[OVERHAUL - USES HYPERSPACE] FTL: MULTIVERSE Version 3.12.2 [The ??? Update, Part 2]

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[OVERHAUL - USES HYPERSPACE] FTL: MULTIVERSE Version 3.12.2 [The ??? Update, Part 2]

Postby TheMultiverseTeam » Sun Dec 08, 2019 5:20 pm

A mod by Kix, Laythe, AgentTHeKat, Markus_McCloud, PDTM (Please Don't Touch Me), Woona, Moreorlesser, Magic Badger, Solid Boi (CurseDC)

Woona: Creator of Vicious Vessels and the Orchids mod, and let us use both in Multiverse
SallySpartan: Creator of Eldritch Horrors, an addon for Multiverse.
PLIOU: Donated several of the hulls we use, such as the Rock and Lost Sun guard, as well as the Duskbringer Station.
Stormbringer: The original creator of Project Coalition, who wrote the original PC lore and let us reuse his faction names in Multiverse
Some Federation person: For letting us use his Federation Fleetship and Fed Stealth bomber
SwiftTiger: Developer of Hyperspace, but also composed the Auto Sector music.
JumboCarrot: Composed the Monk and Separatist Sector music.
Andr3wtime: Creator of the type B Mantis Bishop cruiser.
Anthonest: Letting us use his Fleetship from the Arcadian War
felipemello: Gatling guy crew spritesheet
Moreorlesser: The Orchid Shuttle and clusterspore sprite and event ideas
Hyperion: Additional flavor text for defeat events
Kobo: Crystal Flak sprite
RAD-82: Federation guard sprite
Jimli_: Federation tactical fighter sprite
Witherbottom: First youtuber to play Multiverse, as well as the creator of the Drone Zone addon. You can check him out here:

Hyperspace, the modding API needed for Multiverse to work has been updated to version 0.5.3. Please update your hyperspace, as the new 3.10+ versions will not work with older hyperspace versions: https://subsetgames.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=35095

This probably won't be the update you were expecting, but its the update you got. You're welcome.

Old News:

Code: Select all

It's been a while (only like 6 days but thats a lot in terms of how fast updates normally come), but 3.10 is still in development! My computer got kinda jacked up but its working again now. Luckily no progress is lost, and though I've been busy I can get back to 3.10.

There's a lot of new stuff planned out for the future! Right now we're working on the Dusk Revisit (3.10) which will add more Duskbringer events, a new elite crew and elite ships, and The Duskbringer Capitol!
We also have planned a Separatist Revisit, and Ancient Revisit, a weapon update and drone rework, and more! Updates for the Elite Ship addon will be coming as well + some other possible addons.

This one took a while, but Ive had a busy schedule and not a lot of inspiration for this update. Truth be told, it ended up not being a whole lot, as after reviewing the vanilla files for comparisons and hearing what other people have to say, I don't really think the enemy balance is that bad. There are some changes yes, mostly notably reduced engine power for a lot of ships, but doesn't have nearly as expansive changes as originally intended.

With 3.9.2 done, I can finally move on to the Duskbringer Revisit that was supposed to be in place of this one.

This was going to be a different update, but the needed features from hyperspace weren't working properly. So now, I introduce the balance update!

Another up-and-coming update (but not the next one) will improve/add new weapons and help improve the viability of drones.

The Spider update is ready! This update is no joke, there are really giant alien spiders now. Not a lot else to say.
Also, Moreorlesser (a member of our discord) is now an official dev for his contributions for all of the spider crew sprites!


It's been a couple days but the Militia update is ready! Not too much new mechanics but there's a new sector, ships, and a new miniboss with a unique mystery solving event.

Next update will be a bit of a meme but should be cool. You'll see what I mean soon enough.

[forgot the date for this one]
Whats this? Morality update? Yes, there is now a morality system. Don't worry, its NOTHING like the terrible one in CE. Your crew will never mutiny against you or leave. Instead, intentionally preforming bad actions like attacking civilians will raise your notoriety level. Every peaceful faction (Engi, Zoltan, Free Mantis, Orchid, Crystal, Shells, etc) has their own separate reputation system. If your reputation gets too low with a faction, their guards will turn hostile. You will be warned whenever you do something that increases your notoriety.

3.6 also has some other cool stuff using the new Hyperspace 0.5.1! One of the coolest of these are the TRUE BACK BUTTONS. In combat/storage checks you can now go back and forth between options as many times as you want! Lag between sector jumps has also been significantly improved because combat/storage check events are no longer loaded when you enter a sector, but rather when they're actually needed.


The 3.5.x updates focus on the new alien race, the shells! Part one adds all of the basics, the standard shell crew, new enemies, the cruisers, and their standard sectors.

Shells were originally concepted by Woona for a standalone mod before they gave up on the project (or at least, so it seems for now).

Crystal Update part 2 is now out! This update has a lot more secret, spoilery stuff that you won't see unless you're looking in the right place. Regardless, it took a bit to do but now it's ready for the public eye!

