Actual Infinite Mode [1.6.9 Windows only]

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Actual Infinite Mode [1.6.9 Windows only]

Postby ih8ih8sn0w » Wed Aug 21, 2019 12:35 am

So while snooping around... actually trying to make another infinite mod by modding how secret sector is generated, I found that the game had an unused infinite mode. From a bit of testing (went to sector 12), I figured it works well enough to be public.

Link to the patch (the folder contains all my patches so far): ... 03qM-ZzYk1 (download infinite.ftl, infinite.xdelta3, and patch_exe.bat, also read the readme doc)

The .ftl part of the mod right now is just a bandaid fix to the sector map overflowing the bg image.


Known issues:
  • Enemies stop scaling at sector 8. You can make the game scale more (the enemy ships that have 5 shields max will have 5 shields in these sectors).
  • Loading the game can alter the map (previously it would just reset the map and put you at sector % 8, so progress™)
  • You cannot enter the boss fight.

Todo list:
  • Make a crystal homeworld level fun quest to fight the flagship.
  • Write a mod around the premise of infinitely traveling.
  • Add more events and harder enemies.
  • Remove the fleet until a certain point.
  • Increase caps across the board.
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Re: Actual Infinite Mode [1.6.9 Windows only]

Postby Stormbringer » Sat Aug 31, 2019 4:12 pm

huh. This works?

Might use it for Project Coalition then...
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