changed Black Market from "friendly" (internally) to "hostile".

Replaced the Slowed Metabolism (more suffocation resistance, -25% fire res) Rock Lab with Titan Fists (increased damage to doors and drones).

Evolutionary Rebranching lab now grants most Slug blue options for Shells.

Cloaked crew are no longer invulnerable, but rather cannot be attacked by enemy crew.

Changed Knights ability to 1 charge instead of a comically long cooldown. Enemies can now use the ability after 35s into the fight.

Spiders and Equinoids now require the on-board lab to evolve and tame.

Removed biometric scans; to compensate, subtypes now list inherited stats, and ability text is more detailed.

Added more Magnetic Payload target options.

You can now rarely find Soldiers in Militia and Federation sectors.

LaRoache will now always spawn on nebula exits (disregarding special sectors)

OOJ's Crewser now spawns with its morphs in random forms.

Updated the Duskbringer facility event to let you install a clone bay if you lack one.

Tweaked some older Free Mantis events. (Mission explanation, afraid Engi). Briggs from the Free Mantis executioner event is now a soldier.

Sylvan's story options will hide themselves after listening to them rather than allowing you to repeat them.

Removed the ASB Pirate distress event.

Reduced chance of the Zoltan gift to Orchids being booby trapped.

The ship in the damaged Auto event will actually be damaged.

The Spook Chasers will deal real damage to the enemy Engines in the Bounty quest.

Reduced the damage dealt by the drifting Obelisk when dragging him aboard.

Slightly raised the chances of generating a Haunt encounter with the Proton Pack.

Modified some judge interactions.

Ares no longer spawns in Sylvan's status weapons trade.

Unavailable options under the storage check button are now greyed out but visible.

Jerry uses his weapon in grief mode even in melee combat.

You can no longer "play" the tutorial.

Removed a lot of my old cringe (not all of it but I'm working on it)


Lowered the S1 ships weapons power to 1 for those that use combat drones.
Removed Chain Heavy from S1 enemies.
Removed Kamayari, Charge Laser III and Flak IV from Sector 1 loot table.

Sylvan and his drop reward now scales with your challenge level.
Sylvan's rare and aether trades should now only spawn after sector 3.

Increased the repair speed from the Grant of Engines to 75%.
The Grant of Hacking no longer allows crew to ignore lockdown, but actually unhacks your own doors when adjacent.
Reworked the blessing of Kernels to grant free missiles at start.
Osmian Holograms are now affected by the Boon of Hardlight.

Tweaked Duskbringer abilities. Martyr enemies (now called New Order) now use invasion AI.
Duskbringer crew no longer apply stun when exploding and cannot use their abilities while stunned.
Duskbringer crew now have a new teleport movement mechanic. Reduced Devotee Max Health to 65.
Ghosts and Lanius no longer take damage from Shell gas. Added a new gas type unique to Scientist B to counterbalance this.
Malforms can now transform as long as you have a relevant subtype. They can also change their form.
Sirens now captivate the crew they are attacking, limiting their functions.
Sansylvan is now immune to hazards.

Nerfs to ammunition obtainability - decreased amounts of missiles given in event rewards.
Changed most ship defeat rewards to be more consistent. (MED/HIGH on destruction/crew kill)

Adjusted shield prices to encourage buying buffer points more often.
Emancipation Grills now also block crew with short-range teleportation, and cost slightly more.
Nerfed the heal boost of Drone Booster from 50% to 20%.
Increased the prices for the Piloting Jammer auction.
Tweaked some of the Ghost trinkets.

Buffed the Guild Cruiser boss and nerfed the Salt Cruiser "boss". Obyn no longer takes a crew slot when you initially recruit him.
Buffed the Hektar Loyalty Assurance.
The Arcadian Station now has a Drone Booster and spawns with Engi crew.
Tweaked CURA's pre-fight choices. Also buffed the boss itself. Modified the gimmicks of the CURA cruisers accordingly.
Nerfed the Engineer B boss to use a Battle drone instead of a 2nd boarding Surgeon on Challenge and Extreme.
MFK C Renegade on Challenge now gets an Artemis instead of Leto.

Increased playable Flagship reactor.
Reduced the max reactor power of Zoltan C.
Lowered Free Mantis A starting power by 2 points.
Osmian C now has 11 crew slots.
Lowered Elite Fed starting power and Artillery level by 1.
Added a Slug on Hacker B.
Tony's Crewser now starts with mind control.