3.5 (which will likely be split up into 3 parts) will be focusing on a brand new alien race and faction called the Shells!
Enjoy (or perish)

Wow, apologies for the 9 day wait for 3.3! The update has actually been available for a while on the discord but has not been ready for public release as it requires Hyperspace 0.5 to function. At long last 0.5 is ready for release and so is 3.3!

I've already begun work on 3.4 so hopefully that update will release very soon as well.


This update adds even more misc stuff that's been put off for a while, like the Smuggler Unlock quest, filling the Lanius slot on the 1st page, a new menu screen (which should have been in 3.0), fixing event overriding, and new events for the first sector (which also should have been in 3.0)

The update took a little longer than usual, and a lot of the most time consuming changes probably won't be noticeable, but enjoy.

It's been a long time since the Slug update compared to our usual release scheduled, but that was because 3.0 took a long time to finish, plus an extra layer of bug testing to make sure it was as stable as possible!
3.0 adds a lot of stuff random features that never really fit into a specific update, most notably a rework of the guard events. They now have new, more interesting and lore-friendly text, a consistent structure, and new/modified options.
3.0 also involved a lot of XML restructuring to make future modifications easier. This took a lot of time on its own and will have no noticeable effect on gameplay, but will allow us to expand certain aspects of the mod much easier in the future!
Minibosses for the Engi Harmony, Mantis Hive, and Civilian Coreworlds have finally been added, as well as 5 new cruisers and a remade Coalition C.

As you'll also notice, this forum post has changed a bit. A lot of people have been struggling with installation, so we have added an installation instructions segment, as well as an addon section for current and future addons to the mod.

With the Zoltan Update now complete, all that remains before 3.0 is the Slug Update!
The Zoltan Update Part 2 adds the Monk refuge, a nebula sector with new encounters with the Monk sub-faction!

It's been a little longer than usual, but part 2 is ready. It adds the Lanius Swarmlands, more elites, new events, and a lot of misc balance/bug fixes.

Surprise, its Lanius update time. This one took a bit longer than expected, and 2.11 inevitably had to be broken up in separate parts. Part 1 focuses on abandoned sectors, adding new events and transitioning them from a Lanius focused sector to just a regular abandoned sector, with more pirate and ghost encounters mixed in with the Lanius.
Part 2 will be adding the Lanius Homeworld sector with new events, Lanius elites, etc.

2.10 isn't a large update, it mostly adds new Slaver, Mercenary, and Smuggler ships. It also adds a new augment that reduces the power used by combat augments, fixes some typos and bugs, and improves some enemy sprites.
2.11 will be focusing on 2 sectors, the Abandoned Sectors and the new Lanius Homeworlds. It may be broken up into 2 parts or released as one, depending on how long it takes.

Nebula sectors have always been rather uninteresting in vanilla, so the new MV update focuses mainly on improving nebula sectors, with 13 new nebula based events. Also adds more hackers and slug pirates, fixes some bugs, and adds some other new features.

Hyperspace has a new update, 0.3, which means Multiverse also gets a new update implementing these features! This will add some promised features and fix some things like slug saboteurs not seeing enemy crew.
Also adds a few new features and bug fixes.

Thanks to SallySpartan, Woona, MaymoToTheBone, Moreorlesser, WolfpackFive, Ranger48, Filipsztyn, Internet Idiot, and Antelope Syrup to contributing event ideas for 2.5.3!
For those who aren't aware, we had a little "contest" in the discord server where users could submit event ideas to be added in 2.5.3. Every new event in part 3 comes from this contest.
There's some other changes/bug fixes as well. Enjoy!

2.5 is more of a misc update, adding a lot of random stuff, but one of the biggest new things is the large event expansion! Part 1 includes 16 new events, and more are coming.
2.5 wasn't planned to be split up into multiple updates, but we realized it would take too long to add all the events we wanted to into one update, so it will be split up into multiple parts. A part 2 will come soon, and possibly more if part 2 takes a long time as well.

The Auto Update is out, with two new sectors, the Automated Shipyards and the Central Shipyards. Here you'll find plenty of automated ships, as well as the new Rebel Engineer sub-faction!

Another update, this time focusing around the new Federation sector.
This update expands on the "Multiverse" aspect of the lore, adds a new sector, miniboss, and a secret.

Introducing, the Rebel Update!  This update spices up the Rebel Stronghold sector, adds new rebel encounters, and adds more events to the Last Stand as well!

As is the tradition, its been a couple days and the next update is out! This time the Coalition sectors have been added, along with a miniboss encounter in the Coalition Stronghold. The Coalition presents a unique challenge by mixing the slugs, mantis, rockmen, and crystals together in a deadly unstable teamup.

Version [b]2[/b] is now out! A LOT has changed since version 1, and it's finally time that we call the divide between this and future versions. We're halfway through our promised features, and we now boast enough equipment, ships, and new events that we can truly call ourselves a full "overhaul" mod.
You may also notice this forum page looks a little different. Version 2 brings new backgrounds and a new menu screen, so we figured giving this page a little touch up wasn't too far out of reason!
We hope you enjoy version 2. There's no real thematic focus in this version, though one of the major changes was the addition of new backgrounds and planets similar to that of better plants and backgrounds. Credits to Laythe for making many of the new Gas Planet images. The screenshot section at the bottom has been updated to reflect these changes as well.

