[Ship] Armored Stealth Striker

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[Ship] Armored Stealth Striker

Postby KingdomKrafters » Wed Nov 15, 2017 3:45 am

I made a simple ship this time, no external mods this time! I made my own hull sprite (for the second time). I play tested it many times, thanks to the Mod Testing Environment Mod (thanks to Taxiservice for that). I have snapshots. So um... that's about it. You can see the ship stats in the snapshots. Also, by the way, the missile drone is actually hidden in the game files, so I didn't make it. Its a little overpowered, but it moves so slowly that it kinda balances out. (kinda)

Ship with rooms shown

Ship without rooms shown

Download link: (requires Slipstream mod manager)
https://www.dropbox.com/s/ejdv7pkjqzgjo ... r.ftl?dl=0
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Re: [Ship] Armored Stealth Striker

Postby Arfy » Wed Nov 15, 2017 4:37 am

Not to be rude -- but this ship is a train-wreck.

1) Way too many missile weapons, at most I would sell the Pegasus and one of the Hull missiles at the first store.
2) The starting weapons are actually quite awful as well -- you're basically screwed if the enemy ship has a def. drone I, even if you used the Pegasus you would slowly be scraping at the ship and wasting missiles, even with the missile drone. Plainly put it's not fun.
3) The amount of starting power doesn't help either, you have to pull out 2-3 power to power weapons and a drone.

It's great to have more modders in this community, and I'm not trying to drive you away, but the way to make your ships is getting way to stale and repetitive.
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