Inconvenient Incidents - event pack

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Inconvenient Incidents - event pack

Postby Woona » Sun Jul 28, 2019 11:01 am

Inconvenient Incidents is a modification which adds new events to the game and provides more options for existing events.




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Vicious Vessels
Viable Weapons
Affordable Augmentations


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A new event: Auto ship luring into environmental hazard.

A new event: The Kestrel dead in space

A new event: Deal with the Devil

A new event: Giant nebula monster.

A new event: Rebel propaganda.

A new event: A small rock trading post.

A new event: Sneaky Slug thief.

A new event: Starving Mantis.

A new event: Engi construction yard

A new event: Engi entertainment station

A new event: Green planet in an Engi sector

A new event: Engi medical conference

A new event: Friendly pirate hunting Engi transport quest.

A new event: Engi station requires workers.

A new event: Mantis fleet buying Engi slaves

A new event: Mantis wreck with a tracking device

A new event: Radarian Roulette

A new event: Desolate Rock tribe on a planet

A new event: Rock missionary

A new event: Rock single-use ramming transport

A new event: Slug trader selling laser weapons

A new event: Slugs offer an oxygen upgrade

A new event: A slug slaver extorting crew.

A new event: A weapon booby-trapped by Slugs.

A new event: Zoltan trader in Slug territory

A new event: Lifeform experiment research system, test subjects needed

A new event: Trader with "quality" weapons

A new event: Zoltan damaged in a recent battle

A new event: Zoltan trader who hates Slugs offers reactor upgrades

12 minor events.

Additional options for event "Intelligent lifeform on planet".

Additional options for event "Rock Slug argument".

Additional options for event "Stranded".

A new event: Zoltan out of fuel in hostile Mantis territory.

A new event: Zoltan resource capsule.


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Version 1.1 - 28 Jul 2019 - Initial release
Version 1.2 - 2 Nov 2019 - bug fix




Modding tool developers:
Vhati, for creating Slipstream Mod Manager
kartoFlane, for creating Superluminal 2 (even though this mod does not use it)

bamalf, kix, AgentTheKat, Laythe, and other mod developers for continuous support

Everyone who commented, found issues, posted feedback, or just played the mod.


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