1.10 focuses on two sectors, the Engi Harmony (Homeworlds) and the Civilian Coreworlds. Both have new events and a new guard. Among this, the type As for the alien ships from vanilla return. New type B and Cs will be coming in a later update.
1.11, or possibly 1.12 may take a little longer than normal updates (but this is merely my guess, for all I know I'll speed through it fast and it'll be done even quicker, who knows?). It'll most likely focus around implementing the crafting system, to allow the player to make equipment aboard their ship. This was originally planned for 1.11, but we encountered an issue that needs to be fixed in the new hyperspace update, so it will be temporarily delayed.
After that, theres only a few more faction based sectors to add. A new Lanius homeworlds/regular sector, a revamped Crystal sector, the Coalition sector, an Auto-Sector, and thats it! That'll be in the next few updates, at which I think it's safe to say we'll officially be at version 2. Possibly, we may even be able to get in Gibs before that.
As for now, enjoy the latest release!

This update is one of few to deviate from the usual focus on a new sector, but it's worth it! 1.9 adds the ability to talk to you crew at empty beacons, which allows you to assign them to jobs or simply socialize, which can sometimes have rare events that pop up.
Theres also a handful of new events, and special destroyed, crew kill, surrender, and escape events/text for every faction!

The Ancient update is out! As far as updates have gone, it has less "immediate" content. However, it adds a few new player ships, and a brand new overhauled secret sector to replace the Crystal Homeworlds. (Don't worry, its much much easier to find and relies far less on RNG)
The Ancient sector is high risk, high reward. Difficult enemies but insane tech for you to wield awaits!

1.7 is now out! The Separatist update is slightly smaller than some of the previous experimental updates, but it still adds an entire new Sector (The Separatist Sector of course), 2 new Seperatist Cruisers, and a Separatist crew type (among other things).

5/3/2020 - 1.6.2
1.6.2 is out now, with a few more balance fixes, some new weapons, and some bug fixes. If you have any other issues they'll end up in the 1.7 update, which will add the Separatist Engi sectors.
Oh and a lot of typo fixes. Lots of typo fixes.

5/2/2020 - 1.6
Added this little news section cause why the hell not.
1.6 is out now! In prior versions there's been some issues with enemy/weapon balancing, the most noticeable issue being the insane amounts of evasion that some enemies wield. 1.6 primarily focuses on better balance, though obviously it won't be perfect. We're releasing 1.6 now and plan to follow it up with 1.6.2 (a few bug fixes if necessary and the purging of all of our stupid typos). If need-be, we'll release a 1.6.3 with [i]more[/i] balance fixes if things still aren't optimal (though I think they are).
1.6 has less content than other previous updates when it comes to sectors and events, but should overall improve gameplay. That doesn't mean its entirely void of new content however! 1.6 adds [b]6[/b] new player ships to save the Federation with.
Also, following a vote from our discord, the 3 Multiverse cruisers have returned to their old blue versions from version 1. If you want to help with development or take part in discussions/votes about the mod, feel free to join! (yes I'm going to keep plugging this)
(Read the changelog for a full description of everything added/changed/fixed in 1.6)

Hyperspace is a powerful new hard-coded FTL mod, which you must install separately. Hyperspace adds the ability to add new player ship slots, new alien races, and many other new features. You can install hyperspace from here: https://subsetgames.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=35095

The Rebellion has fallen and the flagship is destroyed. At last, the Federation is again in a time of peace, taking their time to finish off the last few Rebel stragglers.
However, a group of Rebel refugees discover an ancient ship, dating long before even the Federation itself, and on it a mysterious modified FTL drive. The Rebellion quickly reverse engineered this tech and recreated multiverse travel. With this new tech, they see a second hope for their mission.
With only a couple hundred ships armed with multiverse drives, the Rebels invade other multiverses which are undergoing the same war that they had previously lost, swaying the tide in favor of the Rebellion.
However, the Federation catches wind of their plot, and quickly moves to capture multiverse tech to use for their own ships. Now, the Federation and Rebellion are locked in a never-ending war invading other universes and trying to sway the balance towards their side.

Benefits of joining the discord:
-Occasional exclusive pre-release versions
-Regular updates on mod progress
-Help with development and make suggestions/bug reports
-Talk with the devs and other people who've played the mod
-We're lonely and having another person to talk about the mod with will make us slightly happier

You may or may not have heard of the infamous Project Coalition (PC), another overhaul mod centered around the new Coalition faction. PC started in 2017 but after several years of constant problems and ultimately just a very unsatisfactory product, the countless number of bugs finally added up and the mod was rendered practically unplayable. At the time, Kix, Kat, PDTM, Woona, Magic Badger, and Solid Boi were all working on the project. PC was disbanded, but not too much long after the seeds of Multiverse began.

Multiverse was originally intended to be a small weapon/drone and ship pack, but a need for lore to connect the new factions and a growing dev team lead to larger ambitions, and eventually Multiverse bloomed into a full overhaul project. A large portion of assets from PC are recycled, many with improvements, but code wise the mod has been made completely from scratch.

