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[SHIPS] Shard Hunters

Posted: Mon Jan 01, 2018 7:21 pm
by KingdomKrafters
So this is my first mod to include the weapon WITH the ships without external files. So thats all good. Anyways, I decided to make 6 player ships, each one using a completely different and unique strategy, but still staying on the same theme. All six player ships replace either A or B of the crystal cruiser, so you are going to have to decide what two ships you want to have. Of course you can get all of them, but can only have two in the game at once. All ships have at least 2 crystal crew members on their ship, and have unique weapons and a unique augment.

This is the basic shard hunter. It has a powerful modified version of crystal vengeance (will ALWAYS break of a crystal), come with a crystal flak weapon and a lock-down weapon (fires a physical projectile that locks down targeted room)
Replaces Crystal A.
Download from dropbox: ... d.ftl?dl=0. REQUIRES SLIPSTREAM

This is the boarding shard hunter. It focuses on the boarding aspect of crystal (like crystal B), and comes with a special anti-bio crystal weapon. Its augment increases crew movement by 100%.
Replaces Crystal B.
Download from dropbox: ... 2.ftl?dl=0 REQUIRES SLIPSTREAM

This ship focuses on defense instead of offense. It comes with a unique defense drone that shoots quickly. It also shoots crystals. It comes with two augments, one giving a 75% chance of negating hull damage, and the other 75% chance of negating system damage. It comes with one weapon, which fires one crystal.
Replaces Crystal A.
Download from dropbox: ... 3.ftl?dl=0 REQUIRES SLIPSTREAM

This is my favorite of the 6. It focuses on the low metabolism of the crystal people, and with its special augments you no longer need a medbay. Your crew heals in low oxygen environments! (cause of a wierd bug, your lanius won't heal in no oxygen environments... thats why I included a clone bay, but all other crew will) Also, purchasing a oxygen system IS possible, but NOT a good idea (your crew won't heal)
Replaces Crystal B.
Download from dropbox: ... 4.ftl?dl=0 REQUIRES SLIPSTREAM

(doesnt have a floor image... woops) This ship has no need for moving your crew to the medbay (there aren't any doors to the medbay either), instead when you power your medbay your crew will heal all the normal medbay speed! If your wish to purchase a clonbay, it will NOT go in the same spot as your medbay, so your crew won't get trapped.
Replaces Crystal A.
Download from dropbox: ... 5.ftl?dl=0 REQUIRES SLIPSTREAM

The final ship. Comes with an overpowered artillery system. If your sucky crystal weapon isn't enough, then your artillery will finish the job. What does the artillery do? Your gonna have to play the ship to find out. Also comes with an augment that protects your systems (same as the one on the obsidian)
Replaces Crystal B.
Download from dropbox: ... 6.ftl?dl=0 REQUIRES SLIPSTREAM

I am working on a merged file that includes all of them together. I will have that done soon

SO thats all there is! I don't have really any credits, so Ill just thank TaxiService for making the mod testing environment mod. For once the hull is my own creation.
For those people that have seen my mods before and notice all of the bugs, I have gone through and fixed all of them. There are cloaking sprites, there are shield sprites (different colors too!), there are all doors necessary, (the emeralds missing doors to the medbay is intentional). All systems are available, so you can purchase ANY missing system (this include the clonebay on the needlepoint being in a different room as the medbay). All weapons and sprites are of my own design. I took no code from other sources. So yah, enjoy.

Re: [SHIPS] Shard Hunters

Posted: Tue Jan 02, 2018 12:50 pm
by fdagpigj
It seems there is no download link to the 6th ship. Also, it'd be more convenient for end users if you would combine the 6 mods into a single mod and replace other ships than just the vanilla crystal ships, but if that's too much to ask then even just providing a single zip file with all the 6 mods in one download would be better since having to download 6 individual files is a bit of a bother.

It also seems they have no gibs. Granted, custom gibs can be a lot of work, but even half-assed gibs would look better than no gibs at all.

As for balance, I can't really say much since I didn't put the time into playing them (yet), but all of them certainly seem interesting and more or less unique. The lack of shields does at least mean they're probably not gonna have very reliably smooth starts.

The lanius not healing in no-o2 environment with the super-buffed emergency respirators is not (at least technically) a bug, since its effect is relative to each race's native suffocation rate, which also means crystals heal at half speed relative to other species.

Re: [SHIPS] Shard Hunters

Posted: Tue Jan 02, 2018 6:46 pm
by KingdomKrafters
Thank for the feed-back, Ill get right on it. I added the link for type 6 *facepalm*. Im working on a merged file, but for some reason when I run the game, only type 1 works. The other crash the game when I choose them. Im working on that. As for gibs, Im still trying to figure out how on earth to do that. Its a miracle that I was even able to splice together a decent looking hull in the first place.

Re: [SHIPS] Shard Hunters

Posted: Tue Feb 27, 2018 7:52 pm
by Hendrick_X
So I dowload and played all of them. Here is my feedback.

Shard 1:

Nice ship. The old crystal augment is total shit but i like this one. Died on sector 5 I think ( normal ). Overall a balenced and fun ship.

Shard 2:

I love boarding ships. they are my favorite. that said this is a very hard ship. Lost on sector 2 on normal and on sector 3 on easy. The cloack is not enought to save you while your boarding crew is trying to nreutralize the enemy. May need a slight buff.

Shard 3:

Dude. Major problem with this one. You just buffed the in game rockplating. this means that enemy ALSO GETS THE ENHACEMENT AUGMENTED. I went to a rock sector as my second sector and I TOOK 10 MINUTES TO DESTROY AN ENEMY SHIP. Also i was luck to get to rock homeworlds and i got a second copy crystal plating. I decided to do a run without shield because the augments looked stronged enought and i was right. I fought the flashship on normal and TOOK 0 damage from all 3 stages of flagship (except 2-3 damage from fire damaging my sistems). This ship is beyond op and in my opinion need a nerf. But most important, if you are going to buff an in game augment you should make something to prevent enemies from spawning with them.

Shard 4:

I agree with you. this is the best ship of the pack. It is quite hard tought. But I loved it. One small buff that you could give is maybe spawn with hacking. this way you can deplete the enemy oxigen or something like that. But a very fun ship.( died on sector 3 on normal and on 4 on easy)

Shard 5:

Same problem than shard 3. enemies spawn with the special augment. which is not that anoying since this time you can destroy them. i think altough it is a balenced ship this one that i like the least. i think it lacks a special flavor or something. Maybe it needs a custom drone or something. Just my opinion.

Shard 6:

My second favorite of the batch. The artillhary is indeed very strong. I love the spining shards animation.Nice ship. ( Only worth to notice that has the same problem of shard 3 and 5, enemies get the augment)

Overall vey nice batch. I really just want to stress that enemies having these augmnets do not make sense lore wise and are also really anoying.

Re: [SHIPS] Shard Hunters

Posted: Wed Feb 28, 2018 1:39 am
by KingdomKrafters
Thank you for your feedback! I agree, the enemies spawning with the augments is a major problem. The thing is, the only option would be to stop the enemies from spawning with the augment whatsoever, but then they would lose what makes them special... so its a tough decision but Ill figure something out... As for the type B, yes it is a very hard ship, and could definitely use a buff... perhaps a special stealth augment... I'm also glad you agree with the 4th one being the best. Thank you very much! I started working on a group mod with some other guys, but Ill get to fixing this as soon as I can.

Sincerely, Kiks