Amp Pinpoint is now more common. Sped up all power levels. Price 60 -> 55
Removed bonus power on Divine Repair drone.
RAD Module no longer removes system damage on the Mod Beam.
Rebel A artillery (Laser) base cooldown 19 -> 15
Rebel B artillery (Beam) base cooldown 21 -> 18
The Jerry Crewser artillery now also does ion damage.
Reduced power usage of Big Suck Bomb and 'Subtracter' by 1.
Reduced Ranseur's breach chance to 80%.
Burst Laser III price 105 -> 90
Chain Laser price 65 -> 50
Charge Laser II price 70 -> 75, cooldown 4s -> 4.5s
Laser Chainger price 40 -> 45, cooldown 7.25s -> 7.5s
Kernel Mk II cooldown 15s -> 16.5s, price 60 -> 70
Lowered elite Kernels replication chance to 50% again.
Pre-Flak price 100 -> 70, radius 100 -> 60 (same radius as Flak IV)
Conservative Energy price 55 -> 45
Flak I price 55 -> 45
Energy I price 50 -> 40
'Adder' price 85 -> 60 (same as Default variant)
Price of the three elemental Flak reduced to 80
'Pelta' Rad-Beam Bio damage 60 -> 45
Lowered Nevermiss cooldown slightly.
Heavily reworked the Blaster Beam.
Buffed Aether Cybernetics.


Fixed some tpyos.

Updated discord rich presence with newer ships.

Fixed Sylvan not having enough room to use super shield bypass.

Updated player Auto-ships to not be able to access crew loss events when having no crew.

Adjusted the offset placement of many bosses, corrected some enemy artilleries firing off center, and removed "disconnected" rooms on Dynasty/Obelisk ships to prevent issues.

Re-enabled the ability to right click to open doors.

Raised the Cognitive skill reqs so you don't level them beyond intended levels. We suggest you don't try to cross the new threshold...

Fixed power module duplication exploits.

Fixed Nights' clone bay issue on his ship.

Fixed nebula reinforcements not spawning with an ASB.

Fixed Grid augments not slowing sabotage of mind-controlled Ghosts.

Fixed the Gatling Barrel not obeying to the general MV quest generation rules.

Fixed doctor drones being unable to break doors.

Parasitic Dependencies should no longer affect drones spawned by events.

Fixed LaRoache not working correctly.

Fixed Vampweed spore augment affecting all ships in combat.

Fixed the boon of merchants not always working.

Moved the fleet delay of Challenge and Extreme further so it doesn't stack each time you select it.

Fixed some old unique crew id still being looked for. (Obyn, Symbiote and Metyunt also were changed to use the unique_ prefix)

Fixed some Coalition enemies loading a generic reward on crew kill.

Added a clone bay room on all variants of the Duskbringer Bomber.

Fixed the Slug broken O2 event only accepting default Mantis for the blue option.

Fixed the technician drones not being recognized as drones in certain scenarios.

Fixed Shell gas being impacted by crew with different heal speeds.

Fixed holograms being damaged by Shell gas.

Prevented Sale sectors from spawning with too few stores.

Fixed a possible bug where only the MFK C Renegade could spawn from the mysterious beacon.

Fixed missing weapons from Wakeson's Blessing of Speciality.

Fixed Morph ships spawning with Osmian morphs.

Enemy saboteurs can no longer cloak on their own ship.

Prevented the exit from spawning in the Showdown.

Fixed the Leech Renegade using the player stun lasers.

Fixed Ampere and Badland guards not spawning ASB immediately.

Fixed the door manning station on Tuco A.

Fixed a minor sprite error on the Lanius B sprite.

Updated the Energy Shield tooltip to no longer reference "Zoltan" Energy Shields.

Fixed Toggle Flak RAD mode projectiles.

Fixed depowered artillery always saying its a beam.

Fixed misgendering my dev team.

To get access to older versions of Multiverse, you can find them archived on our Discord server.

FTL Multiverse is a massive overhaul (and even borderline total-conversion) mod for FTL: Faster Than Light to a scale never seen before in the FTL community. Multiverse overhauls, expands, or refurbishes nearly every aspect of the game, whether its ships, crew, events, weapons, you name it! Thanks to the modding breakthrough of Hyperspace, Multiverse was the first mod to incorporate previously impossible modding aspects like new crew types (beyond that of the unused 'Ghost' race from vanilla), infinite player ships, and so much more.