A large potion of Multiverse's lore (along with many of its assets) originate in some capacity from PC. Many of the new factions were originally from the expansive PC lore. We try to structure the mod in a way that players completely unaware of the new lore going into the mod won't be left behind, but obviously we can't accomplish this perfectly.
The lore behind the "Multiverse" aspect was intended to be more of a staple behind why all of these new factions have suddenly appeared, and how they can all co-exist. Each run takes place in a new reality, where the Rebels and Federation are battling out an ever lasting war invading other realities and trying to change the outcome of the war from the events in vanilla FTL.

We do not work on or develop Hyperspace, though we are extremely grateful for all the work they've done. Hyperspace is a hard coded modding API, which allows modders significantly more customization than in vanilla. Hyperspace lets us add new alien races (previously modders were limited to the unused ghost race, which many mods reuse as "holograms"), new player ship slots, and more.
It is possible that some day in the future a hyperspaceless patch will be created with much less features, but that will not be for some time.

Though Multiverse receives updates every several days and has plenty of content already, it is FAR from finished. We have tons of plans for the future, including an Endless addon, a few new factions and alien races, more ships and weapons, new mechanics like crafting, and more.
It's always bothered us how the quality bar for other overhauls has always been considerably low, leaching more content from smaller mods than making original content. Balance is hard to accomplish, but mods are labors of love and we see no reason to simply shrug and say "Meh, so what if it's broken and unfair? We'll just say its harder than vanilla and call it a day" as so many other mods have done. Obviously Multiverse is far for perfect, but we aim to meet a much higher bar and hold a higher standard than some of the other legacy overhauls.

You can join our discord to see progress on new updates, sneak peaks at upcoming content, and listen to our struggles at random things not working as they should.

Multiverse -
Multiverse is patched just like any regular FTL mod. Install Slipstream mod manager if you haven't already and place Multiverse in the mod folder, launch slipstream and select Multiverse, and click patch.

Hyperspace -
Hyperspace is a required hard-coded modding API for Multiverse to function properly. Head to the Hyperspace forum page and download the files. You'll also have to downgrade your FTL to version 1.6.9, but don't worry. It's much simpler than it sounds, and Hyperspace provides an easy method to do it. You'll still be able to play the latest AND the downgraded version if you do it properly.

Zip Files -
Some Multiverse versions are kept as Zip files. Don't worry, a Zip file is the exact same as an FTL file! There are two ways to make Slipstream recognize the file;
1. Open slipstream, look at the top left corner where it says "file". Click this and select preferences. Check the box marked "allow_zip", and then click apply. Now Slipstream will recognize .zip files inside its mod folder. That's it!
2. Make sure you have show file types enabled. Right click Multiverse.zip and select rename. Select the .zip at the end and change it to .ftl. If a pop-up appears telling you that it may corrupt the file, just click ok and continue, the file won't be corrupted. Now just put the .ftl file in Slipstream's mod folder and thats it!

Compatibility -
Multiverse is an overhaul mod, meaning it changes a large portion of game features. As such, it may not be compatible with a variety of different mods. So what will work?

Other overhauls? Absolutely not. Any mods such as CE, ARS+, Insurrection, etc will definitely NOT work with Multiverse and should NEVER be used together.
Non-Hyperspace Ship Packs? Yes and no. These ships, as they do not use hyperspace, will replace the main page ships, which Multiverse also replaces with new ships. It is recommended you do not use any conventional ship packs with Multiverse if you want to experience Multiverse on its own.
Hyperspace Ship Packs? Yes. The beauty of Hyperspace is it allows infinite player ships. Any hyperspace ships will simply be added to additional pages. You can use as many Hyperspace ship packs as you want with Multiverse without issue.
Weapon Packs? Most likely. Most weapon packs should work with Multiverse, but there is a chance there might be a namespace issue where two weapons have the same ID, in which case the weapon pack would override the weapon from Multiverse. Additionally, if the mod allows enemies to use the new weapons, this will NOT work in Multiverse, as Multiverse changes the namespaces of all enemy weapon lists.
Enemy ship extensions? No, unless they're made specifically for Multiverse. Multiverse changes the names of all of the enemy lists and encounters, meaning any mods that add to the vanilla lists won't have an impact while Multiverse is in use.
Graphical Mods? Depends. Multiverse adds its own new backgrounds, crew customization features, fleet pursuit indicator, and vanilla sprite improvements, which may collide with graphical mods. If you wan't to prevent your graphical mods from overriding Multiverse, patch them BEFORE Multiverse, that way Multiverse will override anything that the two mods share.

We HIGHLY recommend playing Multiverse without any addons or additional mods the first time you play it, so you can see what the base mod has before adding more onto it.

Installation order -

Code: Select all

2. Graphical improvement mods
4. Eldritch Horrors or any other major addons
5. Smaller addons like the Elite ship-packs
6. Weapons packs, or ship packs

All Multiverse addons require the base Multiverse mod to function, which can be found below.

