Crystallum [Ship]

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Crystallum [Ship]

Postby Mackchee » Sat Dec 09, 2017 3:49 am

Hi! This is my first mod ever!

The Crystallum is a ship which uses crystal design weapons and crewmembers but uses engi things like med-bot dispersal, engi crewmembers and drones.

2 Crystalmen
2 Engi
Heavy Crystal Mk 2
Crystal Burst Mk 1
Combat Drone Mk 1
Medbay not Clonebay
Engi Med-Bot Dispersal
No Gibs (please tell me how to animate these)
Cloak that "makes it look like another cloaked ship has entered the area" (seriously please help me out I need to learn to mod. Any tools especially for hull design I would like to know about)


Also I had fun playing this mod with R4V3-0N's GO BALLISTIC! weapons pack and I love Ouaz's HighRes Backgrounds and Planets.

Help Me! I can't mod!

If you want to mess around with it in SuperLuminal please do but it is a mess. Don't say I didn't warn you!

Made in SuperLuminal

Crystallum is the Latin word for crystal.
Mackchee, King of inactivity. I make ships sometimes.
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Re: Crystallum [Ship]

Postby Arfy » Sat Dec 09, 2017 4:08 am

Welcome to the FTL modding community!

For one thing; you can add images directly to your post using the [img] tag.
1) Upload image to imgur, mediafire, or dropbox (or any site that allows you to upload anything)
2) Find the image you just posted, and right click on the image and click "Copy image address."
3) Paste the image URL into the IMG tag. [img]IMAGEURLNAME[(/)img] remove the parentheses around the slash.

Another thing I recommend is to screenshot the ship info (i.e the weapons, systems, crew, augments etc) and put it into the post.

To animate gibs;
1) Ship Images --> Gibs --> Import some gib images --> Click on the gib(s) --> Raw Control --> Change some values to your liking --> Finish
Cloaking on the other hand can be quite tricky, so bare with me:
(I only use GIMP, so this only applies to you if you also use GIMP)

1) Use the Select by Colour Tool
1b) AA Disabled, Threshold 0
2) Select and delete the bits except the black lines
3) (Still using the Select by Colour Tool) Select the black lines --> change colour to C6C6C6 (gray)
4) Add a drop shadow (offset x and y = 0, Radius 10-15) change colour to 4A8791 (light blue)

Hope that helps!
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Re: Crystallum [Ship]

Postby Mackchee » Sat Dec 09, 2017 7:50 pm

Thanks! I will give those a go when I have the time.
Mackchee, King of inactivity. I make ships sometimes.

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