What sets Multiverse apart the most from other FTL mods however is the meticulous attention to detail, in both the worldbuilding and balance. While it's far from perfect (nothing is, after all), inclusions are carefully weighed against already existing features and unnecessary bloat is pruned whenever possible in the many frequent updates MV receives.

Multiverse features over 100 different weapons to customize your arsenal with, but they aren't all found in stores! Weapons which you'll obtain from events/stores are all carefully balanced, including massive rebalances to vanilla equipment as well, to ensure everything can prove to be a useful tool rather than deadweight to be sold at your next opportunity. There's also a number of new types of weapons, such as Energy Cannons that do both ion and hull damage but no system damage, Particle Accelerators which annihilate systems but do no hull damage, Kernels that act similarly to Missiles but with replicative properties that allow them to sometime ignore ammo usage, and many more!
Though there's far fewer drones, it's for good reason. Unlike other mods, Multiverse instead removes a majority of drones from the vanilla pool, instead replacing them with new varieties such as "Toggle" and "Amp" drones. Toggle drones serve two different functions and can be swapped out before battle, such as the Guardian drone which serves as both a standard anti-missile defense drone as well as the anti-drone! Amp drones too can be configured before battle, but are swapped between different power levels to scale their effects for early, mid, and late game as however fits best into your loadout.
Thanks to hyperspace, Multiverse can even add brand new crew drones! Along with a Mk2 upgrade for the standard anti-personnel drone (now a toggle between boarding and defense modes), you can now use the Manager, Doctor, and Recon drones to supplement your organic crew.

A vast majority of augments which once spawned in stores will no longer pollute the augment pool - instead they can be installed conveniently aboard your ship at any available opportunity, and won't even take up an augment slot! Internal upgrades allow you to explore many strategies that relied entirely upon luck of the draw in vanilla. No longer will missile or drone builds be crippled by being unable to find a drone arm. Some are even brand new functions entirely, like crew moving faster for each powered Medbay level, or crew being immune to stun inside the Shield room.
The crew lab functions similarly but can serve an even larger number of purposes. After installing the lab on your ship, you'll be able to select one primary modifications for every species that you have aboard your vessel. Modifications provide permanent altercations to the stats of your crew, opening up new synergies or changing the use case of crew entirely. However, only one primary mod can be installed per species per run and cannot be uninstalled, so choose wisely! Secondary upgrades are available as well when you upgrade the lab, and apply similar modifications to specific sub-types of crew.

Based on a feature from the Captain's Edition mod, though executed very differently, combat augments can be found in stores and certain special events and can be activated to jam certain enemy systems temporary. Their effects are powerful, but typically cost fuel, with most lasting for 30 to 45 seconds.

One of the biggest new wealths of content provided in Multiverse you'll find scarcely elsewhere is the new crew types, enabled only by Hyperspace. Along with the new species like the oxygen-providing and crew-buffing Orchids, explosive but quickly suffocating Shells, electrically charged Leeches, and many more, every crew type also has a variety of sub-types with different modified characteristics. For example, Human medics are worse at combat, but have the unique ability to deploy a healing bomb that effects all allied crew in the room. Zoltan monks are completely incapable of combat, but can temporarily stun all crew in the room. Rock outcasts have less health than ordinary Rockmen, but get progressively stronger for every allied outcast or fellow Rockman in the room.

Every species (as well as some individual sub-factions) have at least one special sub-type known as an elite. Elites are extra strong but sometimes have one major weakness. Slug rangers can deploy stun bombs and cloak, as well as doing massive crew damage in combat. However, they're unable to damage systems and move slower due to their special armor created from the hides of other creatures. Engi Defenders are even worse at combat but repair extremely fast, and can temporarily shield themselves for massively reduced damage from enemy attackers. Elites are often very hard to obtain, but are always worthy additions to your crew when you can find them.

Along with sub-types for existing crew, Multiverse introduces a number of new species such as the Orchids, Shells, Phantoms, Leeches, and many more, several of which are secret! Each species has its own unique set of traits, lore, and ships. Orchids act as support crew, both refilling oxygen on your ship as well as providing buffs or debuffs depending on the variant. Shells can explode, taking heavy self damage which they regenerate afterwards for a variety of effects. Some Shells heal allied crew, others instantly repair systems, and some cause heavy crew and system damage. Phantoms can move through doors without breaking them first and are incredible at sabotage as well as being immune to hazards, providing a very different boarding experience than in vanilla. Leeches drain power from enemy systems and regenerate health out of combat, providing quick ways to take down enemy systems.