Eldritch Horrors:
Eldritch Horrors is a large addon for Multiverse that adds new lore, sectors, crew, and factions, themed and styled primarily off of the works of H. P. Lovecraft.
Eldritch Horrors, while supported by the Multiverse team, is not developed by us, but rather Sally Spartan. It is possible that EH versions might break for short periods of time after a Multiverse update.
You can find and download EH here: https://subsetgames.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=35928
EH also has its own discord server that you can find here: https://discord.gg/9c2sUM6, which will sometimes have more up-to-date versions than those on the forums.

Elite Ships [Version 2]:
The Elite ship addon adds 15 new ships to Multiverse themed after the elite groups for certain factions. These ships are (supposed to be) much stronger than normal and probably aren't balanced at all, hence why they were not included in the base mod. Some use the standard vanilla ships whose color scheme was reused for elites (such as Rock C or Engi C), or are entirely new hulls like the Haunted Kestrel and Peace-Keeping Zoltan Cruiser.

Custom Start:
Pick one of the special custom start ships and customize your starting layout at the start beacon. Choose your scrap amount and pick from any of the equipment available in vanilla or Multiverse!
Custom Start, while supported by the Multiverse team, is not developed by us, but rather Admiral Billy. It is possible that CS versions might break for short periods of time after a Multiverse update.

Drone Zone:
Warning: This addon been known to cause crashes for some people
An addon made by the wondrous Witherbottom (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3GyR1Q1qFatROk6rKPx74Q) that reworks the drone fabricator on the Engi Cruiser type B.
DOWNLOAD [Additional addon to the addon]

MV Bingo Tiles:
A set of tiles for Multiverse to be used in the bingo tool (a separate application)

You can download the bingo tool and read how to use custom tiles here (made by KBA3u);

====================MULTIVERSE BASE DOWNLOAD====================
Hyperspace is a powerful new hard-coded FTL mod, which you must install separately. Hyperspace adds the ability to add new player ship slots, new alien races, and many other new features. You can install hyperspace from here: https://subsetgames.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=35095

Hyperspace, the modding API needed for Multiverse to work has been updated to version 0.5.3. Please update your hyperspace, as the new 3.108+ versions will not work with older hyperspace versions: https://subsetgames.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=35095

The Difference between Standard and Backup builds
Most releases are marked as standard. They come packaged as .zip files (functionally the same as a .ftl file) for ease of uploading, and are more likely to contain bugs. Backup builds receive more in-depth playtesting (but are still not promised to be entirely bug free), but will be behind the usual standard builds. We recommend you use the standard builds unless the latest one is somehow broken, in which case you can roll back to the latest backup build. You can also access and download previous versions bellow.

DOWNLOAD STANDARD BUILD - 3.12.2 (The ??? Update)
Experimental Builds are kept as zip files. Zip and FTL files are actually the same thing. To use the zip file in slipstream, put it in the mod folder, launch slipstream, go to the file tab at the top, then preferences and enable the option to recognize zip files.

DOWNLOAD BACKUP BUILD [no new backup builds, use the standard build or a previous version below]
Backup builds usually have far less content than experimental builds, and are meant to be used as backups in case the current experimental version is broken (which doesn't happen often).

Big Changelog Spoilers

Code: Select all



Added the Ancient Recovery Site.

Added the 3 Augmented Lanius Cruisers (officially, the type A was in the previously release as well as a small tease)

Added the Augmented Lanius and their ships.

Added a new Ancient auto-ship.

New Harmony Link beacons will always spawn in Engi sectors. They can be seen on the beacon map when adjacent to them.

Recon drone now uses 0 power.

Added new ancient augments.

Augmented cruiser A now starts with cloaking.

Ancient missiles now shoot 3 projectiles that 2 damage each. They also won't animate until towards the end of the charge animation.

Enemies will no longer use doctor drones.

Decreased the cost of dronepart crates.

Breach beam now pierces an additional shield layer.

Added a mind control blue option to the rebel escape pod destruction event.

Renamed the Transport Detector to Hijacked Frequencies and also made it reveal the location of reinforcements.

Decreased the cooldowns of the elemental flaks. (fire+electric+toxic)

Normal Orchid Elites can no longer use the elite chain kernel.

Reduced Devotee and Radical explosion damage.

Monk B can no logner get a free weapon at the start.

Orchid B has a normal chain kernal again.

Saying "I Don't Know" during the beacon of death crystal event no longer damages your hull.

Decreased Manager drone HP to 100.

Kamayari now starts at 2 damage but only increases by 1 damage now.

Renamed the Horseoids to Equinoids.


Fixed some tpyos.

Fixed overlapping systems on Monk A.

Fixed battle drones not being able to switch out of defensive mode.

Fixed the Shell lab not spawning (a bug which should have caused a crash too but didn't???)

Fixed the human clone cannon shooting 7 projectiles.

Decreased the cost of the engine upgrade pirate at the droppoint.

Fixed the Amp Energy doing system damage.

Fixed clansmen doing less damage instead of taking less damage.

Fixed Federation drone lists.

Fixed cultists and vortigon not triggering rock blue options.

Temporarily removed loot transport tooltips until hyperspace fixes them.

Fixed the combat 2 beam mode appearing in stores.

Fixed Orchid Chieftains giving scrap to upgrade the oxygen.

Fixed Hacker Cruiser drone power.

Fixed Dual Stunner glow.

Fixed the anti-missile guardian firing sounds.

Fixed MV B not being able to power its guardian 2 drone.

Fixed the Jerome Protecturate music.

DOWNLOAD VERSION 3.12 - The Jerry Update
DOWNLOAD VERSION 3.11.2 - The Equipment Update Part 1
DOWNLOAD VERSION 3.11.1 - The Equipment Update Part 1
DOWNLOAD VERSION 3.10 - The Duskbringer Revisit
DOWNLOAD VERSION 3.9.2 - The Balance Update
DOWNLOAD VERSION 3.8 - The Giant Alien Spider Update
DOWNLOAD VERSION 3.7 - The Militia Update
DOWNLOAD VERSION 3.6 - The Morality Update
DOWNLOAD VERSION 3.5.3 - The Shell Update Part 3
DOWNLOAD VERSION 3.5.2 - The Shell Update Part 2
DOWNLOAD VERSION 3.5.1 - The Shell Update Part 1
DOWNLOAD VERSION - The Crystal Update Part 1 + bug fix patch
DOWNLOAD VERSION 3.4 - The Crystal Update Part 1
DOWNLOAD VERSION 3.3 - The Hyperspace Update #3
DOWNLOAD VERSION 3.2 - The Multiverse Update
DOWNLOAD VERSION 3.1 - The Orchid Revisit
DOWNLOAD VERSION 3.0.2 + two bug fix patches
DOWNLOAD VERSION 2.14 - The Slug Update
DOWNLOAD VERSION 2.13.2 - The Zoltan Update, Part 2
DOWNLOAD VERSION 2.13.1 - The Zoltan Update, Part 1
DOWNLOAD VERSION 2.12 - The Hyperspace Update #2
DOWNLOAD VERSION 2.11.2/2.11.3 - The Lanius Update, Part 2 + Bug Fix Patch
DOWNLOAD VERSION 2.11.1 - The Lanius Update, Part 1
DOWNLOAD VERSION 2.10 - Mini Pirate Update
DOWNLOAD VERSION 2.9 - The Rockman Update
DOWNLOAD VERSION 2.8 - The Nebula Update
DOWNLOAD VERSION 2.7 - The Hacker Update
DOWNLOAD VERSION 2.6 - The Hyperspace Update
DOWNLOAD VERSION 2.5.4 - The Event Update Part 3 + Bug Patch
DOWNLOAD VERSION 2.5.2 - The Event Update Part 2
DOWNLOAD VERSION 2.5.1 - The Event Update Part 1
DOWNLOAD VERSION 2.4 - The Auto Update
DOWNLOAD VERSION 2.3 - The Federation Update
DOWNLOAD VERSION 2.2 - The Rebel Update
DOWNLOAD VERSION 2.1 - The Coalition Update
DOWNLOAD VERSION 1.10 - The Harmony and Coreworlds Update
DOWNLOAD VERSION 1.9 - The Flavor Update
DOWNLOAD VERSION 1.8 - The Ancient Update
DOWNLOAD VERSION 1.7 - The Separatist Update
DOWNLOAD VERSION 1.6 - The Balance Update
DOWNLOAD VERSION 1.5.2 - Loot and Hive Update
DOWNLOAD VERSION 1.4 - Ghost Update
DOWNLOAD VERSION 1.3 - Duskbringer Update
DOWNLOAD VERSION 1.2 - Lost Sun Update
DOWNLOAD VERSION 1 - First Stable Release

Multiverse adds a wealth of new content, boasting more than 100 weapons, 50+ drones, and over 400 new enemy hulls!



Randomized Enemy Destroy/Crew Kill/Surrender/Escape Events
Each faction now has its own set of randomized flavor text for certain events, as well as some rare special events, such as a Rebel escape pod ejecting from the enemy ship, or finding an Engi defense drone still intact after crew killing the ship.

Talking to Crew
Much like other major overhauls, Multiverse adds the ability to talk to any of your crew at empty beacons. However, you are also granted the option to assign your crew to preform certain jobs around the ship, such as repairing the hull, mapping the sector, or running a salvage mission. Certain races preform certain jobs better, and the more crew you have of that race, the more you can assign to do the job even better. Some races also have special jobs like upgrading certain systems for cheaper.

Elite Crew Types
Almost every race type also comes with an elite crew type, which are very rare to obtain but have further increased buffs and sometimes even unique abilities.

Combat Augments
Also like many overhauls, Multiverse adds an array of combat augments which consume a portion of player power in return for certain effects, primarily limiting enemy systems. Some ships even start with unique unobtainable combat augments that have special effects.

Brand New Secret Sector
The Crystalline race from vanilla has finally integrated themselves in the galactic scene, and can be found outside of their homeworlds. A new alien race takes their place, with a brand new quest line to get there (no hints, but it does require a lot less RNG than the vanilla quest line)

Sector Guards and New Homeworlds
Almost every faction controlled sector is now protected by a guard. Peaceful sector guards usually won't attack unless you do first, but some of the more hostile factions may not be so happy to see you in their territory. Homeworld sectors are given new names and brand new events to make Homeworlds more interesting than just a regular sector with a special quest.