Multiverse doesn't just stop at adding more equipment and crew, it has just as many if not more ships! Featuring over 200 player ships and over 800 enemy ships, there's an incredible number of different playstyles to explore and challenges to face.

With 16 pages of ships, most species (or groups of related species) get their own page of ships, each of which has its own unlock quests. All ships from pages 2 to 14 have a complete set of A, B, and C variants with alternate gimmicks and loadouts just like in vanilla, with the addition of special elite ships on the right. Elite ships only have one variant and are unlocked by unlocking all other related vessels, but are much stronger than ordinary ships. A major portion of Multiverse's gameplay is centered around optional questlines and bosses to unlock all of the ships! Unlock quests are far more in-depth than vanilla and typically require significantly less RNG outside of finding them as well.

With more than a dozen new factions in Multiverse, there's a massive variety of enemies to encounter. Powerful elite ships carry upgraded arsenals and elite crew of their own, but typically only spawn in homeworld sectors. Powerful boss fights pose even greater threats, but often drop special equipment, unique crew, or lead to even grander questlines with larger rewards!

Multiverse is massive, so huge we couldn't possibly cover everything here. If you want to take a deeper dive into Multiverse, it has its own Wiki! It's still under maintenance and information can be out of date with the release of new updates, but the community is working hard to keep on expanding it and making sure the articles are all reliable.

However, here's a list of some of the most noteworthy additions or focuses of the mod;
  • Extremely extensive worldbuilding and lore. While it's certainly not vanilla friendly, Multiverse acts as a sequel to the base game and has many returning faces such as Kazaaakplethkilik, Slocknog, Ariadne, and more! Expect to find hundreds of new in-depth events as you explore the completely overhauled setting Multiverse provides.
  • A brand new second difficulty select, letting you choose between Casual, Normal, Challenge, and Extreme modes. These influence a number of things and provide a second way to change up your game beyond that of the usual Easy, Normal, and Hard.
  • A brand new Flagship. While the Rebellion still pilots the vessel and the general concepts are the same, the sprite has been changed entirely and the gimmicks of the stages have now been changed up. You'll find it much harder than your ordinary vanilla Flagship, but don't worry. Multiverse also provides far more opportunities to ensure you're prepared than vanilla.
  • More than 50 new regularly spawning sectors and more than 8 secret ones to discover!
  • Better developed homeworld sectors. No longer are unique sectors like in vanilla, being just their generic variant with an added unlock. Now, they have their own events, increased elite enemy spawns, and often times multiple expansive questlines.
  • Most sectors are now protected by powerful guard ships. Allied and most neutral factions won't instigate combat unless you attack first, while hostile factions won't be so friendly unless you have something to persuade them! Guards will call in additional ASB support, but if you can crew kill them they will always give you a special reward.
  • A major rework of stores, turning them from bland filler to actual events themselves. Every store now displays the faction that owns it while adjacent, and have a large pool of possible encounters there. Some stores have additional bonus offers, grant quests or alternatives to shopping, or require you to pass certain challenges before you can shop there.
  • Along with the above rework, the items which stores offer are now changed as well. Almost every store is now guaranteed to sell weapons and crew, and depending on what faction runs the store alters what weapons and crew can spawn. Systems are now split up into two categories, essential and auxiliary. Essential systems are those like Shields, Doors, Sensors, etc, while auxiliary systems are those like Hacking, Mind Control, Cloaking, etc. This way, your core systems will no longer take up space in the possibility you've chosen to play without them.
  • General RNG reductions to gameplay. Evasion is largely nerfed on enemy ships, and features such as guaranteed weapons in stores and internal upgrades like Explosive Replicator, Defense Scrambler, and Drone Arm mean you're no longer quite as much up to the mercy of the hands of fate in Multiverse.
  • Randomly spawning Multiverse Renegade encounters. These enemies are more difficult than your ordinary encounter and can use a massive variety of equipment that doesn't match typical faction gimmicks. One renegade will spawn in every sector, and as you go on you'll even start to encounter cruiser-class vessels. Every Renegade cruiser has a special loot item unique to it, which will always drop from crew killing and sometimes from destruction.
  • Unique crew who also serve as characters, each with their own backstories, personalities, and questlines. You can even talk to your crew at empty beacons, where you'll learn more about them, get hints for various other questlines, or maybe even have a laugh or two.
  • Fight special Transport and Minelayer enemies in homeworld sectors to gain access to special loot items and Mine Launcher tech that can be used to delay the fleet!
  • Encounter the Traveling Merchant, Sylvan, who will offer you large arrays of up to 6 different weapons of a certain variety at a time. You can also sell him your excess resources, and if you're lucky, he'll sometimes even tell you a story. Just don't push his buttons - he's one of the hardest enemies in the game, and only a sufficiently prepared vessel can dream of taking him down.
  • Alternative secret endings and routes. Your game no longer has to end with the same Flagship every run!
  • Brand new original soundtrack, featuring only songs made specifically for Multiverse! You can listen to it here on youtube; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nM0B5zZ74Pw&list=PLXARrpodicQsHXiZoecojFMsoXvrTN1Hv&index=8