Loot Transports
Most Homeworld sectors now have a transport encounter, that when crew killed drops special "loot" weapons, which resemble another regularly obtainable weapon but with a unique modifier to make them more interesting and specialized.

Federation Outposts
Using an upcoming hyperspace feature of custom beacon labels, very rarely sectors will contain a Federation outpost, a special globally visible beacon that will provide aid for the player.

Notoriety and Morality System
Intentionally attacking ships from certain factions will increase your notoriety with said faction. If your notoriety gets too high, guards will even start to attack you!

PARTIALLY IMPLEMENTED: New Unlocks for Every Ship
Every vanilla cruiser is planned to be replaced with new ships which will be unlockable in entirely new quests. Multiverse also adds several more pages of ships for each faction that start unlocked for the player to try as well, but the unlockbable ships will provide extra unique play styles.

Players will be able to craft equipment at beacons using crafting goods, which can be kept in your storage. Crafting goods can be bought at certain stores before entering the main market. You will be able to assemble certain items from scratch, or upgrade existing equipment.


Why did you start with a demo first?
In other previous mods/projects, we noticed that releasing unfinished versions as development progressed was very negative for our reputation. Often-times, people completely ignored what was in the game to focus on the lack of a finished product. Truth is, its simply impossible to completely finish a mod with all events and content and still release in a reasonable amount of time. Releasing versions with semi-frequent updates is a good way to keep the mod alive.
By releasing a demo, we showcased some of our new content but limited players to a manageable amount of it till we could add enough to fill the other sectors. All versions after the demo have had all 8 sectors fully available.

Where are the gibs?
275 unique hull designs. Each ship needs 4+ gibs, and as a result, making gibs for a single ship can take several hours. More gibs are slowly being made but there are a lot left to do. The goal is to first have gibs for all player ships, and by the time the mod is nearly feature-complete there will be gibs for all ships.

What was PC? What does that have to do with this mod?
PC, or "Project Coalition" was a mod started back in 2017, originally between Stormbringer and Kix. The mod also took place after the events of vanilla, with a new threat, the coalition, a team up between the slugs, rockmen, mantis, and crystals. However, the mod went awry when Stormbringer left for university and Kix was left in charge. Without proper direction (as if we ever had it), the development of PC went to pot, and soon two major bugs formed that were too time consuming to fix. Many, if not most, of the assets and a very large portion of the factions/lore were recycled from PC to be used in Multiverse, including the Coalition faction.

Can I help in the development? Where do I submit suggestions/bug reports?
Why yes, you can indeed help. To submit suggestions or bug reports, or anything else you might have in mind, feel free to join our discord!

Still with us? Well, heres some screenshots of the mod.
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Postby TheMultiverseTeam » Sun Dec 08, 2019 5:28 pm

Claw ship.png
Kat told me to post this
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Postby Stormbringer » Tue Mar 03, 2020 1:33 pm

Just so you know, Project Coalition is coming back.

So... now might be the time to panic.
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Postby TheMultiverseTeam » Mon Mar 16, 2020 4:36 pm

Stable Version 1 is out now! Overhauled events, more equipment, even more new enemies, more player ships, new artillery systems, and more!
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Re: [OVERHAUL] FTL: MULTIVERSE Version 1 [Experimental V1.2]

Postby TheMultiverseTeam » Thu Apr 09, 2020 6:00 pm

Experimental Build V1.2e is out!

Adds Lost Sun sectors and events
Picket and Battleship class ships now can only spawn in sectors 4+ (previously 3+)
Fixed bug where Halberd/Pike/Minibeam wouldn't shoot

Don't forget to join our discord server if you want to receive additional experimental builds, notifications for new releases, see development progress, or talk with other mod players.
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Re: [OVERHAUL] FTL: MULTIVERSE Version 1 [Experimental V1.3]

Postby TheMultiverseTeam » Sat Apr 18, 2020 2:17 am

Version 1.3e Is out!

Code: Select all


Added Duskbringer Sector

Added Smuggler Cruiser

Added Tuco's Cruiser type A and B

New sprites for Nyx, Hades, Hydra, Asclepius missiles

New particle missile and laser sprites

Zoltan Deleter can pierce 1 shield layer

Motherships can only spawn sectors 4+ (previously 3+)

Reworded some classes for specific factions
   -Civilian Harvest -> Civilian Miner
   -Civilian Scout -> Civilian Surveyor
   -Civilian Dropship -> Civilian Carryship
   -Auto-Trapper -> Auto-Minelayer
   -Auto-Harvester -> Auto-Salvager
   -Engi Dropship -> Engi Infiltrator
   -Lanius Scout -> Lanius Surveyor
   -Lanius Outrider -> Lanius Seeker
   -Lost Sun Trapper -> Lost Sun Minelayer

Engi are no longer super cheap


Flagship artilleries now properly correspond with the correct room

Fixed charge glows on chain/cluster/bio/recycler bombs

Fixed descriptions for Rockmen and Engi

In the event where you explore an asteroid field and encounter a pirate, the encounter actually spawns a ship now.