Along with all of these features, here's some of the other new possibilities opened up thanks to hyperspace!
  • Custom crew limits for player ships. Not every ship is stuck at the 8 crew limit anymore!
  • New weapon attributes such as accuracy, allowing certain weapons to have additional bonuses against evasion.
  • QoL features such as specific weapon charge time indicators.
  • Custom triggers and timed events. No longer does everything have to be tied to enemy FTL drives.
  • Custom store menus!
  • Many additional internal features such as hidden augments, which enable hundreds of opportunities that, while might sound small, allow for the creation of far more sophisticated and advanced mods.

Addons not developed by the Multiverse team, while briefly reviewed manually, are not maintained or developed by the official Multiverse development team. Download links are permanent and files will change over time. Download with care.

Due to the character limit, official MV addons will now be located on this thread: https://subsetgames.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=38203&p=129173#p129173
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Postby TheMultiverseTeam » Sun Dec 08, 2019 5:28 pm

Claw ship.png
Kat told me to post this
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Postby Stormbringer » Tue Mar 03, 2020 1:33 pm

Just so you know, Project Coalition is coming back.

So... now might be the time to panic.
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Postby TheMultiverseTeam » Mon Mar 16, 2020 4:36 pm

Stable Version 1 is out now! Overhauled events, more equipment, even more new enemies, more player ships, new artillery systems, and more!
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Re: [OVERHAUL] FTL: MULTIVERSE Version 1 [Experimental V1.2]

Postby TheMultiverseTeam » Thu Apr 09, 2020 6:00 pm

Experimental Build V1.2e is out!

Adds Lost Sun sectors and events
Picket and Battleship class ships now can only spawn in sectors 4+ (previously 3+)
Fixed bug where Halberd/Pike/Minibeam wouldn't shoot

Don't forget to join our discord server if you want to receive additional experimental builds, notifications for new releases, see development progress, or talk with other mod players.
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Re: [OVERHAUL] FTL: MULTIVERSE Version 1 [Experimental V1.3]

Postby TheMultiverseTeam » Sat Apr 18, 2020 2:17 am

Version 1.3e Is out!

Code: Select all


Added Duskbringer Sector

Added Smuggler Cruiser

Added Tuco's Cruiser type A and B

New sprites for Nyx, Hades, Hydra, Asclepius missiles

New particle missile and laser sprites

Zoltan Deleter can pierce 1 shield layer

Motherships can only spawn sectors 4+ (previously 3+)

Reworded some classes for specific factions
   -Civilian Harvest -> Civilian Miner
   -Civilian Scout -> Civilian Surveyor
   -Civilian Dropship -> Civilian Carryship
   -Auto-Trapper -> Auto-Minelayer
   -Auto-Harvester -> Auto-Salvager
   -Engi Dropship -> Engi Infiltrator
   -Lanius Scout -> Lanius Surveyor
   -Lanius Outrider -> Lanius Seeker
   -Lost Sun Trapper -> Lost Sun Minelayer

Engi are no longer super cheap


Flagship artilleries now properly correspond with the correct room

Fixed charge glows on chain/cluster/bio/recycler bombs

Fixed descriptions for Rockmen and Engi

In the event where you explore an asteroid field and encounter a pirate, the encounter actually spawns a ship now.


Changed locked ship description so people will stop complaining about it.

The "missing asset" error triangle is now invisible so people will stop complaining about the missing gibs. They're coming, I promise.

The Main menu now shows the current mod version in the bottom right corner.
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Re: [OVERHAUL] FTL: MULTIVERSE Version 1 [Experimental V1.3]

Postby G3PSx » Thu Apr 23, 2020 7:12 am

Just a quick post to say "WOW".

This looks amazing guys, keep up the good work.
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Re: [OVERHAUL] FTL: MULTIVERSE Version 1 [Experimental V1.3]

Postby firemix19 » Fri Apr 24, 2020 10:56 am

Wow, looks nice, works fine
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Re: [OVERHAUL] FTL: MULTIVERSE Version 1.4 [Ghost Update!]

Postby TheMultiverseTeam » Fri Apr 24, 2020 6:23 pm

Version 1.4e Is out!

Ghosts and ever important bug/balance fixes!

Code: Select all


Ghost Nebula Sector

More ghost ships

Teleporter can be upgraded to level 4 for 150 scrap, which allows for instant cooldown.

Added miniship preview for Tuco Type B

Decreased Multiverse type B cruiser's artillery's breach chance by 20%

Added blue option for explosive replicator for the mining donation event

Gambling on Tuco Type B has a 1/3 chance of success instead of 1/4

Removed system lasers from all enemy weapon lists except for civilians

Decreased starting power of Smuggler Cruiser by 1

Cost of hacking increased

Decreased the cost of Energy weapons considerably

Sped up Energy, Anti-Hull Beam, Ion, and Mining drones

Nerfed Chain-Flak

Orchid type C starts with sensors now


Fixed the cloak on Rebel Bomber

Oxygen now costs 35 scrap (previously 0, the default value from vanilla)

Fixed various typos/bugs in the event files, many of which carried over from vanilla

Fixed error where engi were captizalized in the engi event files which resulted in some wierd errors

Fixed text with FTL booster storage check

Fixed Rebel Cruiser offset

Fixed schimitar glow

Fixed more event typos that caused other wierd bugs

Fixed Halberd (again) cause it wasn't firing still.

Fixed Elite Rebel Rigger offset

Fixed Flagship artilleries on stage 3

Fixed wierd mantis scout door linking

Fixed typo in Eris Missile's description

Ancient Combat no longer sells for 0 scrap

Fixed missing minelauncher mk 1 sprite

Fixed bug where trapper class ships only spawn with one weapon

Fixed Fed Auto-Ship event to actually give rewards

Fixed some events where nebula events didn't have nebulas


The ghost buster unlock has no ship to unlock yet. It'll be added in 1.5

The wierd bug where peaceful ships teleport crew onto your ship for no apparent reason if they have a

teleporter is known, but we aren't sure what causes it. We're working on it.

We've noticed a potential nebula sector crash. Happens very rarely to only certain people, and we can't

seem to replicate it. If you encounter this bug please let us know and give as many details as possible.

(equipment, sector #, if it was regular nebula or a different type of nebula sector, etc)

Forum signature for the Multiverse account is much smaller
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Re: [OVERHAUL] FTL: MULTIVERSE Version 1.5 [Loot and Hive Update!]

Postby TheMultiverseTeam » Mon Apr 27, 2020 3:47 pm

Version 1.5e is out!

New events for the Mantis Homeworlds (renamed to Mantis hive), and Special Transport encounters that drop modified weapons, as well as other features.

Code: Select all


2 New generic Mantis events and new Unique events for Mantis Hive (Homeworlds)

Homeworld sectors now always spawn a "Loot" transport encounter (some factions are missing)

"Loot" Transports scary special equipment with unique modifiers (currently only one per faction with a transport)

Slug Pleasure Cruiser type A and B

Modified Militi A's starting layout to be much stronger

Smuggler A now starts with 17 missiles

Kazaaak encounter no longer gives mantis cruiser (as it will be a new ship eventually), and spawns a Suzerain

Removed slug station from generic station list (so they dont appear very often in other sectors)

Decreased the number of empty beacons in various sectors, especially homeworlds

Repair-bots now repair in intervals of 4

Ships with more/less than 30 hull now indicate their hull health in their miniship

Changed Rebel B's name

Mercenaries now have their own destroyed and crew kill text


Black Raven event spawns the Black Raven ship instead of a generic slug ship

Outcome of broken Fed Autoship event is now hidden

Lost Sun civilian distress ship no longer spawns as hostile

Lost Sun rock/lost sun choice event now spawns a lost sun ship when you defend the rock

Zoltan Guard offset fixed again

Fixed cloak offset for elite rebel assault

Fixed wording in drone reactor storage option

Changed wording in Crystalline Defense Drone

Auto Trapper artillery's projectiles are now appropriately slow

Fixed Orchid Cruiser B and C's descriptions

Also, 1.6 will be a large rebalance update, to make enemy balance more akin to vanilla, and to better balance weapons, so look forward to that.

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