Changed locked ship description so people will stop complaining about it.

The "missing asset" error triangle is now invisible so people will stop complaining about the missing gibs. They're coming, I promise.

The Main menu now shows the current mod version in the bottom right corner.
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Re: [OVERHAUL] FTL: MULTIVERSE Version 1 [Experimental V1.3]

Postby G3PSx » Thu Apr 23, 2020 7:12 am

Just a quick post to say "WOW".

This looks amazing guys, keep up the good work.
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Re: [OVERHAUL] FTL: MULTIVERSE Version 1 [Experimental V1.3]

Postby firemix19 » Fri Apr 24, 2020 10:56 am

Wow, looks nice, works fine
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Re: [OVERHAUL] FTL: MULTIVERSE Version 1.4 [Ghost Update!]

Postby TheMultiverseTeam » Fri Apr 24, 2020 6:23 pm

Version 1.4e Is out!

Ghosts and ever important bug/balance fixes!

Code: Select all


Ghost Nebula Sector

More ghost ships

Teleporter can be upgraded to level 4 for 150 scrap, which allows for instant cooldown.

Added miniship preview for Tuco Type B

Decreased Multiverse type B cruiser's artillery's breach chance by 20%

Added blue option for explosive replicator for the mining donation event

Gambling on Tuco Type B has a 1/3 chance of success instead of 1/4

Removed system lasers from all enemy weapon lists except for civilians

Decreased starting power of Smuggler Cruiser by 1

Cost of hacking increased

Decreased the cost of Energy weapons considerably

Sped up Energy, Anti-Hull Beam, Ion, and Mining drones

Nerfed Chain-Flak

Orchid type C starts with sensors now


Fixed the cloak on Rebel Bomber

Oxygen now costs 35 scrap (previously 0, the default value from vanilla)

Fixed various typos/bugs in the event files, many of which carried over from vanilla

Fixed error where engi were captizalized in the engi event files which resulted in some wierd errors

Fixed text with FTL booster storage check

Fixed Rebel Cruiser offset

Fixed schimitar glow

Fixed more event typos that caused other wierd bugs

Fixed Halberd (again) cause it wasn't firing still.

Fixed Elite Rebel Rigger offset

Fixed Flagship artilleries on stage 3

Fixed wierd mantis scout door linking

Fixed typo in Eris Missile's description

Ancient Combat no longer sells for 0 scrap

Fixed missing minelauncher mk 1 sprite

Fixed bug where trapper class ships only spawn with one weapon

Fixed Fed Auto-Ship event to actually give rewards

Fixed some events where nebula events didn't have nebulas


The ghost buster unlock has no ship to unlock yet. It'll be added in 1.5

The wierd bug where peaceful ships teleport crew onto your ship for no apparent reason if they have a

teleporter is known, but we aren't sure what causes it. We're working on it.

We've noticed a potential nebula sector crash. Happens very rarely to only certain people, and we can't

seem to replicate it. If you encounter this bug please let us know and give as many details as possible.

(equipment, sector #, if it was regular nebula or a different type of nebula sector, etc)

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Re: [OVERHAUL] FTL: MULTIVERSE Version 1.5 [Loot and Hive Update!]

Postby TheMultiverseTeam » Mon Apr 27, 2020 3:47 pm

Version 1.5e is out!

New events for the Mantis Homeworlds (renamed to Mantis hive), and Special Transport encounters that drop modified weapons, as well as other features.

Code: Select all


2 New generic Mantis events and new Unique events for Mantis Hive (Homeworlds)

Homeworld sectors now always spawn a "Loot" transport encounter (some factions are missing)

"Loot" Transports scary special equipment with unique modifiers (currently only one per faction with a transport)

Slug Pleasure Cruiser type A and B

Modified Militi A's starting layout to be much stronger

Smuggler A now starts with 17 missiles

Kazaaak encounter no longer gives mantis cruiser (as it will be a new ship eventually), and spawns a Suzerain

Removed slug station from generic station list (so they dont appear very often in other sectors)

Decreased the number of empty beacons in various sectors, especially homeworlds

Repair-bots now repair in intervals of 4

Ships with more/less than 30 hull now indicate their hull health in their miniship

Changed Rebel B's name

Mercenaries now have their own destroyed and crew kill text


Black Raven event spawns the Black Raven ship instead of a generic slug ship

Outcome of broken Fed Autoship event is now hidden

Lost Sun civilian distress ship no longer spawns as hostile

Lost Sun rock/lost sun choice event now spawns a lost sun ship when you defend the rock

Zoltan Guard offset fixed again

Fixed cloak offset for elite rebel assault

Fixed wording in drone reactor storage option

Changed wording in Crystalline Defense Drone

Auto Trapper artillery's projectiles are now appropriately slow

Fixed Orchid Cruiser B and C's descriptions

Also, 1.6 will be a large rebalance update, to make enemy balance more akin to vanilla, and to better balance weapons, so look forward to that.

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